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Online Translator Services: Why You Should Use Language Professionals

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The Internet has truly become a global marketplace. As traditional geographic borders no longer exist within the digital domain, companies are keen to leverage the advertising possibilities at their disposal. This is also why the use of an online translator is often required. In fact, it is currently estimated that more than 500 million individuals use Google Translate alone on a regular basis.

Although machine-powered (AI) translators are commonplace, they may not always be capable of addressing the needs of more complicated or highly technical content. As a result, accuracy and readability could be sacrificed. This is why the other side of the translation “coin” involves a human counterpart. Likewise, such a solution can be accessed with a single click of a button. Regardless of your unique requirements, the online community offers a plethora of options. Let’s now take a closer look at the ins and outs of a typical online translator service.

What is an online translator service?

From a very broad perspective, any type of translator service is designed to translate text (or sometimes audio snippets) between two or more languages. As mentioned previously, some of the most common include names such as Google Translate and DeepL Translator. The main intention is to provide a streamlined means to communicate with individuals who may not be familiar with specific dialects.

The only issue here is that machine-powered translators frequently find it difficult to provide the necessary semantic accuracy. Furthermore, they often lack the capability of appreciating subtle nuances within human language. This can present a very real problem for those hoping to make a lasting impression when presenting a product or service. While AI translator programs offer some user benefits, they cannot equal the scope and expertise that a human-centred language solution can provide.

The reasons to purchase online translator servicesas opposed to relying on in-house resources

One of the main benefits associated with an automated online translator is simply because of convenience. The user only needs to copy and paste the text into a specific field before the service will churn out its foreign language equivalent. Of course, this might be perfectly suitable for everyday projects, such as interpreting the recipe of a foreign dish or translating the homepage of a specific website. Things become a bit more unreliable when dealing with complex subject matters. Let us look at a fictional example.

Imagine for a moment that you were looking to translate the word gestor from Spanish into English. An automated English translation service (such as Google) will provide the word manager as a result. However, gestor can also signify lawyer, solicitor or representative based on the context.

While a seemingly insignificant error at first glance, such a mistake can quickly degrade the quality of what was intended to be a well-written text. This is one of the most common in-house methods, and it can obviously have negative consequences on any project. It, therefore, stands to reason that a more “personal” touch is required. Here are some other potential pitfalls of using on-site AI translators.


  • It is not possible to establish long-term relationships with the provider.

  • Automated translators fail to take cultural nuances into account.

  • A noted lack of creativity

  • Their knowledge base may not be able to accommodate (or understand) more complex subject matter.


Therefore, it is clear to see why a professional online translator service often represents the ideal solution for your demanding requirements. Simply stated, it pays to outsource such strategies.

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Where can you buy quality translation services?

There are actually numerous avenues to explore if you are hoping to obtain reliable solutions. This will often depend upon the task in question. For instance, some portals focus solely on English translation services, while others are primarily associated with translating English into foreign languages. Ideally, you should be offered both options within a single framework. Let us examine some channels to consider when purchasing translator services.


Freelance translators:

Freelancers can represent one option to evaluate, particularly if you only need to address a single project. One of the benefits here is that you may be able to develop an organic relationship with the individual in question. Furthermore, freelancers often provide budget-friendly services. However, they might not always possess a working knowledge of marketing principles (such as the importance of developing SEO-friendly content). Another potential issue is that reliability can sometimes be lacking when dealing with an individual as opposed to a company that offers some type of contract.


Online content mills:


Online content creation firms are another potential solution. It may very well be possible to encounter a website that offers translation services, such as the ability to have texts translated into English from a foreign language. As well as the industries they can address, content mills are generally more transparent regarding their pricing structures, unlike freelancers. Still, it might be difficult to encounter the level of expertise that is often required to address more complex or technical projects. There may also be times when the finished product fails to meet your expectations, but you will still be forced to settle the account.


Platforms offering a translation service as one of their options:


While content mills can be great for more generic projects, they might not be able to supply targeted translation solutions. This is why most professionals choose to partner with a marketing platform that is able to offer bespoke translations as one option within a much larger framework. Not only can clients choose from a pool of dedicated specialists, but other pertinent concerns, such as international SEO will be simultaneously addressed. This may be the wisest avenue if you require nothing less than the most comprehensive solutions.


Making the right decision:


The sheer number of providers can make the selection process somewhat tricky. It is estimated that the online translation industry is currently worth in excess of 56 billion dollars, and the chances are that this might actually be an understatement. Thus, it stands to reason that countless firms claim to offer the most effective approaches. This may not always be the case.

Here are some important criteria to examine well in advance so that you will be able to make an informed decision:

  • How many languages are supported?

  • What is the typical turnaround time for a translation project?/

  • Will native speakers actually be the ones performing the translations?

  • Can you work with writers who are already specialised in your niche market?

  • Do they offer a competitive pricing structure?

  • Are they able to provide testimonials of previously satisfied customers?


It will soon become clear that some firms are much more talented than others. So, make it a point to carry out a fair amount of research before committing to a specific provider. Otherwise, you might discover that a great deal of time and money has been wasted to no avail.

Why use Textbrokerfor your translation requirements?

We have already taken a look at the potential disadvantages associated with automated translation services, as well as why the human touch is often warranted. It is now a good idea to discuss the reasons why the utilities offered by Textbroker are much more viable solutions. Here are a handful of benefits that you can expect to enjoy:

  • We base our services around the needs of the client in question through clear and proactive communication.

  • Textbroker offers a self-service option that supports more than 45 languages.

  • The registration process is free.

  • We aim to accommodate stringent budgets.

  • Customers can work with writers who already possess in-depth knowledge of your niche market.

Textbroker has been providing cutting-edge SEO and content creation services since 2007, and we cater to the bespoke requirements of more than 80,000 global clients. While this is arguably one of our strongest fortes, let’s not remember that we currently work with some of the most respected online translators in the world.

Another major advantage of our approach is that we employ artificial intelligence (AI) in synergy with the expertise of human translators. This provides yet another “string to the bow” in terms of both accuracy and turnaround times. Such an attribute can be particularly beneficial if you happen to be dealing with a looming deadline.

Online Translation Service FAQ

Is human or machine translation better?

As this article notes, human translation trumps machine learning for several reasons. Humans appreciate linguistic nuances, they will take context into account, and they deliver much more accurate solutions. AI has not yet been able to reach this level of accuracy.


Was kosten Produkttexte

What is the cost of translation services?

There are several factors that can impact the cost of a text translator. Pertinent variables include the length of the project, the topic being discussed, the language in question and the desired turnaround time. Textbroker will take these variables into account when providing you with a non-binding quotation.


What is the future of online translation solutions?

Might we witness a day when artificial intelligence represents the preferred translation method? Although this technology will play an important role, human translators are here to stay. Nonetheless, users can expect to leverage even more targeted and efficient solutions in the years to come.

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