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Expert Topic-Writing for SEO

Dear Textbroker Author,

As you may already have noticed from the articles you have written for Textbroker, clients sometimes request that you mention certain words or phrases within your articles. We term these words or phrases ‘keywords’ and they serve an important purpose for Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, for short. But what exactly is SEO and why are the keywords important? What qualities do the keywords have to have in order to achieve the SEO goals?

What is understood under SEO and what is its goal?

The main aim of SEO is to ensure a website is found by a greater number of people than before. In order to achieve this aim, the website has to have a higher rank in a search engine’s listing. The higher the website is ranked in these listings, the greater the chance that potential visitors will find this site when they type in a certain phrase into the search engine. The words or phrases which are entered into an online search are referred to as keywords. Together with associating the website with the given keywords, the optimisation of these keywords is also at the core of SEO.

What are keywords and keyword phrases?

Keywords consist of single terms or combinations of words which describe a certain service, an offer or the overall content of a website in a short and concise way. If, for example, you were the owner of an online fashion shop, words such as ‘men’s fashion’, ‘women’s fashion’, and ‘children’s wear’ would be the keywords which best describe the overall content of your site. Together with the individual keywords, combinations of keywords are also used. It is often the case that Internet users no longer search with one single keyword, rather give several or complete phrases. To return to our example, phrases such as ‘cheap women’s jackets’ or ‘bargain jackets online’ could also be examples of keyword phrases.

How should keywords and keyword phrases be formed?

The keywords and their combinations to be mentioned in the text have to fulfil certain requirements in order for them to achieve the intended purpose. The owner of the website or the SEO agent has to constantly be thinking about which words their online visitors use to locate their website when conducting a search. For example, if someone is trying to find a reliable cat sitte, the cat owner would potentially begin their search with phrases such as ‘cattery’, ‘cat hotel’ or ‘cat sitter’ in order to find a suitable service. These words should appear on the cattery’s website numerous times in a coherent article. The form of the Keyword combination should follow the same pattern, but here the keyword combination is the phrase which will be ‘searched’ for.

What is Keyword Optimisation?

Whilst at the start of keyword optimisation it was the case that the a site had to contain the given keywords as many times as possible, it is now important to ensure that the keyword is not mentioned too often. Together with the correct choice of keywords, the correct number of times these keywords are mentioned within a text is important for the site’s optimisation. Currently, a keyword density (total number of keywords in a complete article) of 2-3 per cent is seen as ideal.

We hope this insight into the mysterious world of SEO has been useful. As ever, if you have any questions or comments, please just let us know.

Happy Writing!

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