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Textbroker is your secure source for transparent content creation


Since we were founded in 2005, we have been guided by the principle of creating valuable content by people for people. We are aware of the quality of human-created texts, but we also see the efficiency of AI-supported content. From now on, our clients have the choice between:

  • Human-only texts, written by continuously validated authors.

  • AI-supported texts, created by machine efficiency and the skills of certified experts.

Our new range of services affects all the innovations that we have already implemented and plan to implement in the future. In this article, we explain our point of view and the comprehensive processes we have put into place to assure trustworthy, transparent collaboration on Textbroker.

Our platformby and for people

Professional collaboration is our priority

We source, recruit and support freelance content experts and match them with our clients to create compelling content as a team — and we take a scalable, efficient and international approach.

Human expertise makes a difference

We only use professional freelancers to ensure that our platform is a success because they are capable of meeting the demands of our clients. Therefore, we always make sure that only vetted content experts have access to our platform.

The client remains in the driver’s seat at all times

By choosing the order type and your job description, you decide how your content will be produced on Textbroker. Whether with or without the use of AI tools, we ensure the greatest possible transparency and provide all users with clear guidelines concerning when and how AI is allowed to be safely used to carry out assignments on our platform.

What content marketers really thinkbeyond the hype surrounding ChatGPT

As expected, a recent survey of more than 200 European clients revealed that the market changes brought about by ChatGPT and other AI tools have been a major concern for most of them. In addition to the usual hype and accompanying uncertainties, we were able to gain valuable insights about practical experiences, challenges and needs in content marketing.


The most important insight:

The overwhelming majority of our clients are certain that only human content experts can ensure that content provides users with real added value. And so, it is not surprising that 91% decided against the use of pure AI texts written without any human intervention.

This was a particularly relevant result, as more than 80% of the surveyed clients have already experimented with AI-generated content.

AI without a compass: Don’t shipwreck your project with entirely AI-generated texts devoid of human expertise

The discussions surrounding the sole use of artificial intelligence in content creation are dominated by ethical and legal concerns, as well as the question of the actual benefits it provides, particularly in terms of increasing SEO performance.

Our extensive tests and the experiences of our clients have confirmed that our long-standing approach is sound: AI-only texts are not reliable and are neither target-oriented nor recommended for professional content marketing.

Instead, AI texts need to be steered and edited by human experts due to the following:

  • texts regularly contain well-hidden false facts, irrelevant information and unpredictable results.

  • texts have a high repetition potential and a low understanding of the context.

  • they lose the connecting theme, especially in longer texts.

  • provides little individuality without a real human touch: lacking humour, wit and regional references.

  • ignores minorities and raises ethical issues, such as stereotypes and problematic prejudices.

  • generates rehashed content without individual creativity, expertise, experience and originality.

  • poses high legal risks:

    AI simply ignores data protection protocols
    Content generated entirely by AI does not establish authorship and does not guarantee exclusive distribution rights.
    AI assumes no responsibility for the content. Only the publisher is liable.

  • implies a strong dependence on technology and the provider’s reliability (vendor lock-in).

  • entails an unpredictable risk for SEO and your brand.

The big questions: Who created it and how?

Beware of false flags

AI detection tools straddle the line between uselessness and deception. Detector tools claim to be good at checking and reliably identifying AI texts. Rest assured that we’ve put all the top AI detectors on the market through extensive real-world tests. For our large-scale test, we fed the tools hundreds of texts. As pioneers, we were able to draw on our huge stock of text assignments and check content written far before the time of AI tools.

The test results were unambiguous. All detectors share the same problem: unacceptably high error rates and, thus, unusable results.

  • One-dimensional: The majority are only programmed for English-language texts

  • Dubious: Our tests show an extremely low percentage of accurate results.

  • Speculative: The majority of detectors randomly spit out false information.

  • Suspicious: Some tools always deliver the same results. We wonder whether relevant checks took place at all.

Our conclusion: No AI detector that we know of delivers reliable results.

