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How to Create a Content Customer

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a good moan. It’s when the satisfaction levels begin to drop, though, that people start moaning about you and your company. And that’s not good, because with four times as many customers prepared to write about their negative experiences than their positive ones, it’s vital to your company’s image and profitability that you deal with these complaints effectively. Today, it’s all about maintaining that customer content .

Who is complaining?

It’s important to remember that not all customers will complain. Research from the 1970s revealed that if a customer encounters a minor issue, they’re far less likely to complain than if the issue is major (or expensive). What this means for you is that even just one customer complaint about a trivial issue should be taken seriously – whilst you might have only one email about the issue, you may also have a whole heap of unhappy customers dealing with the difficulty on their own.

How can complaints help my business?

Dealing with complaints well is one very effective way to secure customer loyalty. Indeed, a disappointed non-complaining customer is bound to search elsewhere for what they need than a complainer whose issue has been dealt with competently. Research has indicated that loyalty to a company increases up to 50% if the consumers feel their issues are taken seriously and resolved.

How can I keep my customers content – with content?

As well as dealing with complaints effectively, there’s a lot to be said for making sure they don’t arise in the first place. Which is where you can implement your content:

Basic Content

Customers like it when the basics are done well – this means keeping them informed. Have newsletters, messages or alerts ready to inform your customers about any service changes, any updates or even just frequently asked questions. Showing you’re aware of any issues and are dealing with them is a good way to reveal you’re on your customers’ wavelength.

Complaint Content

Satisfying a complaint is never going to be an easy task. There are two key elements to making sure your customer’s complaint is dealt with properly.

The first element– make sure the issue is resolved the first time.

The second element – make sure the issue is clearly explained. If you’re dealing with complaints via email, it’s important to make sure you spend time composing a clear, understandable response.

How can I keep my customers content?

Spending time getting to know your customers, working together with them through their issues and resolving them effectively is essential to maintaining their loyalty. Here, as with any relationship, communication is its driving force. Clearly communicating any issues and keeping your clients up to date is one simple point to focus on when composing your company’s content – whether it’s on your blogs, website or newsletter campaign.

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