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Why More is Not Always Better: Tips for Managing a Challenging Workload

Reliability, accuracy, professionalism, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. These are some of the traits which serve to define a Textbroker author. Not only are such writers able to pull off the seemingly impossible when dealing with challenging subjects, but they will often far exceed the initial expectations of the client. However, this can come with a price. Authors who gain a reputation for their steadfast work ethic tend to receive a large volume of work. Due to this very same perfectionist nature, they will often attempt the impossible in order to keep clients happy. While indeed a noble trait, this situation can take its toll. Quality, completion times and client-writer communications may be sacrificed. This is why it is critical to appreciate how to manage a taxing workload. Let’s take a look at some proven tips and tricks.

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Tackling Plagiarism: How Authors Can Remain on the Straight and Narrow Path

Plagiarism is a word which no Textbroker author ever wants to hear. Thankfully, this site instead chooses to employ the phrase “duplicate content” in its place. The good news is that any worthwhile writer will never intentionally plagiarise material. However, the majority of us have nonetheless encountered instances when texts have been returned for rectification; often due to similar material that has been found elsewhere within the digital ether of the Internet. How can such situations be kept to a minimum? Are there any methods to adopt and how can these be employed on a regular basis? Let us first take a look at the concept of unintentional (sometimes known as unconscious) plagiarism before examining some approaches engineered to proactively nip this problem in the bud.

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Connecting the Dots: Successfully Following Client Briefings

One of the keys to enjoying success with the Textbroker platform is to keep clients satisfied at all times. While there is no doubt that quality and targeted content are important, the ability to interpret briefings is just as critical. Unfortunately, there are times when this is easier said than done. Let us take a look at some practical suggestions, as well as a handful of tips that might come as a bit of a surprise.

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How to Gain the Trust of Your Readers

Trust is one of the most important elements within a content marketing strategy and thankfully, building this rapport is easier than you may think. Many articles focusing around the concept …

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