On the contrary: due to the high proportion of dubious results, AI detectors do more harm than good. They are never suitable for the sole indication of AI use and are more likely to create false suspicions and unjustified mistrust. Relying on them alone is not in the best interests of our clients or the freelancers who work with us.

AI detectors are merely a supplement, playing only a subordinate role. They must be used in combination with other indicators.

Our approach: maximum transparency thanks to

Whether human or AI — at Textbroker, we are committed to providing the greatest possible transparency.

To this end, we have expanded our proven quality assurance methods to include our free service. This software provides key indicators for tracing the origin of all text components. The generated certificate shows word-for-word what was written, edited or copied by the author of the text and, hence, serves as a trustworthy addition to our internal processes.

Our recommendation for clients: Require creation and certification via in every job description, regardless of whether you want, tolerate or exclude the use of AI. Doing this gives you the security of being able to retrace the creation process at any time.

Five strong rules firmly anchor our principles for worry-free, trustworthy collaboration

  • We value our freelancer community. They are trusted partners, not anonymous users. We are deeply connected with them because we work closely together on thousands of projects every day. This results in mutual trust and integrity. Together, we always strive to provide real added value for our clients.

  • As an international pioneer, we draw on a unique history of all-human copywriting. This gives us a complete, structured data set of all the relevant indicators that we can use to reliably identify AI in copywriting. This enables us to facilitate the trustworthy use of AI while effectively detecting and preventing misuse.

  • Our experienced team of editors and copywriters bring together decades of experience recruiting, vetting and working with thousands of freelancers in more than 10 languages, enabling them to reliably identify suspicious content. Alongside our automated review process, we manually review and access every active freelancer on a regular basis. Our recipe for success: the editors are not only trained in AI recognition but also in all the relevant skills for professional copywriting: Grammar, spelling, style, tonality, structure (and central theme), consistency, writing efficiency and compliance with the briefing are the crucial parameters for secure content.

  • Our multi-stage acceptance process for new freelancers includes comprehensive vetting mechanisms. They start with an intelligent quiz and dynamic, AI-safe job descriptions for submitting an application text. Every new freelancer must prove their experience and expertise without using advanced AI tools in the process. There are no exceptions: We strictly reject all AI-generated submission texts. Once we are convinced of the freelancer’s performance, they can work on their first assignments, but we regularly require them to use when submitting texts.

  • Transparency is the key to ensuring the trust and credibility of copywriters, clients and readers. As the only provider on the market, we deliver, a novel technology platform for the simple but effective verification of the content creation process. It can help every professional copywriter make their human performance visible to clients and readers. On top of that, both new and existing freelancers who haven’t recently completed a credible task on our platform will have to prove the origins of their submitted texts with certificates from

The best conditions for real transparency in text creation exclusively on Textbroker

Conventional outsourcing solutions will never provide you with such a high level of security and transparency as Textbroker. When working with individual freelancers or copywriting agencies, you can only rely on their assurances.

Our approach: 100% human expertise with or without automated tools

We have examined the use of artificial intelligence from various angles. The results of countless tests, expert interviews, as well as the findings from surveys and conversations with our clients and freelancers are clear: only human experts can guarantee control over text creation with artificial intelligence and achieve the desired result.

That’s why we believe in creating useful content for people — whether with or without the support of software. As the customer, you get to decide how your content will be created on Textbroker by choosing the order type and providing a job description. Together with our freelancers, we ensure that you receive your content exactly as you ordered it.

Are you currently concerned about the topic of AI and digital content?

As a marketer or agency owner, it is often challenging to deliver the perfect content and meet deadlines.

In the age of artificial intelligence, successful content marketing is not magic but the result of hard work and clever strategies. Let’s analyse whether you can and how to profitably integrate AI into your content workflow to scale and achieve cost savings with professional quality.

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AI texts don’t fit your company’s needs? No problem!

Some customers are reluctant to use AI, and we understand their concerns. AI not only brings advantages, but it also involves some risks and must be weighed up carefully. With our tried-and-tested order types — OpenOrders, DirectOrders and TeamOrders — you can avoid AI-generated texts and continue using the human services of our content creation experts.