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Can you still remember sports classes at school? Much like a well-known yeast spread, sport always seemed to be that subject you’d either love or hate. Not to mention the strange smell in the changing rooms, the freezing temperatures (and rain) of outdoor games and the sergeant-major of a teacher, sport also brought with it the horror of picking teams.

For both those picking the teams and those (not) being picked, the level of distress and unease suffered by both parties would be fairly equal. If you were one of those doing the picking, you know it’s no easy task – first of all, you have to work out if you’re picking your class mates with the better sport ability, or are you picking your friends?

If you were one of those waiting to be picked, you’ll know it all boils down to the time you spend waiting to be picked, and the result this waiting time will have on any long-lasting friendships.

The idea behind the Textbroker team system is, in comparison to school sports, that you can create your own go-to groups of talented writers. For example, if you need a whole lot of content on window-frame fitting, then you can build a team of window-frame fitting experts.

If you’re struggling to know where to start, however, or you’re looking to refine your team management, we’ve come up with an innovative new strategy to make sure you get the writers you need for your projects. Here it is, thrown in with a few extra tips along the way:

1.      Team description:

The team description is really important, as this will often determine which writers opt to write for you. In the space for the team description, you can provide a broad overview on the nature of your orders, and also anything else you think the authors should know about your work. For example, if you need writers with expert knowledge in a particular subject, then say so! Any points you really want to reinforce can also be done so by making them team conditions.

2.      Open for application:

Think about how many authors you already know. If you’re new to Textbroker, or you’re still looking for those special writers but don’t know where to start, opening your team for applications is a great idea; especially if you’d like to know more about those you find in your author search.

By using the application setting, you can actually request authors to send you a small writing sample. From this, you can decide who would be a suitable writer for your team. You just have to remember to check the applications when they come in!

2. Two Teams:

OK, so this sounds like a lot of hard work, but it’s a really nice way to get to know new writers. Everyone likes the idea of promotion, and you can use this as a real motivator if you have especially complicated orders. The idea is as follows:

Your A Team: this would be writers you know and have already worked with – keep this team private, by invitation only. If you set the price a little higher, then you have the goal for writers in …

Your B Team: this team you set Open for Application (as per instructions above). In the team description, you let the writers know that this is a ‘test team’, and those who work well or who really impress you will get invited to your A Team.

3.      Messages:

The great thing about Teams is that you can contact all writers in one go. Are your orders really time sensitive? Or are they really complex? Is there something you find you’re always correcting with the work you get back?

If you’ve had to answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, then your solution lies in the messaging function. Say goodbye to copying and pasting one message into another; you can send a message to your entire team in one go. This isn’t just practical, it really helps in making sure your writers know you care about them, and about the work they do.

4.      Your Support Line

Unlike sports classes in school, you’re lucky enough to have a support for your Textbroker Teams. We’re happy to discuss your content plans and help you set up your teams. There’ll be some more Textbroker Client tips posted again soon, but if there’s any topic you want to know more about in particular, then let us know!

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