Textbroker growing internationally by the day

The recent European Football Championship has come to an end for this year, and whilst the competing teams and fans part their ways, our international Textbroker Team is growing by the day. The first week of July was also the first week in the Textbroker Team for 10 new colleagues. We are proud to both welcome and introduce to you the latest additions to the Textbroker Team here in Mainz.


Marianna und JulianaFrom Italy, Marianna Tirrito is our new country manager for our Italian platform which will be launched later this year. Following successful studies in Italy, Great Britain and Germany, she decided to search for a job which would enable her to really embrace her passion for languages. Marianna loves learning about different languages and cultures and is looking forward to the many interesting encounters her work with Textbroker will bring.

Together with the Italian platform, 2012 will also see the launch of Textbroker Brazil. Managing this platform is our new country manager for Brazil, Juliana Maiolino Schneider, who is joining us with a degree in journalism and several years work as a video editor. Juliana has decided to return to working with the written word, and will manage the orders and texts coming from Portugal and Brazil. Our two new colleagues are both, more or less, 'freshly imported' Italian and Brazilian native speakers, who despite being far away, still feel close to home here in Mainz. 'The best thing about working with Textbroker is that you can combine your love of foreign languages with the love of your own' agreed Marianna and Juliana.


Olivia und MarkIn addition to the new Textbroker platforms coming this year, we are also concentrating on supporting those which are already well established. Both the UK and French Textbroker teams are growing with new additions to the sales force. With almost 20 years of international experience in marketing, Olivia Drach, as Business Development Manager France, will be making sure Textbroker stays ahead of the competition in France. 'The demand for content on the Internet is so big that with Textbroker, we will will certainly be at the top of the game in the future,' said Olivia.

Textbroker UK is also proud to introduce our new Sales Manager. Mark Holleron, the born and bred Brit with qualifications in business studies, is coming to Textbroker following work in finance sales and Internet marketing. 'I have been working successfully in sales for many years and know this area like the back of my hand. The best thing about starting with Textbroker now is the great potential for growth that I can be a part of developing,' said an enthusiastic Mark.

Our long standing Head of Business Development for Germany, Andreas Wander, is being joined by a highly motivated Fabian Reiß. Fabian, who has previously worked for Textbroker on a placement, is joining Textbroker as a full time employee and is excited about the new challenges he will be presented with.

In the next news, we will introduce the remaining new members of the Textbroker Team. It is always a great pleasure to be introducing new colleagues, and it is with even greater pleasure that we can promote our work internationally, bringing together so many nationalities under one roof.


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