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The Benefits of ProfessionalReal Estate Copywriting Services

Powerful ways to establish the authoritative nature of your business

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Real estate copywriting services represent some of the most powerful ways to boost the reputation of your firm, ensuring that you remain one step ahead of the competition. These techniques are also capable of enhancing your online presence and ensuring that you reach the correct audience at the appropriate time. When we consider that housing prices across the United Kingdom are set to rise an additional three per cent by the end of the year, it only makes sense to work smart as opposed to hard.

This is when the expertise of a professional real estate copy writer comes into play. Unfortunately, many realtors are unaware of what this process actually entails. Let’s address some of the main benefits that you can expect to enjoy, as well as why choosing to work with a third-party copywriting service could represent one of the best decisions that you will ever make.

What do real estate copywritingservices entail?

First and foremost, what is the exact role of a commercial real estate copywriter? There are actually several duties that are associated with this speciality, such as:

  • Targeting the right demographics

  • Creating SEO-relevant material

  • Increasing your online visibility

  • Resonating with the needs and interests of potential buyers

This last point is particularly important. We need to remember that purchasing any type of property is a major life decision. Therefore, real estate copy writing involves much more than simply churning out listings and pricing options. It instead stresses the ability to create emotional rapport with the reader in question.

In other words, this type of content creation offers a balance between traditional search engine optimisation and the ability to curate material that will appeal to the human buyer as opposed to statistics alone. When you consider the rather “anonymous” nature of generic digital sales, personalisation is crucial in this day and age.

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Reasons to buy real estate copywriting servicesvs writing it yourself

Let’s assume that you are still “on the fence” in regard to copywriting for estate agents. After all, why change in-house methods that seemed to produce results in the past? Is it logical to revamp your current approaches or to leave them in place? These are both logical questions to answer if we hope to fully understand why so many realtors are opting for third-party services.

Establishing a connectionwith the potential buyer

It makes sense to mention what is arguably the most important point first before moving on. Consider this typical realtor listing for a moment:

  • Price: £250,000 pounds

  • Three bedrooms

  • Two fully equipped bathrooms

  • Refinished wood flooring

  • A walk-in conservatory

Although these features effectively describe the “brass tacks” of the property, they hardly provide emotional appeal. Buyers are becoming increasingly fickle in terms of committing to a purchase. They need to feel a personal connection to what might represent a substantial and even scary financial risk. This is when the art of copywriting comes into play.

Real estate texts that get results address the individual as opposed to the customer. They will often include content, such as:

  • A stone’s throw away from the local shopping centre

  • Great home for families with young children

  • Plenty of room for future expansion

  • Ideal for those who desire privacy

Copywriting services delve into the more personal nature of sales, establishing a rapport between your firm and the client from the very beginning.

Search engine optimisation:the wizard behind the (digital) curtain

Modern real estate copywriting services also address the more technical side of online marketing. This primarily involves understanding the role of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Without getting overly technical, SEO for estate agents will help to ensure that your listing obtains as much exposure as possible in a niche marketplace. This involves various strategies, such as sourcing keywords, using correct HTML tags, creating optimised titles, embedding authoritative links, and measuring the final results. The end result is that professional SEO practices will guarantee a high return on investment, a crucial concern in terms of accommodating a tight budget.

Keeping abreast of a changing industry

Traditional real estate sales have always involved the importance of face-to-face interactions. Closing a deal would involve a handshake and handing over the keys to a satisfied buyer. While these are certainly part of the overall equation, many realtors fail to appreciate the impact of the digital marketplace.

A contemporary real estate copywriter is well aware of the latest trends. These professionals will keep track of important factors, such as recent Google algorithmic updates, as well as which keywords are most relevant for your target audience. Unfortunately, in-house methods are not often associated with such levels of coherent coordination.

Another facet of your current CRM platform

Realtors are already aware of why an effective approach to client relationship management (CRM) is the key to long-term success. Real estate copywriting services are able to provide yet another means to better understand what your customers are saying. Here are some of the questions that can be clarified through the use of a real estate copywriter:

  • Have readers responded positively to a specific approach or advertisement?

  • What type of feedback are you receiving?

  • Have keyword/SEO requirements changed?

  • Are you targeting the right customer base?

In-house techniques are normally insufficient if you hope to appreciate the “big picture”, so outsourcing professional real estate text solutions is always a wise choice.

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Where can you buyreal estate copywriting services?

The truth of the matter is that professional & freelance real estate copywriters do not grow on trees. This is a highly specialised field, and generic content mills might not be able to provide adequate solutions.

One option is to contact a freelance real estate copywriter. This individual will possess a discrete knowledge of your industry, so you can expect quantifiable results in many cases. Nonetheless, there are some potential drawbacks worth mentioning:

  • Freelancers might not be able to handle large workloads.

  • They may be limited to a specific geographic region.

  • Contractual agreements are not always clear.

  • There is always the chance that substandard material will be delivered.

Note that we are not detracting from the value of freelancers in any way. We are simply pointing out that not all have been created equally.

Therefore, a second option involves outsourcing these solutions to third-party content creation agencies. This is often the preferred method due to the level of transparency involved. Likewise, such firms can boast proven track records and provide examples of previously satisfied clients. In this case, the expression “the proof is in the pudding” is entirely relevant.

Why use Textbroker for yourreal estate copywriting needs?

Textbroker has been providing bespoke content creation services for more than 15 years, and our reputation for producing high-quality real estate texts continues to grow. Not only will we supply cutting-edge solutions for your realty, but customers from all walks of life can leverage additional advantages, including:

  • The ability to tackle projects of any size.

  • A fixed price per word.

  • Immediate access to industry-leading content specialists.

  • Real estate texts can be translated into 36 languages (great for international realty firms).

  • All material is vetted for the presence of duplicate content.

To put these observations into perspective, more than 80,000 customers currently rely on our team to produce quality content that rises head and shoulders above the competition. Why not do the same?

While it is impossible to control real estate prices or predict where the market is headed, there are plenty of ways to remain ahead of the curve through the use of our real estate copywriting services.

Real estate copywriting services FAQ


Why is real estate copywriting important?

Real estate copywriting provides your business with a means to engage with a specific audience while presenting your agency in the best light. This results in a higher ROI while ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.


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What makes a good real estate ad?

High-quality real estate texts that get results involve much more than just a description of the property. It should actively engage with the reader on a personal level and lead to further engagement. In other words, a well-written article represents an important stage of the overall conversion process.

How can you choose the best real estate copywriting services?

It is always prudent to deal with a firm that boasts a long-standing reputation and that has been rated favourably by previous clients. When these factors are combined with additional traits, such as the use of professional writers and superior levels of customer support, nothing will be left to chance.

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