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Buy content easily with top-rate flexibility and competitive prices

Whether an OpenOrder, DirectOrder or TeamOrder, at Textbroker you’ll always find the right author for the job. Buy content for as little as 2.2 cents per word.

With the Self Service option, you determine both the cost and quality level of your text. To ensure we are always able to offer you the quality level you require, our experienced team of editors regularly rates every author. Based on these ratings, the authors are arranged into quality levels ranging from 3 to 5 stars. With these, and other, unique quality-control methods, we are able to make certain that you always receive the level of quality that you expect.

Self Service prices at a glance

Make your order available to over 100,000 proven, qualified authors. You determine both the quality level and price for your text.
Quality Word price Info
€ 2.2 cents/word
Quick order processing, virtually error free. View Sample Text
€ 3.0 cents/word
Very good quality text for sophisticated requirements. View Sample Text
€ 8.0 cents/word
Professional content at journalistic quality. View Sample Text
Commission an author of your choice to write your content. Price and delivery date are negotiated with the author.
Starting at € 3.1 cents/word
Create a team of your own hand-picked experts. You set the price for your team.
Starting at € 3.1 cents/word

Prices shown do not include additional 0.50€ processing fee per order. The rates shown include Textbroker’s commission.

Calculate your OpenOrder costs

Use our pricing calculator to discover the exact cost for a Textbroker OpenOrder.


Quality level


Word count (1000)


Why Self Service

Customized texts – search-engine-optimized, quality-controlled and scalable: Here you’ll learn how our Self Service option can save you valuable time and reduce costs.
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How Self Service works

Manage your own orders by means of our convenient and user-friendly platform. Register free of charge, then select the appropriate order type and quality level for the project and place your order.
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Self Service Order Types

Textbroker has the perfect order type for whatever kind of text you require. Learn more here.

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