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Textbroker UK at SES London

Fully launched and redesigned, Textbroker UK is excited to be sponsoring the SES conference in London. The international conference, which takes place at various locations across the globe, is ideal for Textbroker, the international content marketplace.

Having recently celebrated our first full year as a live and kicking content platform, Textbroker UK is very excited to be sponsoring the 14th annual SES conference in London in February. The conference, which takes place at various dates in locations around the globe, will be in London from the 18th to 21st February and is a key event for leaders in the digital marketing industry to meet and exchange expertise.


With a full agenda of training, with programmes covering topics from quality content, to keyword analytics, Textbroker UK is looking forward to meeting both current and new clients. “Last year was full of developments for the digital world,” said Mark Holleron, Textbroker UK’s Sales Manager, “Discussing the changes with experts in the industry and talking about how they can best implement their content strategies is what I find fantastic about these conferences. It’s great that Textbroker is sponsoring such a prestigious event.“

Over the course of 2012, the European Textbroker platforms have developed considerably. “Kicking off the year at an international conference is an exciting way to introduce both new and existing clients to the changes and developments we’ve made to our site,“ commented Vikki Gaines, the UK platform manager, “It’s a huge event, and I’m really excited to be taking part.“

For those of you with questions or queries regarding your personal content strategy, or just want to know how Textbroker can help you on your way to perfecting this, then drop by the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre for the Conference.  Mark Holleron and Vikki Gaines are looking forward to meeting you at the Textbroker Stand – Booth 01 – in the show’s Exhibition Hall , together with Phillip Thune, the CEO of Textbroker Americas. The Exhibition Hall will be open on Tuesday, 19th February, from 10am – 6.30pm and again on Wedenesday, 20th February, from 10am to 3pm. We’d love to meet you!

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