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Making the Most of the Author Search

Tips for finding the right authors

How and Why

You might have heard from us numerous times that we’ve got authors qualified in various different backgrounds, giving you a wealth of knowledge and expertise at your fingertips. With just the click of a button, you’ve got someone qualified to produce those articles you need on that obscure topic you never knew existed until your boss handed you your task sheet.

Searching for the right author can very much feel like hunting for that cliché-laden needle in an all-too-familiar haystack. This short article will hopefully give you a few ideas as to making the most of the Textbroker author search and finding the best writer for your job.

What the Stars Say

Textbroker authors all receive a star rating. This rating is based on the quality of work they have already completed which has been accepted by clients and reviewed by Textbroker staff. Two stars is the lowest quality and five stars is the highest. When you use the author search, you have the option to filter by star rating.

Discover the Talent

Don’t forget the two- and three star writers! Many authors who are newly registered or who have not produced much work for Textbroker may be more than fully qualified to produce the articles you need, but don’t yet have the Textbroker star to prove it. Each writer does have a profile, though, and it certainly pays to take a few minutes to check if your writer has the qualifications you need.

On all writers’ profiles you’ll find an envelope icon. When you click on this, you can send the writer a message to double check their interest and qualifications in your project.

Teaming Up Right

Using the Team orders is a great way to get qualified writers interested in your projects. With the teams, you can pick and choose which writers actually have access to your orders, and you can also adjust the team settings so that writers can apply. One suggestion would be to make your team public, then ask that writers submit an application before being able to join. In addition to this, you can also invite writers using the search function. This is a great way to get only interested and qualified writers geared up to work on your projects, and to get a quick idea of their style and qualifications.

The best bit about the team order is that you’re in complete control. You’ll know who it is working on your orders, you can get in touch with the writers all in one go and, best of all, you get to determine the price! This way, you can really make sure the writers are financially encouraged to do the research you need them to do and that they genuinely put the extra time and effort into finishing your orders.

Recently Active?

This one is the real key to the author search. There’s a little tick box you can click when you’re searching, which ensures that you’ll only be shown writers who have been recently active on the site. Don’t forget to select this box!

Don’t forget to read our blog titled “It is All About Mindset: Leveraging Author-Levels to Your Advantage“. Here you get insight into the perspective of authors on, and how they deal with, star-levels.

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