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Benefits of a Content Audit

A content audit involves evaluating the performance of your website's content while assessing strengths and weaknesses. Using these results, you can find opportunities for growth and new target audiences. But how does the process work?

Why You Need a Content Audit

Many of our clients can’t remember the last time they reviewed content on their own websites. However, evaluating current content performance is a key factor in determining your website’s long-term success. With the fast churn of information, refreshing and repurposing existing content should be a monthly focus for your content team. Otherwise, you could be missing out on positive results.

Using a content calendar helps you prioritise and organise content ideas for your website. Thoughtfully planning your content production can make the difference between a transactional task and a strategic move to engage clients, increase your online conversions, and establish credibility in your industry.

But planning a content calendar can be difficult when you don’t know where to start. That’s how a content audit can help. When you analyse your website content, you can identify both weaknesses and opportunities.

What is a Content Audit?

An audit analyses a website’s indexed content and the overall performance of each page by reviewing articles, white papers, FAQs, infographics, landing pages, etc.

A complete audit will give you an understanding of your assets and a new perspective on where those assets fit within your overall strategy. This helps you gain comprehensive knowledge of the content types you should produce as you move forward.

Why is a Content Audit Useful?

An audit may sound overwhelming; however, it is useful because the benefits of a content audit are limitless. After reviewing the content and gaining perspective, you can identify your online assets and how to best utilise or improve each.

1. Data insights

When you invest time into an audit, it provides essential data insights, including:

  • Social engagement trends
  • High-performing blog articles based on lead/sales conversions
  • Top-performing sales articles based on organic search
  • And much more

You can determine what assets bring quality traffic and conversions by looking at factual data.

2. Increased life span of your content

One of the most significant benefits of an audit is the data collected regarding customer interaction. Less interaction and fewer visits could reveal that an article or page is outdated, incorrect, or irrelevant. This presents an opportunity to refresh the content.

There are many ways to resurrect old content, such as:

  • Updating keyword research for new trends or searches
  • Adding additional content when necessary
  • Analysing search intent
  • Improving your title or headlines
  • Improving calls to action
  • And much more!

3. Improved SEO performance

A content audit can improve your search engine optimisation performance in many ways. By fixing issues you find, you may see improvements within Google rankings and a possible increase in traffic to your website. Other SEO benefits include:

  • Better conversion rates
  • Removal of duplicate pages that may be similar
  • Fixing keyword cannibalisation concerns

4. Find Content Gaps

A content gap is the lack of content concerning trending and/or relative material that could and should align with your target audience. If a hole is found, there are many ways to search for additional content for your online marketing needs. Options include:

  • Checking the competition and trends within your niche
  • Leveraging relationships with colleagues and peers
  • Engaging in community discussions

Identifying content gaps can increase your chances of success by revitalising the opportunities within your digital marketing outline, possibly leading to more search traffic.

Time-consuming as an audit may be, quarterly evaluations of your content are crucial for understanding what pages are trending and what topics within your content may need revisions. With hyperfocus, you can take your online marketing to the next level as the marketing trends in 2023 evolve.

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