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Here, you can find out what you need to consider when building and maintaining a niche marketing website. We offer tips and tricks to help you successfully earn a passive income and enjoy the advantages of a niche marketing strategy. In particular, we will discuss affiliation, which is when you partner with companies interested in advertising. In short, they pay you a commission for the referral of new customers and contacts. This is one of the primary benefits of niche marketing websites.

How to find a niche and what to look out for

Do you want to earn revenue from affiliate commissions on your blog or website? Then focus on a niche market. It is difficult and expensive to position yourself on a popular topic on the Internet, as the big players are usually already established and you can only overtake them with high advertising budgets. That’s why it makes sense to look for niche marketing opportunities; finding the right niche is not that difficult. We will help you with some practical tips and tricks that not only cover how to find a niche, but also how to build a niche marketing website and profit from the advantages of a well-thought-out niche marketing strategy. With patience and commitment, you too will be able to find your niche, implement a niche marketing strategy and attract high visitor flows. Earning money through niche marketing is a proven business model.

Why should you build a niche marketing website?

People search the Internet for reliable, entertaining and relevant information. When in doubt, they trust the niche expert more than a large website dealing with a wider range of topics. After all, don’t you always find restaurants with page-long menus suspicious and wonder if the chef knows all about them?

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Practical tip:

How can you get a passive income from a niche marketing website?

Earning an income from a niche marketing website is easier than you think. However, the term “passive income” is somewhat misleading as in the long run; you will only earn revenue if you consistently invest your time. Even a perfectly designed website or blog will eventually fall behind in search engine results if there is no new content. First of all, it is important that you achieve a high reach and address a clearly defined target group. Anyone who is interested in the topic and belongs to the target group should know your site and visit it regularly. It is, therefore, essential that you continuously add new content to your site. In this way, you tempt visitors to visit your niche marketing website again and again, while at the same time collecting points with the search engines.

What types of niches are there, and how do you choose one?

On the Internet, you will find a website for every topic, no matter how obscure. According to the „long tail“ theory, niche websites are gaining in importance on the Internet. This is because a high street retailer pays rent and has to carefully choose which goods to put on the shelves, generally based on how fast they sell. An online shop, on the other hand, can easily offer products that are rarely bought; the more exotic the item, the lower the competition. Some of these niche websites clearly have no commercial background, but it does show what a huge variety of topics the Internet has to offer.

In order to find your niche, it is a good idea to start with a large topic and then focus on a speciality area. For example, the topic of “travel” is enormously broad and occupied by large, financially strong travel providers. So we drill down further and consider “backpacking”. But here, too, large outdoor outfitters with financial power are at the forefront and have largely taken over the terrain.

Create a niche website so that a specific target group can be addressed

addressing a specific target group
But if we now focus on “backpack trips in North Africa” or “special backpacks for trips to the desert” we are getting closer to a niche. If you are able to offer well-founded specialist knowledge and regularly provide relevant content on this specific topic, you can establish yourself in the niche market. If a company would like to place advertising on your website, it can easily estimate which target group you are addressing and whether this could include its own potential customers. Ultimately, thematically-focused content on a page increases the willingness of visitors to buy and is the main advantage of niche marketing.

Niche website ideas for content are all around you – you just have to recognise them. The easiest way to do this is to start with normal people and their needs. What question does an Internet user have or what problem does a potential customer face? If your niche marketing website succeeds in providing the right answers to either of these, the visitors will come by themselves.

Finding the right topic for your niche marketing website is, of course, only the beginning of your journey. And finding the right niche for affiliate marketing is not as easy as it used to be, as many niches are now heavily occupied. Nevertheless, finding new niche marketing opportunities as an affiliate is still possible.

How does niche marketing differ from marketing for “big topics”?

With interesting topics and ideas on your blog, you should regularly offer new content to the search engines. In addition to the relevance of content, the frequency of fresh content is also very important. If you establish a niche blog, for example, you can use it as a focused content hub, and from there distribute the content to various social media channels. In this way you avoid the huge pool of big issue offerings, instead gaining more reach and attracting more visitors to your website through pinpoint targeting. In your niche topic, rather than a broad topic, you can focus on yourself and gradually develop an expert status. This means that people keep coming back to your niche website because they expect trustworthy and up-to-date information that specifically responds to their niche interest.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

