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Individualised support for your content creation from start to finish

Textbroker provides you with a dedicated contact person who manages your entire content creation project for you from start to finish. In fact, your project manager supervises the entire content production process. In addition, a skillful team of editors ensures that the completed texts are written and delivered exactly to your requirements.

With Textbroker Managed Service, you get high-quality content that can be published quickly and without hassle.

How does Managed Service work?

  1. 1

    Request an offer

    Just contact us and tell us what you need.

  2. 2

    Free Consultation

    Provide one of our project managers with details on your project requirements in a free consultation call.

  3. 3

    Receive a custom offer

    Receive a custom offer from Textbroker with a description of the services we will provide.

  4. 4

    Project preparation

    Your personal project manager will discuss the project’s requirements with you in detail, and based on these, will create a professional order brief, select the appropriate authors, and prepare to place the orders.

  5. 5

    Qualified authors write your content

    A team of carefully selected authors writes your content. All communication and coordination with the authors, including answering questions and checking that deadlines are kept, is handled by your project manager.

  6. 6

    Internal quality check

    Our editors proofread the submitted content, checking its quality, and ensure that the authors have properly followed the project guidelines.

Content creation and delivery

We deliver the final version of the content in the format of your choice. We can also link the content directly to your Content Management System upon request.

Why Managed Service?

Polished, professional-quality content, search engine optimization, individualized all-round support for your project, and much more: Click here to learn more about the many advantages Managed Service can provide.
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Languages and Translations

With the Managed-Service, Textbroker offers unique content in 36 languages, as well as a worldwide translation service.
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Managed Service Prices & Conditions

For projects with a budget of €1.000 or more, Textbroker Managed Service provides you with high-quality, customized content. Click here to learn more about the terms of our Managed Service.
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