Open order prices
Fixed price, according to requested minimum article quality
Minimum Quality
info text quality
Price per word
info text price

Contains spelling and grammatical errors.

€ 0.013

Good, though may contain spelling and phrasing errors.

Convenient for large volume orders requiring quick turnaround time.
€ 0.017

Excellent Quality.

Recommended for time-sensitive orders
€ 0.022

Professional Quality

€ 0.065

Direct Order Prices

DirectOrders allow direct pricing with the author, completely independent of rating.

Authors sets their own standard price per word, but can create special customer rates.

On top of the Author's direct order price comes a Textbroker commission fee of 35%. The price you are shown is inclusive of this commission.

The minimum price for DirectOrders is 0.0222 Euro per word. (price including commission)

Team order Prices

The TeamOrder allows a client to put together his own team of expert writers.

Private team: This will not be shown to the writers. The client searches via the 'Author search' for suitable writers and then invites them to the team.

Public Team: Authors can join the team themselves and start writing straight away, or apply for the team.

The client sets the price per word for the entire team, at least 2.2 cent per word (inclusive of the 35% Textbroker commission fee) For certain efforts such as extra researching or particular subject knowledge, the client can increase the word price.

The team message function allows the client to quickly write to all members of the Team.