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Great Content from Freelance Writers: The Textbroker Star Levels

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When ordering content from Textbroker, clients will have a vast author pool to explore, as well as the ability to place orders at different star levels. These star levels separate all Textbroker authors, based on the quality of the work they produce, with 3-star authors at the bottom of the ladder and 5-star authors at the top. Additionally, the star ratings are also connected to different prices, with the most affordable content coming from the 3-star bracket.

Authors are evaluated from the very beginning and given an initial rating. They are then assessed again after they have successfully completed five orders. From there, their star level will be continually reviewed, so that it reflects their current ability level and the quality of work they are producing. This helps to ensure that their writing standards do not drop, and that authors are rewarded for hard work and regularly producing quality content.

For clients, the star level you opt for when placing an Open Order, or the star level you look for when trying to choose a specific writer from the author pool, will largely depend on the nature of the project in question. To make things easier, this blog post will explore the different star rating levels and outline the differences, so that clients can gain a better understanding of what they can expect from a text produced by a writer at each of the different levels.


1. Three-Star Authors


Three-star authors can be broadly categorised as ‘average’ writers. They will display a firmer grasp of grammatical features than a two-star writer and their compliance with instructions will usually be stronger too. However, typing errors and spelling mistakes are still fairly common and they are still not displaying strong argumentative skills. Phrasing is also likely to be awkward at times, with an overall lack of flow.

Orders at the three-star level are fairly common and at this star rating, texts will be comprehensible, but may require some editing afterwards. Generally, authors at this level are unlikely to have a large amount of Direct Order clients, so they will be able to produce quick delivery times. Common examples of texts ordered at this level range include basic blog posts, landing page content and other simple orders, such as news article re-writes.


2. Four-Star Authors


In order to reach the four-star level, an author must demonstrate a very good grasp of grammatical concepts and must consistently submit texts with fewer typing and spelling errors than two-star and three-star authors. At this level, authors are able to write texts with a coherent argument in place, which makes them far more suitable for creating advanced texts. A four-star author will also be much better at following client instructions.

While texts at this level will not be perfect and you may still run into errors, they are likely to be minor issues and genuine mistakes, rather than fundamental issues with the writer’s knowledge and understanding. Clients regularly use Textbroker’s four-star authors to produce blog content, in-depth articles, website content and even eBooks. This is the best all-round choice when clients need affordable content with real quality.


3. Five-Star Authors


Five-star authors are at the very top of the Textbroker ratings ladder, meaning they are the most reliable and dependable. At this level, writers have demonstrated an ability to consistently produce great content, which displays an excellent understanding of grammatical concepts. Spelling and typing errors will be much more rare, while the texts will be more engaging than at lower levels. A five-star writer will also be able to produce strong arguments.

An Open Order placed at this quality level will be more expensive, but you are more likely to see quick delivery times. Direct Orders at this level can often turn into long-term working relationships, and prices may be negotiable. It is worth noting, however, that five-star authors may be in high demand. Ordering at the five-star level is ideal for more advanced needs, such as permanent website content and articles that require in-depth research.


The Final Word


All authors registered with the Textbroker service are assigned a star rating, with a two-star rating being the lowest possible level, and a five-star rating being the highest. When placing an order for a text, clients can choose any of these star levels. Essentially, the main thing to remember is that two-star orders are the most affordable, but will result in the lowest quality, while five-star orders are the most expensive, but will be very high in quality.

The writers in the Textbroker author pool are re-assessed regularly, so you can be sure that their current star rating reflects the recent quality of their work. While there are a variety of factors that separate the different levels, lower levels are likely to feature more errors and a poorer grasp of grammar, while higher levels will feature far fewer errors, will be more engaging and authors will have excellent written communication skills.

When choosing between these different levels, it is important to consider your budget, what type of text you need and any other requirements you have. If you are ordering a very basic text, or if you have time to edit the text afterwards, a two or three-star order will likely be sufficient. If you need a text that is ready to be published straight away, or where the author will need to carry out complex research, a four or five-star author will be better suited.


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