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Adding Your Specialist Knowledge to Your Textbroker Profile

Textbroker UK has hundreds of active clients at any given time. Whether they are based in the UK, Germany, Canada or elsewhere, they all have different needs when it comes to their content. While most orders can be placed into ten or so categories, sometimes a client might be looking for a writer with strong knowledge of a more peculiar or specialist topic. There might not even be a category for that! When that is the case, clients turn to the author search function within their accounts to look for individual authors.

You might be that one writer, but the client (or Textbroker) won’t find you if you have not included that information on your profile.

What you can add to your author profile

Perhaps you have not considered adding some of your hidden talents. To help inspire you, here are some of the topics clients recently needed authors with particular knowledge of:

• Beer, wine and gin
• Interior design, home decoration and home improvement
• Networking hardware and installation
• SEO and Digital Marketing
• Law

Ideally, you will have work or academic experience, or in the case of lifestyle topics, you can prove that you have gathered the knowledge in another way.

Don’t flood your profile

Let’s be honest: it’s unlikely someone can be an expert in more than a few subjects. While you may feel confident that you can write about a wide range of topics, put only your strongest ones on your profil, or separate these from any other topics. Clients might not get much confidence in your expertise if you claim to be able to write in-depth articles on a dozen or more topics.


We are also always on the lookout for skilled translators. The languages that most frequently require translation into English are German, French and Dutch, but Italian and Spanish are also present. Make sure you add any language proficiencies to the “Languages” section in your profile so that potential clients can find you.

Get in touch with us

If you are a true expert in a specialist topic and have documentation to back it up, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with “Expertise: [Subject Name]” in the title. We will then verify your information and then be able to refer you to clients when the need arises.

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