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How to Find a Copywriter in Order to Achieve Your Business Objectives

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“In an online world, our online words are our emissaries; they tell the world who we are.” – Marketing guru and keynote business speaker Ann Handley


Why is ad copywriting important?

Why are a growing number of online businesses hoping to find a copywriter in order to paint their services in the best possible light? At first glance, the reasons will appear obvious. Copywriting ensures that written materials are properly formatted and appealing to the reader. However, we also need to look at copywriting from a marketing perspective.

Studies have shown that a mere 20 per cent of all website visitors will read past the initial headline of an article. If a post is not initially presented in the most amenable fashion, you could be losing up to 80 per cent of your business!

Therefore, it should be clear that knowing when and how to find a copywriter will have a pronounced impact on how your products and services are perceived. The only potential issue is that outsourcing such talent can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with the finer points. The team at Textbroker has simplified things by putting together this list of surefire tips and suggestions on how to find a copywriter.

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What is a copywriting agency?

It’s first important to avoid confusing copywriting services with content creation. Here is the main difference:

  • A copywriter sells your brand and its services to a specific target audience or demographic.

  • A content specialist provides information, product details or instructions.

Another way to view this relationship involves how the product or service is being promoted. A copywriting agency is primarily involved with securing a sale. Content curation involves everything else (such as attracting an audience, addressing specific pain points and presenting an item in the best possible light).

So, the role of a typical copywriting agency goes far beyond simply tidying up material that has already been written. Its decidedly sales-oriented nature is intended to inspire potential customers to take further action (such as confirming a purchase).

This is also why professional ad copywriting requires a second-to-none level of industry experience. As opposed to summarising the main selling points of a product, these individuals should create a sense of urgency. In other words, content creation will address the question, “why this?”. Copywriting instead answers the question, “why is this important now?”.

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Reasons to buy advertising copy vs writing it yourself

In all honesty, no one would fault the average online business owner for thinking that the goals outlined above can be reached through the use of in-house methods. After all, even novice marketing professionals realise that the main goal is to secure a sale. However, the ability to find a copywriter who appreciates the discrete needs of your enterprise will offer a host of additional benefits. Let’s highlight some of the most important.

Outsourcing copywriting services can free up valuable time

Whether referring to creating a memorable impression of your brand or curating high-quality written content, time is money in this day and age. Attempting to tackle the numerous metrics associated with ad copywriting will require a great deal of effort. Not only can this scenario detract from other core focuses of your business, but mistakes will cause you to repeat the process yet again (often yielding less-than-optimal results).

Businesses that can find a copywriter who appreciates how a specific project should be tackled will adopt a more efficient approach from the onset. After all, why not leverage the talent that such professionals can offer you?

It will be much easier to connect with your target audience

Think about the sheer number of times that you have been immediately turned off by a clumsy sales pitch, generic information or poorly written content. Any of these situations can easily make or break a sale. Even if your business happens to have recently reinvented the wheel, what use is this breakthrough if it is presented in an unappealing manner?

Advertising copy is innately created to resonate with your intended audience. Through the use of cutting-edge SEO techniques, empathy, well-formatted text and clarity, you can remain confident that your readers will be attracted to what is being presented. This strategy is also an excellent way to showcase what it is that separates your business from its closest competitors.

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The ability to create motion and emotion

The acronym “ABC” (always be closing) is a perfect way to summarise the role of a copywriting agency. Assuming that the content creation specialist has done his or her job, the final goal is to encourage action. This normally involves (politely) telling the reader what to do next. Examples include:

  • Signing up for a newsletter.

  • Scheduling a hands-on consultation.

  • Visiting your physical premises.

  • Confirming a purchase.

Copywriting involves much more than simply connecting the proverbial dots. A professional will instead tailor the content in question around your ultimate goal. Once again, this would be very difficult to achieve by relying on in-house staff members alone.


