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High-quality content by Textbroker: more visibility, more visitors, more revenue

The online marketing agency relied on Textbroker to deliver the content for a website on personal loans. Thanks to informative and search-engine-optimised content that was produced on time, the first results were easily measured: top-10 rankings and organic traffic that resulted in conversions.

About is an agency for strategic content marketing with one core area of their business being search engine optimisation. test processes and techniques within SEO on their own projects in order to pass the learnings on to their client projects.

The Challenge:

Fresh Content for New Website

The project involved creating a completely new website – – which covers personal loans. With the target audience being private households, the aim of the site is to inform users on what they need to look out for when applying for a loan. The aim of the new web presence was to gain as many top-10 Google rankings as possible, attract organic traffic and consequently generate revenue from this.

What was needed was to fill the site with fresh, new content. High-quality and relevant content on personal loans was the name of the game. Due to the combination of significant time pressure and high volumes of SEO-optimised articles, the company decided to rely on Textbroker to get this project done.

How Textbroker Was Able to Help:

Order Titles and Keywords

The new site required around 50 informative and high-quality web pages and blog articles as of February 2016. Through keyword research, the topics with the best ranking potential were identified.

With the research having been done, the topics covered credit cards, loan comparisons, interest rates and loan applications. For the site’s own blog, posts were to cover tips and tricks for personal loans as well as the choice of lenders. The topics were planned out as order titles with their applicable keywords.

Textbroker Self-Service:

OpenOrder and TeamOrder decided to manage the content creation over the user-friendly Textbroker platform themselves. Within the scope of Textbroker’s Self-Service, the agency went with two order types:

  • OpenOrders, which allowed all authors at or above the chosen quality level to write the orders
  • TeamOrders, whereby the client created a customised team of authors with knowledge of the topics


4- and 5-star authors

Aside from choosing 4-star OpenOrders, the agency set up a team specialised on finance topics. Via the simple author search function, they were able to identify numerous writers whose profiles matched their requirements. invited five hand-picked 4- and 5-star authors.

The objective of the team was to compose informative and objective content on personal loans. The length of the orders were dependent on the topic and type of content, but averaged 500 words.

SEO Options and CSV-Upload utilized the SEO options offered by the Textbroker system to add keywords with a low density to the orders.

The content was to be divided up into paragraphs with
appropriate sub-headers.

Here is an excerpt from the briefing:

  • The article should contain a meaningful title
  • The article should be divided up into 4 paragraphs
  • The paragraphs should each have a sub-header
  • The style should be objective and sophisticated
To place the TeamOrders, utilized the practical CSV upload function, allowing many orders to be placed at once.

The Results:


Top rankings within a short time

By publishing the content produced on Textbroker, some good ranking positions were secured within just a short time. Top-30 rankings were achieved straight after project launch and within 12 weeks the first top-10 ranks were had.

A screenshot taken in November 2016 shows some of these achieved goals of the website – some of which include highly competitive keywords that have a high cost-per-click.

From zero to thousands of visitors

Due to the good rankings, a considerable growth in traffic to the website was measured. In November 2016, this number was at 3,869 unique users, so about 120 a day. As the graphic below shows, 90% of these were new users.

The statistics showed that users visited 2.6 pages of the site on average. The bounce rate was relatively low considering the high percentage of new users. All of this speaks well for relevant and informative content.

Measurable Revenue

In the fourth month, the first conversions were achieved and
the revenue of the site developed positively. In November alone,
the site generated €250 in commission through Affiliate Marketing.

Content Refresh: To maintain such good results, after a while the already published content was tweaked by During the runtime of the project, the word count was increased to an average of 1,200.

Fast Content Delivery

Project runtimes were reduced significantly for Thanks to the large author pool at Textbroker, including writers with knowledge in specialised topics, all content was produced within just a few days. On average, the articles were delivered after 3-4 days.

»With help of Textbroker, we were able to run the content project in just a few days. The suitable authors delivered the content in a timely manner at competitive prices. The good rankings, the traffic results and the revenue so far all point towards a successful project.«

Nicolas Sacotte,
Founder of

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