Just a few steps to becoming an author

Writing isn't just a job, for many, it's a calling. The phrase 'I'm an author' unites an entire guild of writers. Whether you write novels, plays, promotional pieces, lyrics or write journalistically, the possibilities are endless. The decision to become a writer is usually out of a love of writing, and an added plus is that it is accessible to all. Anyone who is gifted with talent and creativity will soon find that they are almost unstoppable. It may feel a bit difficult to get started, but the more articles written, the easier it will become.

Textbroker is a marketplace on which writers have access to thousands of orders on almost any and every topic. Our clients usually place orders for website copy, sometimes with keywords : Blog texts,  professional texts, News, Advice columns, SEO-texts, press releases and product descriptions.

  1. Just sign up for free and compose a short registration article that we can review to assess the quality of your writing.
  2. Complete your Textbroker author profile, making it appealing and individual. With Textbroker, you can attract the attention of potential clients and get exclusive orders sent directly to you.
  3. Search from the list of OpenOrders, or apply to Text-Teams to get orders on a specific topic.
  4. Our editors review your work on a regular basis and provide helpful tips as to how you can improve the quality of writing and earn even more money.
  5. Payment is made weekly at your request each Friday. You decide how often you request a payment. Guaranteed!
  6. Still got questions? Then contact our friendly support. We're happy to help!


Our experienced team of more than 100 staff, taking care of 7 language platforms are happy to help you and your writing career. Contact us via phone or email.

Receive payment quickly and easily - guaranteed! Thanks to the safe prepayment system, you don't have to worry about chasing your due fees anymore. The client's payment for an order is held by Textbroker until the order has been written by you and accepted by the client. The payment appears in your author balance as soon as the order has been accepted.

Textbroker gives feedback to the written articles. With the feedback to your work and the tips provided in the Textbroker Academy and our blog, you can quickly pick up points on improving your style and earning more.