Guaranteeing brand consistency

Every single product description or call to action (CTA) speaks volumes about your business. Promoting your brand as an industry leader is crucial for long-term success. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to create multiple pieces of content that all possess the same undertones and “flavours”. This is once again when the talent of a copywriter comes into play.

These professionals will spend a great deal of time studying your business model, its mission statement, what it is you’re trying to achieve, and the type of audience that you hope to target. As a result, your brand will be presented in a uniform manner so that it offers a sense of trust and familiarity to the customer. These benefits cannot be overstated, especially considering the decidedly fickle nature of the online community.

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Where can you buy copywriting services?

Are you hoping to find a copywriter to ensure that website visitors convert into clients? If so, there are three possible strategies to consider. It pays to take a look at each option in more detail.


Freelance copywriter services

Thanks to the rise of remote employment opportunities, a growing number of writers have chosen to embrace the role of a full-time freelancer. One of the main advantages associated with hiring a freelance copywriter is that you have the chance to develop a one-on-one professional relationship. This is sometimes preferred by smaller businesses that require one-off texts to be created from time to time.


Content mills

As the term suggests, content mills are known for their ability to churn out a significant amount of material. These platforms are often leveraged when dealing with bulk copywriting tasks and similar projects that are concerned with volume. Such agencies provide a fair amount of flexibility in terms of their authors and the specific topics that they are capable of addressing.


Content mills

As the term suggests, content mills are known for their ability to churn out a significant amount of material. These platforms are often leveraged when dealing with bulk copywriting tasks and similar projects that are concerned with volume. Such agencies provide a fair amount of flexibility in terms of their authors and the specific topics that they are capable of addressing.


Professional copywriting platforms

When referring to reliability, versatility and quality, most feel that copywriting portals are the best way forward. These portals offer scalable solutions in accordance with your ultimate goals. As their writers have been vetted to the highest of industry standards, quality will never be called into question. Furthermore, the flexible nature of these services will help to accommodate your budgetary requirements.

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Why use Textbroker to find a copywriter?

It’s now apparent that there is much more than meets the eye if you hope to find a copywriter who is capable of taking your business to the next level. While there are many online agencies to choose from, only a handful offer a proven track record backed up by a personal touch. These are two of the factors that have come to define Textbroker over the years.

Our copywriting services represent much more than sales-oriented solutions alone. Instead, they have been designed to foster working relationships with each and every customer. This strategy allows us to better understand your requirements. As a result, the created copy will fully resonate with your business objectives. After all, there is simply no room for “cookie-cut” solutions in this day and age.

Here are some other reasons why more than 80,000 businesses have chosen to partner with Textbroker’s ad copywriting specialists:

  • We can tackle projects of any size.

  • Our team is capable of meeting demanding deadlines.

  • All material is automatically checked for duplicate content.

  • We offer a wide spectrum of authors in terms of experience and industry expertise.

  • Our multilingual firm can curate content in 36 languages.

  • Costs are calculated on a price-per-word basis, offering a greater degree of financial flexibility.

Considering the fact that quality copywriting could very well determine the success of your ongoing operations, it only makes sense to work with the best in the industry. Let’s also remember that Textbroker offers a host of additional content creation services so that all of your bases are covered. Why not reap the very same rewards that countless other clients have already experienced?

Finding a copywriter FAQ

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Why use a copywriter?

Copywriting specialists will present your products and services in the most positive light. They are used to reinforce primary selling points and convert website visitors into clients. This will result in higher engagement and a robust return on investment (ROI).

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How do I choose a copywriter?

A quality copywriting agency should provide evidence of previously satisfied clients as well as an ability to address your discrete sales requirements. Furthermore, a firm must be able to illustrate that it can meet predefined deadlines while still ensuring superior levels of quality.

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How much will it cost to have advertising copy written?

The price of a project is scalable in nature. It will be determined by the length of the text, the subject matter in question and the associated turnaround time. This is why it is important to discuss your options with the firm in question before making any type of commitment.

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