Direct Order Prices*

A DirectOrder is received by one author exclusively, for example, because of good work done previously on OpenOrders.

An expressive and attractive author profile can assist the client when searching for authors to work with exclusively.

The price per word is set by the author – independent of the quality level – at least 1.63 cent per word (plus 35% commission for Textbroker).


Team Order Prices*

The TeamOrder can be written by an author who is familiar with the topic or subject matter and who would be happy to work on a text project on this topic, possibly on a long term basis.

Public Team: The author sees the Team in his list and can decide, depending upon the client's application requirements, whether he would like to write in this Team or submit an application.

Private Team: The client selects authors for his team, for example via the author search or previous work done.

The client sets the price per word, with a minimum price of 1.43 cent.


*Valid from: 06.01.2014. Minimum value for payment transfer is 10.00 Euro. Please note that, as an independent contractor, you are responsible for any and all income taxes required on freelance income. Textbroker does not withhold income tax from your earnings