When companies sell goods or services on the Internet, they want to reach as many potential customers as possible. One of the numerous advertising possibilities is affiliate marketing, especially niche marketing. This works in such a way that the advertising company, also called a merchant or advertiser, makes advertising material available to you as its affiliate. You can integrate these advertising materials on your website and they might include:
  • Classic banners in various formats and sizes
  • Pop-Up/Pop-Under
  • Layer Ad
  • Text links
  • Product information
  • Widgets
  • Forms/search windows or search boxes
  • Video Ad or Video Banner

If, for example, you integrate the banner into your website, you can earn money with it. If a visitor to your website clicks on the banner, they will be taken to the merchant’s website or webshop. If they then make a purchase there, you receive a commission. That would be the variant “pay-per-sale”. There are other variants and, in individual cases, combinations can also be agreed upon.

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Practical tip:
The usual models used by merchants to calculate commission are:
  • Pay-per-sale or Pay-per-order (sometimes called Cost-per-order)
  • Pay-per-lead or Pay-per-action (Cost-per-action)
  • Pay-per-period
  • Pay-per-view
  • Pay-per-click
  • Pay-per-lifetime

Which action triggers the commission payment to you depends on the goals of the company. One possibility is that you will receive a percentage of the shopping basket if the buyer has visited the online shop via your link. Alternatively, a fixed payment per purchase is also possible. Both would be considered pay-per-sale.

Further remuneration models in affiliate niche marketing

If companies sell very high-quality products or products that require a lot of support in advance, you will often be rewarded for a lead, which is called „pay-per-lead“. A lead could be, for example, that the visitor to the website subscribes to a newsletter or makes a contact request. Sometimes both models are combined with each other so that, with a little luck, your website visitor can earn you money twice over. With the help of tracking systems, it is possible to track where the customer comes from so that the advertising company rewards the right affiliate partner.

If the advertiser wants to increase brand awareness, it is also possible that you will be paid with „pay-per-view“. “. This means that you receive a previously agreed amount per 1000 insertions. This variant, as well as „pay-per-click“, has fallen into disrepute because the number of visitors is relatively easy to manipulate.

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Exotic compensation models

The „pay-per-lifetime“ remuneration model seldom comes into play. Nevertheless, whenever the customer won through the affiliate buys again from the merchant, the affiliate receives a further commission. This variant, although rare, could be used for subscription sales. If a „pay-per-period“ is agreed, however, the affiliate benefits from all purchases made by the customer, but only within a predefined period. This variant is also not a common payment model.

How much money you receive and under what circumstances varies, and is usually individually negotiated. Frequently, partner networks and brokerage platforms take over the organisation of the agreement so that you are not in direct contact with the advertising company. The networks organise the payment modalities and take care of the technical side of the affiliate business.

One of the largest affiliate networks is the world market leader Awin. It merged with Affilinet in 2017 and has been on the market for a long time as an affiliate veteran of Zanox and Awin. Other well-known and successful networks include Webgains, Tradedoubler, Tradetracker, Belboon oder CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction).

The birth of affiliate marketing at Amazon

Before you sign up for affiliate marketing referral platforms, you can join Amazon’s trusted PartnerNet program . This is quite straightforward and, as a rule, Amazon pays you ten per cent of the purchase price of products you promote on your website. However, this is based on the supposition that the visitor to your site makes a purchase within 24 hours of visiting Amazon.

Affiliate marketing with Amazon's PartnerNet program

If they order outside of that time period or through another affiliate link, you don’t get paid. You also don’t get a ten per cent commission for all product types. For example, you’ll only get one per cent for smartphones or televisions, three per cent for computers and cameras, and seven per cent for books.
Finding the right niche for a website is not difficult, just time-consuming. It is definitely worth the effort, though, as gathering information on a specific niche helps you to position yourself sustainably against the competition.

Should you build a niche website or buy it instead?

First, you have to decide if you can create a niche marketing website yourself or if it would be better to buy one. If you have some programming skills and are familiar with design and search engine optimisation, it is possible to create a niche marketing website for yourself. This means that you can design the site exactly the way you want and work with the latest web design right away, rather than spending time waiting for new releases and updates.

building a niche website yourself vs. buying

If your expertise lies in other areas and you decide to buy a niche marketing website, however, there are other benefits. Primarily, you are betting on a proven and already-known niche marketing website and don’t have to start from scratch. Additionally, existing domains will be better rated by the search engines.

Existing niche marketing websites offer orientation and inspiration

Creating a niche marketing website takes a lot of time in the beginning, but it pays off.

What should you look out for?

