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All That Glitters: Why is it Important to Polish Your Textbroker Profile?

Content, cohesion, creativity and customer service are some of the hallmarks of a reliable Textbroker writer. However, we must be able to attract the attention of a potentially worthwhile client. How can you fine-tune your presentation so that it catches the eye of the beholder and what are a handful of sure-fire suggestions to keep in mind during the ongoing creative process?

The Bold and Beautiful Basics

First and foremost, be certain that your profile picture reflects the image that you are trying to convey. Those who are looking to appeal to the millennial generation may choose a rather lighthearted image which still depicts their face and torso. Writers who prefer to establish relationships with larger clients could instead opt for a more formal image. Never forget that a picture speaks well over 1,000 words; particularly when referring to an author profile.

Secondly, construct a sample text which illustrates your strengths as an author. Select a familiar topic that will resonate with the target audience. The main takeaway point is that your text should communicate what you are able to bring to the proverbial table as well as your general writing style.

Preferences and Specialities

Every writer is imbued with his or her own unique talents. This is one of the reasons why Textbroker is arguably the most eclectic content mill within the United Kingdom. In order to garner interest from clients, there are two schools of thought. Those who are comfortable within specific niches can only highlight those subjects. Writers who are instead looking to generate a steady influx of work should tick off as many subjects as they can (assuming that they possess the knowledge base). Authors with a greater breadth of experience will attract more attention over time. In the same respect, it is wise to list any areas which you are not comfortable addressing. It is better for potential customers to be aware of these limitations in advance.

Your Talents on Your Terms

Once again, some excellent profile-boosting tips include:

  • Choosing an appropriate picture.
  • Constructing a sensational introductory text.
  • Listing as many specialities as possible.
  • Being honest in regards to your “comfort zone”.
  • Giving yourself a nickname – this will make it easier for clients to remember you if they like your work.

In order to enjoy flourishing relationships with clients, they first need to be aware of your existence. Be sure to check our expert centre for additional author-friendly advice in the future.

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