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Now that you’re fully registered and informed on the types of orders you can place, it’s time to learn about placing those all-important content requests. Finding the right author is the best way to start ensuring you’re going to get what you need in your text.

5.      Finding the right writer

Using the author search, you can find writers for even the most unusual topics. The search allows you to filter the writers by hobbies, interests and competencies. The author search checks through all author profiles according to your search term. The writers can fill out their profile with hoards of information, inlcuding:​

  • Hobbies and Interests
  •  Areas of Experience: Householder, parenthood, head gardener, for example.
  • Occupation, School, Degrees or specific qualifications.
  • Places and countries the writer has visited.
  • Languages the writer is fluent in or has a working knowledge of.
  • Topics which the writer has experience with Textbroker in.

If you like a writer or are interested in their work, you can add them to your list as a favourite. This means you can easily find them again in your address book when you choose to send them an order in the future or get in touch with them.

If you’re not happy with a writer’s work, or someone’s style just doesn’t fit your requirements and you’d rather the writer not be able to complete any of your assignments in the future, you can put the writer on your blacklist. This prevents the writer from being able to see or work on your orders.

6.      Place your order

You can use our system to precisely and exactly detail how you expect your finished article to appear. Here the golden rule applies: the more exact and detailed your order description, the greater the chance the writer knows what you are looking for. The alternative is that you give the writer freedom to use their creativity, and just loosely outline what you want your text to include.

If you are looking to get a large number of articles on a specific topic, it makes sense to create a project. Here you can compose a brief and save it as a template. Whenever you need it, you can just call it up from your saved templates and submit it along with the titles relating to the articles you need. By doing this, you save precious time (and patience) and don’t have to type the order out each time from scratch.


You can choose the category from those listed and the quality level you need. You can also select the processing time. When doing so, it’s important to bear in mind that this time runs from when a writer has accepted your order, and not from when you post the order. This does not refer to when you will get your order back.

You also need to select a minimal and maximum word count. The cost of your article will be initially calculated from the maximum word count, but you will only pay for the number of words the author writes between your given word count. If the writer submits a significantly lengthier article, you will only pay for the number of words up to the maximum

Does your article need to be optimised for search engines? If so, don’t forget to activate the SEO options. Consider which keywords or phrases will help the search engines locate your text (and, therefore, the website on which the text will be published). Then choose the keyword density. The Textbroker system counts each time the writer uses your keywords in their text, and it does not allow them to submit their work until each of your given keywords is used the number of times you have requested.

If you really want to reinforce this, you can activate the keyword check, making it impossible for the author to submit the work until the keyword density you have determined has been reached. Don’t forget that it’s not always beneficial to request as many, or all possible variants of your keyword. To ensure a good quality text, it is always better to request a fair number of keywords and keyword mentionings (ca. 3-5% Keywords in the text). Activating the ‘Inflections’ means the writers can use keyword variations: Next to the keyword ‘city’, the writer can also use ‘cities’, for example.

Check out our tutorial on how to use SEO options, too, for more information.

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