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Tools for Typing – Author Blog Part One

Those with a passion for DIY will already know there's nothing more satisfying than admiring that fully organised toolbox. With it, you can do any job and have so much fun. Certainly, there's a lot of enjoyment in bashing down walls and hanging up shelves, but it's unlikely that this will help structure your next article. Fortunately today, we're bringing you four cool additions to your writer's online toolbox.

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Do men and women write differently?

One of the real challenges of content writing is composing an article for a target audience of the opposite sex. Should the article be written by a woman for women? Or by a woman for men? Or even somewhere between the two? Whilst gender is a social construct, there are some interesting points of research which have identified that men and women do, indeed, write differently.

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Resolutions for the New Year

We’re already almost half way through January and it’s time to pose the big question…how are your new year’s resolutions coming? It’s a well-known fact that not all resolutions last until the end of the month, let alone the end of the year. But that’s OK. Today, we’re going to show you how making new resolutions each day can improve your writing.

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A Brief History of HTML

Welcome to 2017! Whilst 2016 was full of exciting developments and technological advances, we’re certain that 2017 will be even more exciting. But before we get carried away looking forward, it’s time to spend a few moments reflecting back. In the first of our history series, we’re excited to present a brief history of that markup language we all know and love: HTML.

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How to Create a Content Customer

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a good moan. It’s when the satisfaction levels begin to drop, though, that people start moaning about you and your company. And that’s not good, because with four times as many customers prepared to write about their negative experiences than their positive ones, it’s vital to your company’s image and profitability that you deal with these complaints effectively. Today, it’s all about maintaining that customer content .

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