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More New Faces to Join the Team

Quality assurance is really important for us here at Textbroker and we know how necessary prompt and useful feedback is for all writers. We are very excited to be introducing our new editors, all of whom are able indulge their love of the written word here at Textbroker.

From Ancient History to Modern Technology

Following his degree in Ancient History in Reading, Malcolm has brought his passion for the English language with him back to Mainz. Although born in Germany, Malcolm has been raised a Brit and is excited to be immersing himself in his native language and culture through the articles he works on each day. Having found work where he can satisfy both his thirst for knowledge and history, it is not just the atmosphere here at Textbroker makes him feel at home. ‘The museums here in Mainz look fantastic’, said an enthusiastic Malcolm, who plans to visit them all frequently. Malcolm is not purely focused on textbook history, though, and combines his love of the ancient world with modern technology through his avid enjoyment of the ‘total war series’.

From Britain to Germany

It is not only the manpower behind Textbroker UK which is increasing – the writers for our German platform can now also rest safe in the knowledge that we are working on ensuring prompt feedback.

Psychology student and book fanatic, Sonja is joining our team of editors for our German writers. As a blogger herself, Sonja knows exactly the kind of support writers need, and feels just right here in the Textbroker environment. Like Malcolm, she relishes a good computer game and is happy to combine work and hobby with Textbroker.

Joining Sonja as editor for is also Chrisoula. From Mannheim originally, though with Greek roots, Chrisoula enjoys being in the multi-lingual atmosphere. Chrisoula ambitions to be a teacher and has previously given tutorial sessions for German, English and Latin. It is exactly these skills which make Chrisoula confident in giving writers help and feedback. This, together with her love of reading in her spare time, put Chrisoula in her perfect environment.

From Writer to Client

Although Amal originally started with Textbroker as an apprentice, she liked the atmosphere here so much that the thought of leaving just was not an option! Joining us now as a full time employee, the born Moroccan brings to Textbroker her skills for organisation. Amal, a qualified business assistant, supports our client services team through her thorough Internet research and reliability.

As well as sports, Amal is very family oriented and finds that the friendly, welcoming atmosphere is just right for her. Certainly, we are very excited to be welcoming all of these new faces to our team here in Mainz

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