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Basics of Textbroker

Textbroker can provide any type of article. Current projects include search engine optimisation for websites, press releases, product reviews, testimonials, blog posts, website content and travelogues.

We do not accept academic papers or explicit adult articles as OpenOrders.

The more detailed your order is, the better the article will be. Also, consider the appropriate level of quality when placing OpenOrders. Research-intense or highly technical orders should exclusively be assigned to 4 or 5-star authors.

The duration until an author chooses a certain assignment, or if an assignment is chosen at all, depends strongly on these criteria.

No! The author must compose every article as a completely new piece of work and may not “sell” it to multiple clients. This fact is also explicitly and clearly indicated in the author’s user menu.

Yes, all articles are automatically scanned for copied text passages by specially developed plagiarism software. Our internal algorithm compares each article submitted with all content previously submitted through our system.

If an article is flagged, it is immediately reviewed by our quality control team before being passed on to you for review.

Despite our thorough quality control, these security measures can be bypassed if an author seeks to do so. In case of any infringement of copyright law, the author is held liable, and Textbroker will assist its clients fully if they seek legal remedies.

All prices for OpenOrders as well as DirectOrders are based on the word count.

You determine the minimum and maximum amount of words that will be remunerated.

When assigning an OpenOrder, the price per word is calculated by a fixed price that reflects your requested quality level.

With a DirectOrder however, the price per word is determined by the authors themselves.

Finance and Accounting

If you have a VAT registration ID number, please enter this in the field provided on your ‘my information’ page. This is to ensure that you are not incorrectly charged for any payments you make to your account.

All settlements are carried out over Textbroker. This way you spare yourself an elaborate billing procedure processing for every single author.

Before issuing your first order, you will have to make a minimum deposit via the offered deposit options. This figure will be credited to your client account.

An online invoice/receipt is generated in your client account.

With the money in your account, you can now place orders. The costs for all orders are frozen until you have accepted the completed article.

If you wish to end your relationship with Textbroker at any time, you will naturally be refunded the remaining balance.

The deposit is usually carried out automatically within 1 to 15 minutes if paid by credit card or direct debit. A bank transfer takes a week to clear.

If your transaction did not appear immediately and is not a transfer, PayPal may be conducting a fraud check on your transaction. PayPal does not notify you of this test but withholds the money for up to 24 hours. As soon as PayPal’s check is done, your funds will automatically be credited to your account.

Currently you have following deposit options: PayPal (min. 25.00 EUR) or bank transfer (min. 10 EUR)

We are working on a third-party credit card processor, but have not yet integrated this into our system.

Your payment is automatically credited to your Textbroker account directly after your deposit. If you have not entered a valid VAT registration ID, you will be charged VAT on your deposit. You can find all payment details in your client account under the “Deposit Money” tab.

You can find your invoice in your client account under the “Invoice” tab.

Since you acquire both the article and its copyright, authors demand payment immediately to release this information. Therefore, pre-payment is absolutely necessary to ensure fast delivery of your articles. In case of major orders, please contact our support for a case-related clarification.

Textbroker is an international company. We have sites for Germany, France, the UK and are ever growing. To enable you to access all of our systems and truly benefit from the many possibilities available from such a broad market, all prices are listed in Euros.

Level 5:
Continuous excellent articles at the highest stage. Professional structure and style. Level 5 authors are exclusively hand-selected by us and chosen from the very best Level 4 authors.

Level 4:
Very good articles in regards to content, grammar, style and spelling.

Level 3:
Articles partially show slight weaknesses in one of the following areas:

– spelling
– grammar
– content
– style
– structure
– phrasing
– punctuation

Level 2:
Articles generally show weaknesses in more than one of the following areas:

– spelling
– grammar
– content
– style
– structure
– phrasing
– punctuation

Issuing and Administering Orders

Patching it straight onto the order is not possible. You may, however, copy an Internet address into any order description for the author’s reference.

