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Data Protection Privacy Policy

Protection of your personal details

We are delighted that you are interested in our website and in the service that we provide. Protecting your personal details when you visit our website is very important to us. We take such protection extremely seriously, especially in relation to the collection, transmission, processing and use of your personal details when you visit our website.

1. Data Collection

We collect data each time our site is visited and each time our site is used. We gather data throughout the order process, including ordering, submission, development and acceptance/revision actions performed on an order.

Your visit to our website is recorded. We gather important information on your visit to our site, including the PC’s IP address from which you accessed our site, as well as the date and time of your visit. We also gather information on the browser type and operating system used, and the pages which were viewed during the duration of your stay. It is not possible for us to gather any personal information from your visit nor do we do so intentionally.

2. Data Use and Distribution

We also collect the data and information provided by you. This will include, for example, the personal details sent when placing an order or in email correspondences (for example, your name and address, or email address). This data will only be used in correspondence with you and will be used exclusively for the purposes for which you supplied us the information. Your information will only then be made available to third parties when fulfilling our contractual obligations requires us to do so.

In order to process payments, your payment details are given to the crediting institution responsible for processing payments.

We guarantee that your personal data will not be provided to third parties, unless such a situation arises in which we are legally obliged to do so, or in the event that you had previously agreed for your personal data to be shared. For the cases where we use a service provider to deal with certain processes, the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (BDSG)) stipulates the contractual relations.

3. Agreement and Revocation

If you have provided us with personal data, you are able to delete this data at any time. Information for billing and accounting purposes will not be affected by the closure of an account or deletion of information.

Data Storage Period: The personal data delivered to us via our website will be retained only until the point at which the information has fulfilled its intended purpose. In cases where trade and fiscal regulations are to be taken into account, the data storage period can last up to 10 years.

4. Client account

When you create a client account, you agree that standard information, such as your name, address, email address and bank details, as well as your user data (user name, password) will be saved.

5. Newsletter

By subscribing to our newsletter, you agree for your name, surname and email address to be used for commercial purposes. Delivery of the newsletter is done exclusively through our website. Unsubscribing from the newsletter can be done at any time via email. You are provided a link to unsubscribe in every newsletter.

6. Use of Cookies

Accessing our service requires the utilisation of cookies. It is necessary for you to activate cookies in your browser settings. The cookie generates a random session code and, if applicable, also your client ID. This enables you to be recognized as a registered client. For this recognition to take place, you must have cookies activated in your browser settings.

7. Web Analytics/ Google Analytics/ Google Remarketing/ AdWords/Doubleclick by Google

This website uses Google Analytics and Google Remarketing, Web Analysis Services of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”).

Google Analytics and Google Remarketing use „Cookies“, text data which is saved on your computer and which enables an analysis of your use of websites. The information gathered from this cookie on your use of the website (including your computer’s IP address) is sent to a server in the USA and is saved by Google. Google then uses this information to generate reports for the website operator. The nature of these reports is to inform the website operator of user activity on their site, as well as information enabling connections to be made between use of their website and other connected Internet services.

These details will be made available to third parties by Google when the law requires Google to share this information, as well as in such cases where third parties are contracted by Google to process this information. Under no circumstances will Google use your IP address in combination with other information gathered. You can restrict the implementation of cookies by adjusting your browser settings. Please note, however, that a number of applications on our website and service will not be able to operate in their entirety when cookies are deactivated. Using our website, you agree to the collection and use of data by Google for the purposes outlined above.

You can, at any time, object to this data collection, with future effect, by using the Deactivation Add On here,

You can also restrict the collection of data by Google Universal Analytics by clicking the following link Link. This creates an Opt-Out Cookie, meaning no data will be collected from your future visits to this website. Disable Google Analytics

Please note that this website uses Google Analytics with the extension „_anonymizeIp()“. This ensures IP addresses are saved in an anonymous form, eliminating any possible connection between the collected data and your personal information.

Through the use of Google Remarketing, third party services, including Google, are able to implement advertisements on websites. Third party Services, including Google, use the saved cookies to display advertisements based upon the websites visited prior to this website. We also use Google Analytics in order to generate statistics based upon information gathered through Google Adwords and Double Click Cookies. This ensures you are shown only relevant advertisements.

Should you not wish this to happen, you can deactivate this process via the Advertisement Manager Alternatively, you can deactivate the Doubleclick Cookies with the Digital Advertising Alliance under the following link (

Doubleclick by Google creates a pseudonym Identification (ID) number for your browser. Through this ID, DoubleClick is able to check which advertisements are blended into your browser. The Cookies do not contain any personal information. The use of the Double Click Cookies enables Google and its partner websites to display advertisements based on the websites or services you have previously visited on the Internet. The information gathered by these Cookies is sent to a server in the USA and saved there.

Cookies are also saved on your device by AdWords. The Cookie is implemented as soon as a user clicks on an advertisement displayed by Google. This is not for personal identification. When the user clicks on the advertisement and accesses the website, both Google and the website operator are able to see that the user has accessed their pages via the advertisement. Each AdWords client is assigned a different cookie, effectively ensuring that no conclusions can be drawn on their website’s users’ behavior beyond use of the AdWords client’s site. The information gathered with the help of these Cookies is purely for statistics. AdWords customers do not at any point receive personal information which would enable them to personally identify their website users.

Further information on terms and conditions, and privacy protection can be found here and

This website is analzed using Kissmetrics by Space Pencil, Inc. (407 Morning Lane Redwood City, CA 94065). Kissmetrics only creates first-party cookies. You can remove them by deleting your browser cookies. If you want to block tracking by Kissmetrics, activate the “Do-Not-Track” function in your browser. Kissmetrics will then no longer collect information in the browser.

