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Complete Your Author Profile Video

Get your profile to 100% complete with this 10-minute video

We’ve been getting a lot of emails about this particular topic, and we see that the question has been asked many times on the forum. There is a fun and helpful “percent complete” area on every author’s profile, but it’s not clear what actually contributes to filling this bar. This post will go through all the steps to get your Textbroker author profile 100 percent complete. You can also watch a video to see each step here.

General Info Tab

You can make your resume as short or as detailed as you like, but please do not include your contact information. Since you are not applying for full-time employment, you do not need to include references or the contact information for previous employers. You certainly can and should list any educational background you have.

You can use your mouse or the arrow keys to set your capacity. Your capacity is not a requirement but merely an estimate of how much you can do. This helps clients plan out large projects.

When you upload a picture, it will automatically re-size for the space available. You do not have to use a picture of yourself, but please keep images appropriate and respectful of copyright.


Please choose your highest level of education. Only one choice is possible.

Industry Experience
You can choose up to five industries. Choosing at least one industry will max out how complete this section of the profile can be, so for full profile completion purposes, it makes no difference whether you choose one industry or five. Of course, for maximum earning potential, we suggest providing clients who are shopping for Team members or for authors to whom they can send a Direct Order with as much information as possible.

Type of Writing
You can choose up to five types of writing. Choosing at least one industry will max out how complete this section of the profile can be.

Writing Samples
Please choose items that have not been accepted by Textbroker clients as samples. Let’s say, for example, that you have posted three writing samples in your author profile. You will notice at the top of this tab, in the right corner, it says “Available Writing Samples: 0.” This means that you have provided all three writing samples, and this section is full. It does not mean that there are no writing samples available for clients to see, which we know has been a source of confusion for some authors.

Entering your native language will add to your profile percentage complete total. You are welcome to add additional languages as this shows clients that you are capable of filling orders in languages other than English, but a second language will not increase your percentage of profile completion.

Adding two interests will add to your level of profile completion. Ente interests one at a time. If you like gardening and cars, create an interest for gardening. Then create a second interest for cars. Adding a third interest, while great for getting found, will not complete your profile percentage futher. We suggest that you be as detailed as you can be here. If you are interested in sports, mention favorite teams. If you have unusual interests or hobbies, include them as well.

Adding 10 places will add to your level of profile completion. You can add the following types of places:

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • States
  • Countries
  • National parks
  • Universities and colleges

With all of these options, everyone should be able to find 10 locations that they have lived in or visited. When you have all of this information entered, your profile will be 100% complete!

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