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Recognising Value in Written Content

Everyone is reading about it. Everyone wants it. And almost everyone is writing about it. Content Writing is the Holy Grail of Online Marketing – today, we’re talking about writing with real value.

As difficult as it might be to define exactly what counts as real value in content, it’s significantly easier to define its opposite. Filler content is the hidden evil, the dark saboteur which lies in wait, ready to take any content down into the forgotten realm of unread blibber-blubber. Recognising what filler content is will inevitably help you fine tune your instincts for identifying that much sought-after value.

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Be Yourself – Escape The Optimisation!

Have you tried escaping the optimisation wave? We’re not talking about the Search Engine kind, rather the personal kind. With apps to help us efficiently lose weight, effectively budget our money and time, and even to optimise our sleeping patterns, it’s no wonder we’re facing increasing daily pressure to achieve our full potential, to become our ultimate-optimised selves.

Especially as a freelance writer working from home, effectively using your time and structuring your day is essential to making a living. But so is your artistic creativity.

Excessive pressure is sure to restrict your creative capabilities, so here we’re sharing a few common work efficiency tips, and also how to escape them.

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Merde! How to avoiding epic international marketing failures

When it comes to globalising your marketing campaign, it’s worthwhile remembering that this is no simple translation task. Indeed, whilst you wouldn’t be the first to just to fall into the trap of mis-translated slogans, this is the kind of…misshap…that sticks to a brand. Much as the Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, discovered when they launched their “MR2” in France. Little did they realise that the MR2 is spoken as “merde”.

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The Infamous Google Translate

We have all hit language barriers before, be it in a coffee shop or communicating with colleauges or clients via email. Luckily, just over 10 years ago, Google rolled out one of their more practical tools: Google Translate. This blog post celebrates its existence.

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Emotional Marketing – The Emotional Campaign

It's time to put SEO and search expertise down for a second and take a few moments to reflect. No, this isn't a meditation session for online marketers. This is about learning how to use the most powerful tool known to mankind. It's all about emotions – an essential element in any content marketing campaign.

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Managed Service

Textbroker offers an extended level of service with the Managed Service option. Managed Service gives you additional support and a personal account manager when you want us to manage your projects for you. Find out more here.

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