Go to menu item “Assignments” – “Administration”. There you can “create a new project” (this serves the purpose of structuring, and having a better overview of your orders.)

Once you have done this, you can see your new project name in the displayed chart.

Click on the link “start” in the column “new order”. You can then choose between the modes “OpenOrder” and “DirectOrder”.

To place an OpenOrder click on the link “start” OpenOrder.

What you see now is the order process page where you can enter all, for the author, essential information. First of all, choose a suitable category for your order (if you are not sure, choose “miscellaneous”).

The following information is needed:
– the minimum quality level of the author
– the required minimum and maximum reimbursed amount of words
– the order’s title (which will later be displayed to the author in a schematic list)
– an order description (Note! Please elaborate as precisely as possible)

In the following step, the cost of the order is calculated. If everything meets your approval, click on “place binding order.”

You can see the status of your order in your “Assignment – Administration” under the link “show” OpenOrder. You will receive an e-mail for all orders that have been completed need approval.

The best order instructions will include the following information:

– topic
– are certain words to be mentioned in the article? (if yes, how often?)
– who is the target group for the article?
– should the reader be addressed directly?
– what style should the article exhibit? (definitive, neutral informative, sincere, casual, sales, positive, negative, youthful, witty, etc.)
– are there any exemplary articles on the Internet that clarify your expectations? (If yes, please post the respective URL.)
– are there certain pictures or any other content the author should view before composing the article? (If yes, please post the respective URL.)

The more information you give, the better!

The word count sets the length of an article.

The author can not submit articles that do not meet the required amount of words requested.

If the author exceeds the maximum word count, they can submit the article but will not be reimbursed for the additional words.

The quality level is the minimum standard of writing ability of your author. The quality levels range from 2 to 5 points, 2 being the lowest and 5 the highest level of quality. Level 2 authors can have multiple spelling and grammar errors. Level 5 authors have a masterful command of English, providing you with compelling, powerful articles and posts.

This is ensured by our quality control team, which rates each applicant’s writing sample as well as every completed article. This way, the quality level of each author is constantly kept accurate.

Especially when issuing OpenOrders, in which case the client assigns an order according to a certain level of quality, this can be a very helpful tool. It can also serve as criteria for choosing a suitable author when placing DirectOrders.

When placing an OpenOrder, the price per word is a fixed price set by Textbroker. The price per word depends on your requested quality level.

The procedure is very similar to the single order placement.

Each order requires its own title.

When listing your order titles into the “Order Titles” text box, use the enter key to place each title in a new row.

Enter a description that applies to all orders in the field “Order Description.” Use [PLH] as a placeholder to insert the individual order title in your description.

Order Titles: turtles

Description: Please write an article on the feeding and care of [PLH]. Write for kids and repeat the keyword at least twice.

What author 1 sees: Please write an article on the feeding and care of turtles. Write for kids and repeat the keyword at least twice.

What author 2 sees: Please write an article on the feeding and care of cats. Write for kids and repeat the keyword at least twice.

All other adjustments can be made as usual. As an example, the setting “maximum word count = 300” would apply to every single order.

The system will view each title as a single order and take on the standardised assignment description as well as all other settings. With OpenOrders these assignments are handled by various authors at the same time.

Presently there is no limit to how often an article can be sent back for revision as long as the reasoning can be based on the initial order instructions.

For the TeamOrders, you can put together your own team of experts. Only the selected writers are able to join your team. For example, you search for 7 writers whose area of expertise is gardening and who should regularly write a blogpost for your gardening website for one year. You do not have to provide a new brief for each order.

If you set up a PublicTeam, all of the writers can see it in their list and can enter the team. You can request an application from the writers before you agree to their participation. For example, a sample text or list of the qualifications suitable for your topic.

Additionally, you are able to set conditions for participation, to which the authors must agree if they want to write in your team. For example, each writer must have seen the films personally, which you would like to have reviewed.

You set the price-per-word, but this price must be equal to or higher than the current minimum word price for TeamOrders. The current minimum prices can be found here.

