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Professional product description writing encourages buyers to take action

Professional product description writing represents one of the most effective ways to provide your business with the exposure that it deserves.

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Why are product descriptions so important? In terms of statistics alone, a recent study has found that up to 20 per cent of failed purchases result from poor or clumsy product information. We can think of this content as a way to shine a digital “spotlight” on what it is that your product has to offer. However, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are many other reasons why product description marketing should represent the lynchpin of any well-designed advertising strategy. Let’s take a look at what the team at Textbroker has to say about good product description writing.

What isproduct description writing?

A good product description is essentially intended to convince potential buyers that they require the services that you offer. In other words, this approach is designed to tap into the desires of the reader in question.

At first glance, these observations are likely to appear rather straightforward. If this is the case, why do so many businesses struggle with product content writing? Let’s take a look at some facets of product descriptions that are often glossed over (or entirely ignored).

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More than static descriptions alone

One common error is to take product descriptions at face value. In other words, they focus solely on the basic aspects of the item in question. We have created an example of a fictional outdoor grille to reinforce this point:

“Fully functional outdoor grille with a single gas canister. 105 centimetres tall and mounted on four castor wheels. Black powder-coated exterior and three separate grilling stations. Spatula and tongs included.”

Although this description listed the primary aspects of the grille, did it really capture your attention? Now, take a look at another variant:

“Sturdy outdoor grille that can stand up to even the harshest of weather conditions. Thanks to the presence of three cooking stations, preparing meals for the entire family has never been easier. A built-in gas canister provides a steady supply of propane, and a sleek black finish will complement any environment. To make life easier, we have even thrown in cooking utensils at no extra charge.”

While this summary included the same information as the first example, it resonated with the reader to a much greater degree. This is one of the main points of product description writing. You are not simply trying to sell an item. The goal is to establish a virtual rapport with the recipient so that they are encouraged to take further action.


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Transforming features into benefits

We have already seen that simply rattling out the features of a product is not enough to ensure a sale. These aspects must be transformed into benefits and advantages. Of course, such an approach will partially depend on the market you are targeting.

Does the use of ethical ingredients appeal to environmentally conscious consumers? Does the presence of child-friendly features signify that your product boasts superior levels of safety? Will its competitive price points accommodate those on a tight budget?

Addressing these and similar questions will enable you to transform a standard product description into a snippet of text that captures the attention of the reader on a more organic and personal level. After all, this is the ultimate goal of any content marketing campaign!

Telling a story

One of the difficulties associated with product content writing involves the salesy nature that can often accompany such descriptions. The main issue here is that shoppers are being bombarded with offers on a daily basis, reaching the point when they become numb to even the most impressive items. One way to avoid such a scenario is to include short stories in the content itself.

As the professionals at Shopify note, this is an excellent way to connect with your audience and avoid any mental barriers that the reader may have against generic persuasion techniques. If the customer does not feel that a sale is being forced on them, they are much more likely to engage with what is being presented.

Short stories are also capable of providing a form of lighthearted entertainment while demonstrating the advantages of your product within real-world settings. This is actually quite similar to the goals of customer testimonials — to imbue your services with an additional level of relevance.


Defining goals

A final metric that is sometimes overlooked by those who attempt to describe products involves an approach that lacks real direction. This can occur if the needs of the campaign itself are not fully clarified. As a result, the description in question will appear watered down and dull. Here are some common goals of product description writing that the industry specialists at BigCommerce have highlighted:

  • Increase conversion rates,

  • Streamline the sales pipeline,

  • Promote a specific discount or time-sensitive offer,

  • Increase search engine results page (SERP) rankings,

  • Target a new demographic

Defining these and other parameters is an excellent way to write a product description that yields quality results. Of course, this is also why sales and marketing representatives should always be included in the curation process right from the start.

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The reasons to outsource product description writing vs using in-house techniques

It’s now apparent that the ability to write a product description requires a fair amount of background knowledge and intuition. Still, some businesses feel that the principles are rather straightforward. This is certainly not always the case when dealing with the frenetic world of online marketing. This is also why the majority of descriptions common goalsfail to reach their full potential.

If we think about the above observations for a moment, they actually make a great deal of sense. Very few businesses can leverage the expertise of an in-house product description copywriter. As a result, these tasks are often placed on the shoulders of others who are likely grappling with existing responsibilities, such as sales and marketing staff. An analogy will help cement this point.

Think about the kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Each individual is responsible for a certain stage of the food production process. One specialises in meat and fish. Another focuses on order fulfilment while the sous chef supervises the entire team. Burdening any one of these individuals with additional duties would result in a disappointing menu. This is just as true within the world of product description writing.

As opposed to spreading your efforts too thin, it makes much more logistical sense to outsource your requirements to a team of experts. Here are some of the reasons why using third-party content creation specialists represents the most logical solution:

  • They appreciate the latest industry trends.

  • They devote all of their efforts to curating quality descriptions.

  • Product description writers appreciate technical nuances, such as text lengths and search engine optimisation (SEO).

These benefits allow your existing team members to focus on their primary responsibilities instead of spreading their efforts too thin.

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Where can you buy product description writing services?

There are many options if you hope to purchase product description marketing services. Let’s examine three common avenues, plus the unique aspects of each.

Product description freelancers

Hiring a freelancer is one possible solution. Dealing with a single individual can help streamline the communications process, and developing long-term professional relationships is not out of the question. Furthermore, freelances could represent a viable solution if you are stymied by a limited budget.

All-in-one marketing agencies

Generic marketing firms are another option to keep in mind. As customers will often be provided with a guarantee in terms of services rendered, transparency is normally not called into question. Marketing agencies may also be useful if you need to create a relatively large volume of written content, as the work can be distributed to multiple product description copywriters.

Scalable content creation platforms

Most industry experts tend to agree that flexible content creation services represent the ideal solution. Not only will you be able to develop a working relationship with the writers, but these agencies can assign specific authors based on what it is that the description is trying to achieve. From technical objectives to client-friendly snippets intended to address a niche market, flexibility is the ultimate key to success.

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Why use Textbroker for your product description writing requirements?

It is no coincidence that well over 80,000 customers have already leveraged the services offered by the team at Textbroker. Here are some of the incredible benefits you can expect:

  • No monthly maintenance or contractual fees.

  • The ability to create content in no fewer than 36 languages.

  • Flexible pricing points.

  • Access to countless professional writers with experience in specific industries.

  • Automatic duplicate content checks.

  • The use of cutting-edge SEO techniques to ensure your descriptions target the right customers at the right time.

In terms of product description marketing, we embrace all of the latest strategies so that nothing is left to chance. From new concepts such as search experience optimisation to proper HTML coding and top-notch written material, why settle for anything less when presenting your products in the most favourable light?

Product description writing FAQ

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How to write a good product description?

Quality product descriptions need to take several factors into account. Core principles include resonating with the reader, highlighting user-specific benefits and ensuring that the content is optimised for search engines.

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What should be included in a product description?

Well-written descriptions should include the features of the product in question, how these qualities will benefit the end user, and why the item is more desirable than alternatives offered by competitors.

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How much does product description writing cost?

The price of a project will depend on variables such as the length of text, desired completion times, and whether or not the material needs to be curated on a regular basis. Extremely specialised texts can sometimes warrant a slightly higher price. All of these metrics will be made perfectly clear so that you can make an informed decision.

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