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AdWords Ad Text

AdWords Ad Text: Brief Summary

AdWords ad text refers to the copy that is used on advertisements created and paid for via Google Ads. Formerly known as Google AdWords, this is an advertising network, which is operated by Google, and which allows businesses and online marketers to buy ad space on search engine results pages (SERPs). These advertisements are then displayed to users based on the search queries they enter, allowing marketers to target ads towards the most relevant users.

The adverts produced via this method consist of a headline, a text description and a URL, and these components are what make up AdWords ad text. The copy here needs to be used to entice users to click and, ideally, to try to get them to perform an action once they land on the page the advertisement links to. Crucially, the quality of your AdWords ad text can have a direct influence on where your advert places on search engine results pages, affecting visibility.

AdWords Ad Text: Detailed Explanation

Google Ads is a popular online advertising service developed and managed by Google. It was previously known as Google AdWords and is still referred to via that name by many marketing professionals. The advertising network itself works by allowing marketers to bid for valuable ad space on Google’s search results pages. The ads are entirely text-based and are displayed to relevant users, based first and foremost on the search strings they enter.

The purpose of most text ads is to draw users to your landing page, which will hopefully be relevant to what they are searching for, and which will often encourage them to perform a certain action, such as registering for an account, downloading a file, making a purchase, or signing up for a newsletter. Marketers bid for keywords and create ad text that matches those keywords. For best results, the intent of users searching for those keywords should be considered.

In many ways, the adverts resemble standard Google search results. As a result, they do not clearly and obviously stand out from the main results. With that being said, they are identifiable because the word “ad” appears next to the URL. Each ad consists of a URL, a clickable headline and a description, which means that AdWords ad text can play a huge role in attracting clicks. Marketers use ad text to explain what users can expect if they follow the link.

Advertising through Google Ads is primarily sold on a pay-per-click basis, meaning the advertising business or individual only pays Google when their ad is clicked. This is advantageous because it means no money is spent on users who see the ad but do not click on it. However, it also increases the importance of AdWords ad text. After all, marketers have to pay for anyone who clicks on the advert and is subsequently unable to find what they are looking for.

For this reason, it is essential that the ad text clearly describes what users can expect to see on the landing page so that the advert provokes a clear intent from the user. For website owners or marketing professionals operating on a limited budget, it can be especially important to reduce some of the more speculative clicks.

The order in which Google ads are displayed on search engine results pages is decided by an algorithm, which takes into account the bid amount, the quality of your ad text, the quality of your landing page and the current performance of the ad itself, in comparison to competing ones. Therefore, it is not a simple case of the highest bid being placed at the top, and the quality of the ad text can have a huge bearing on its eventual visibility.

A range of options is included to allow marketers to target their ads carefully. These include tools like IP exclusion and options to target users in specific locations or who speak a specific language. This helps to ensure that ad text is as relevant as possible to each user who sees it while also helping marketers to reach their core target audience.

How to Write Great AdWords Ad Text

Your chosen ad text has the ability to influence not only the actions of users who see it but also the placement of your ad on search engine results pages, so it is important to get it right. One of the best ways to go about this is to have your precise target audience in mind when writing your ad copy. This means taking the time to consider what they would be searching for, in order to enter the keyword you have bid for, and what they would expect to find.

To avoid creating ads that generate a high bounce rate, you should be as specific as possible with both the title and the description. This will help to ensure that users searching for what you have to offer click on your ad, but also ensure that users with an entirely different intent do not click on it and cost you money in the process.

You should include the keyword you have bid for and try to make both the headline and the description compelling. Ideally, this should include a clear call to action, indicating what you actually want the user to do when they land on your website. Think about your unique selling points and make them apparent. You also need to take care with the character count of both your headline and your description so that all of the text is visible and nothing is cut off.

Have a clear understanding of what it is you are trying to offer users. If you are promoting a product, what are its features? If you are selling a service, what separates it from similar services on the market? What special or unique outcome(s) can you deliver? Do you have any awards, ratings or enticing statistics you can highlight?

Finally, it is absolutely crucial that you do not include deliberately misleading ad text. The landing page a user ends up on after clicking your ad should be able to live up to what your advertisement promised them.


Google AdWords represents one of the best ways for online marketers to reach users, as it targets them via their search queries. This means you can catch them at the exact right moment when they have a clear intent. However, for your advertisements to be successful, the ad text itself needs to be carefully thought through. Not only can it have a bearing on the traffic your ad generates, but the text can also influence where your ad is positioned on SERPs.

The best marketers will take the likely intent of their target audience into account and will also explain precisely what users can expect to find on the landing page they are being directed to. Ad text should be as specific as possible, not only to attract users in the first place but also to ensure that users do not feel misled or disappointed after clicking. Quality adverts will also include a clear and persuasive call to action in order to maximise conversion rates.

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