Organisation made easy

July promises to be an eventful month for Textbroker. Not only is the work on launching two new Textbroker platforms well underway, but the sales forces for our existing platforms have gained significant strength. Rest assured, however, that Textbroker is not only focused on increasing our client base, but also increasing support for our writers

Together with Susanne Koplin, writers for Textbroker Germany can also approach Annika Kaufmann, a German studies graduate, with any questions about being an author for Textbroker.

Neue Mitarbeiter

It's not just about texts; it's about learning

For swift feedback on articles, Textbroker is introducing more editors to our existing teams. Verena Zahler is now supporting our German editors, and Tristan Laner joins the team of US editors.

Team Juli

'This job is about so much more than just making a bit of money. Here I have the chance to really develop my knowledge of the language and learn a lot for the future,' said a happy Verena, who is also interested in publishing and marketing. Tristan, who hails from Colorado, has come to Mainz to study history and politics. For his future career in politics, he is excited to be working in such an international environment. 'This job gives me the opportunity to understand so many different cultures. Apart from that, I get to read a great deal of articles on so many different topics; I am learning so lots about different world views - a really important quality for a politician,' said Tristan.


Support for all departments

With such a big team in one office, Textbroker is happy to welcome aboard Maren Oberwandlung, who will be responsible for office management. Qualified in tourist management, Maren has previously worked in sales and marketing for a travel company, but is excited to be bringing her talent for organisation to Textbroker as our new Office Manager and Event Organiser.

'I like to experience working in many different areas, even those which are completely new,' said Maren. To her extensive list of activities belongs the organisation of workshops for Textbroker staff, the support of our human resources department, and management of our office supplies. Maren will not just be responsible for ensuring that everything in the office runs smoothly, but also make sure that Textbroker is well presented at conferences and trade shows internationally.


The coming launch of two brand new Textbroker platforms brings with it new technological challenges for our current team of developers. So in the interests of increasing the tech-savviness in the Textbroker office, Harald, who has already been working with Textbroker for some time now, will also be joined by Murat to support our team of computer experts. 'I'm interested in website development in general, but it is an added plus that I have been able to find a job here in my hometown, Mainz,' announced a very content Murat.


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