Alternatively, you can opt out for all future activity by going to
. Please note that you must repeat this process if you use different devices, delete all cookies, or use a different browser afterwards.

8. Social Media Plugins

On a number of our pages, we have implemented various social media plugins, which can be seen in the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons. Further information on each plug in can be found below:

Facebook Plugin

On a number of our pages we use the Facebook Plugin, “Facebook-Button“ of Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (Facebook). This feature allows you to inform your friends when you wish to share an article you’ve read on our site, when you like services we’re offering, and when you’d like to share a link to an article you’ve read on our pages. The PlugIn can be identified by the Facebook Logo, or the additional ‘Like’ button. Personal data can be carried over to Facebook should you be registered as a user there.

When visiting our pages with the Facebook PlugIn, Facebook receives the details of your visit as if you were to visit the Facebook pages yourself. This is also applicable in circumstances where you are not registered as a User with Facebook and haven’t clicked the PlugIn on our pages. In these cases, however, it is not possible for Facebook to create any direct personal connection to you, for example via your IP address. This would only be possible should your provider make the information available to Facebook.

Where applicable, the following information will be sent:

-IP Address

-Your User ID, should you be registered and logged in with Facebook

-Date and time of your visit

-The browser version, operating system and monitor resolution you use

-Herkunft der Besucher (Referrer), wenn Sie einem Link gefolgt sind

-Origin of the visitor (referrer) when a Link has been followed

-Installed Plugins such as Flash or Adobe Reader

– The URL of our page on which the PlugIn is embedded

Should you be registered on Facebook, their data protection regulations provide additional information ( The exact purposes of the use of collected data can likewise be found in this data use policy.


With the PlugIn „Twitter“, a Microblogging service of the American company Twitter, Inc. (795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107) a direct connection between your browser and the Twitter server will also be created, and the button will be loaded from there. Twitter will be informed that you have accessed the website. Even if you are not logged in, Twitter can access the usage data and save it. The provision for this is that you have activated the Twitter button and clicked it on one of our webpages. This will result in an external window to Twitter opening, allowing you to ‘tweet’ and enabling Twitter to access the information, which will also be published on your Twitter profile. Further details on data collection, evaluation and processing, as well as your rights concerning these matters, can be found in the Data Protection Declaration on Twitter, here:

Google Plus

On a number of our pages we use the PlugIn „+1-Button“ of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”). The PlugIns can be identified through the Google+ Logo or the additional “+1”.

By accessing the webpage which contains the PlugIn, Google receives information on which pages you have viewed. If you are logged in to your Google+ account at the time, Google will be able to connect your visit to your Google Plus account. This takes place even without you having clicked on the PlugIn, and is a situation avoided only through logging out of your Google+ Account prior to accessing our pages. Through interaction with the PlugIn, (specifically, by clicking on it), the information will be sent directly to Google and saved there. This data transfer can be prevented by logging out of your Google+ account.

The Google+ PlugIns enable their users to publish information worldwide and receive personalized content from Google and partners. In addition to information on which pages have been visited and which have been designated a “+1”, Google also saves information on the pages on which the “+1” has been clicked. The results of these interactions can be displayed together with the Google+ Profile names and Profile Photos in Google’s services (in search results, the Google Profile, other websites and advertisements).

Further Information on the purpose and scope of the data collection via the +1 Button and how this data is processed, as well as your rights in this matter and the options available to change your settings in order to secure your private sphere can be found in Google’s data protection policy here The data is used in accordance with the general data protection regulations outlined by Google, and you can find further information on these regulations here:

XING Plugin „Share-Button“

On a number of our pages we use the PlugIn “XING Share-Button“ of XING AG („XING“), Gänsemarkt 43, 20354 Hamburg, Deutschland. The PlugIn can be identified through the XING Logo.

When you access our webpages, a short-term connection from your browser to the XING servers will be made, enabling the “XING Share-Button” to fulfill its intended functions (in particular the calculation/display of the counter). XING does not save any personal details; in particular, it does not save the IP address used to view our websites. No evaluation of your user behavior through the utilization of Cookies will take place when you interact with the “XING Share-Button”. For all current privacy protection information on the “XING Share-Button and other can be found here:

LinkedIn Plugins

On a number of our pages we use LinkedIn PlugIns from the LinkedIn Corporation (“LinkedIn”), 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. The PlugIns can be identified through the LinkedIn Logo or the “share” button.

Should you be logged into LinkedIn whilst accessing our site, LinkedIn receives information from the machines used and networks.

When accessing our website, an immediate connection to the LinkedIn servers will be created. LinkedIn will then automatically receive the URL of the website from which you came, or the website to which you’re directed. LinkedIn will also receive the Internet Protocol Address (IP) of your computer or the IP address of the Proxy Server providing your Internet connection. Additionally, information on which browser you use, your machine’s operating system, or details on your mobile Internet device (including its identifying codes) and its operating system (should you access LinkedIn via your mobile device), as well as the name of your Internet or Wi-Fi Provider will also be sent to LinkedIn. It’s via this mobile device that LinkedIn may also receive information on your location.

Should you access our website whilst logged into your LinkedIn account and should you link the content on our pages to your LinkedIn profile, it’s possible for LinkedIn to connect your visit to our sites with your User account.

Current information on LinkedIn’s privacy policy, including details on your rights and possibilities regarding your account’s settings, can be found here:

9. Your Rights, Information:

If you no longer agree to your personal data being saved, or the details provided are no longer correct, we will delete, block or update the details as applicable and as per your request (provided this is within our legal powers). Upon request, we are able to provide you information on all of your personal data which we have saved at any time.

Should you have questions on the removal, processing or use of your personal details, or desire more information on reports, blocks or deletion of data, please contact us via telephone on +44 1214 685 191 or via email on