DirectOrders assign an order to a specific author. You can either use this method for assigning an author that you already have worked with in the past (by clicking on their user-name) or to select one of our authors via the search function according to certain criteria.

With a DirectOrder, the author can set their own price per word (impartial to our fixed quality levels). You also have the option to negotiate a client-specific rate with the author, whereby the author sets a specific rate for you. Please note, however, that the author has a minimum price-per-word which is set by Textbroker. The current minimum prices can be found here.

The author sees the following specifications of your order:

– category (only OpenOrders)
– assignment title
– requested quality level
– min./max. word count
– price per word
– assignment deadline
– your client ID

Via your client ID, the author can retrieve the following information about you:

– number of articles assigned by you
– number of refused articles
– cancellation rate (calculated by the two points above)
– article revisions requested by you
– revision rate

You have the option to format your order description with the following HTML tags:

(1) <strong> </strong> Use these tags to mark one or more words as bold

(2) <code> </code> Use this tag to start a new line.

HTML tags or programming and / or script languages ​​that go beyond these are not possible.

Italics and colour coding are not available.

Textbroker is a marketplace for authors and articles. Therefore, acceptance depends on the authors and what orders they consider appealing. Many of our clients’ orders are accepted within a few hours, but some are taken only after a few days. The pace in which orders are chosen strongly depends on the details and complexity of the order for the quality level assigned. If your order is not accepted by any author by your deadline, it is up to you to delete the order. Deleted orders will automatically be refunded to your Textbroker account.

The processing time is the time frame the author has to complete the article once he has accepted the order.

If an author accepts an order but cancels it after a certain time period, the order is placed back in the author pool. The next author that accepts the same article still has the full processing time for completion.

An author that has cancelled an order only has one more chance to choose that order. This prevents authors from blocking an order for a longer period of time.

In case of an OpenOrder, the assignment is revoked and made available to all other authors again.

As soon as completed orders are submitted, Textbroker sends an email and informs you of all unchecked articles in your account. You only receive an email once a day, regardless of the number of articles awaiting revision.

A revision is only possible if the article has not yet been accepted by you or by automatic acceptance (3 days after release). In order to request a revision, simply access the article and scroll to the end of the page. There you can see the option for sending articles back for revision. Please state the exact reason and what exactly is to be changed in a considerate and factual manner. The author is only liable if they did not meet your order instructions as stated at all / in parts.

You can find the completed articles under “Assignments – Administration.”

Starting from moment the article is released by the author, you have 3 days to review, accept, refuse or send the article back for revision. If you do nothing within the those 3 days, the article will automatically be accepted and the costs charged to your client account.

If your order status is “available to authors,” you can change any part of your order. Check the box to the right-hand side of your order and then the grey “change” button. You will be asked to confirm the articles to change and then shown our order form. You can change any part of the article, including the titles or the description. Click the green button to save your work, then the “place binding order” button to release the order to our authors.

If your order status is “author is writing,” you can only change the processing time and the word counts in favor of the author, i.e. you can give them more time, lower your minimum word count, or raise your maximum word count. You cannot change the titles or order description. Follow the same procedure to make your changes.

An OpenOrder is an order that appears on the assignment list when you click on the “Assignments” tab. OpenOrders are visible to many authors at once. When you preview an OpenOrder, it is momentarily removed from the order pool. If you decline the order, it will go back into the pool, where other authors can see and accept the assignment. If you are working on an OpenOrder and cancel it for any reason, the order will go back into the pool, where another author can take it. Please be extremely careful about canceling OpenOrders if you have started work.
OpenOrders also have a deadline. The clock starts ticking when you accept the assignment. If you don’t submit on time, the order will automatically expire. Please submit on time to avoid losing your work.

Managed Service

Textbroker offers an extended level of service with the Managed Service option. Managed Service gives you additional support and a personal account manager when you want us to manage your projects for you. Find out more here.

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