You can’t hide much on the Internet, so it’s easy to see what the competition is up to. When identifying your niche market and planning your niche marketing website, have a good look around at everyone else and take note of what is working. For a bit of inspiration, here are some examples from the food industry .

searching for orientation and inspiration

You can also get ideas from other founders and affiliates in forums and Facebook groups or in real life at affiliate conferences and regular round tables.
If you search the Internet for ideas for your niche pages, you will also come across numerous suggestions. Look especially for successful niche marketing websites and analyse them in-depth to understand why and how they do so well.

  • Do these pages have lurid headlines, an exceptionally clear design, or is the topic simply brilliant?
  • How often do they publish new content and how do they distribute it?
  • How do you find good niche marketing websites to learn from?

Here, search engines are your first port of call. If you enter a term in Google, Bing or Yahoo, the search engine will suggest additional terms to complete it. This allows you to move around a topic and find other interesting sites.

How do you earn money with affiliate marketing?

Earning money with niche marketing is a pleasant route to a long-term revenue stream. You just have to make sure that your website is always well maintained and regularly fed with fresh content. If you have successfully won merchants who sign an affiliate contract with you, you will generate a regular passive income.
If you ask about the target group of the web shop, its reach or the average value of the shopping basket, you can better assess whether cooperation will be meaningful.

earning money with affiliate marketing

How much can you earn through affiliate marketing?

How much income you actually see depends on how well your site is built. But also take a close look at how user-friendly and conversion-optimised a merchant has made their webshop. A customer will only end up buying something or subscribing to a newsletter if they can easily find their way around the site and feel comfortable when using it. This is why you, as an affiliate, should choose your partners carefully.

First, make sure that the merchant communicates with you directly and regularly provides you with the necessary information. Do you get a permanent contact person who answers all your questions promptly and satisfactorily? Next, the advertising partner should provide you with a product to familiarise yourself with. Are the advertising media of the advertiser versatile so that you can choose the most suitable for your website? Finally, since you want to earn money with affiliate marketing, take a close look at the commission model offered. Is it fair so that both parties benefit from the collaboration?

How should a good niche marketing website be structured?

This section explains how to build your niche marketing website, step-by-step. The most important aspects of a successful website are:
  • High usability (user-friendliness)
  • Accessibility
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Use of matching keywords
  • Good linking
  • Good structure, navigation and design
  • Top target group
  • Target group-oriented, current and relevant content

Successful niche marketing website creation is not magical or miraculous. Instead, it’s very pragmatic – and it all starts with the structure.

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Practical tip:
What is the best way to build a niche marketing website?
A niche marketing website should have a good structure and fast load time. If the website takes too long to load, it will worsen the ranking with the search engines. In addition, many visitors jump off quickly if the page takes longer than a few seconds to build. The website must also have a responsive web design and be readable with all mobile browsers. If a niche marketing website visitor does not quickly find what they are looking for, they jump off again – the next niche marketing website is, after all, just a click away. Therefore, intuitive navigation is essential and an easy-to-use content management system will help to ensure that new content can be uploaded quickly. Of course, this niche content needs to be unique as the search engines will punish copied content.

More tips for the optimisation of an affiliate website

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the adage goes. So use photos, infographics and videos, to attract attention and draw visitors to your site. Make sure that you either use only your own pictures for your site or that you have the right to use the pictures. Especially with stock photos, make sure that you are allowed to use them for commercial purposes.

If you make a niche marketing website barrier-free, this not only helps people with cognitive impairments to use it, but search engines also rate them more positively. Barrier-free design includes, for example, alternative texts for photos so that screen readers can process them.

Navigation should comply with current web standards so that everyone can find their way around easily. You can accommodate this requirement by designing the niche marketing website along logical and clearly structured lines. Through this on-page optimisation you will be ranked higher by the search engines and your visitors will enjoy better usability.

Scoring with the search engines through good off-page optimisation

In addition to on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation is important for a good search engine ranking. The most important components are the external links. In short, high-quality content is a good prerequisite for other websites to link to your content. You should aim to network with reputable and credible websites – as always, quality takes precedence over quantity. If other sites place links on your posts, called backlinks, it further underlines the relevance of your niche marketing website.

Off-page optimisation = backlinking

Logically, links from large, relevant and trusted websites are worth more than links from unknown websites. Contact your customers, partners or suppliers and ask them for a link. Do not, however, get involved in dubious offers and don’t buy links on link marketplaces.

You need the right search terms to please visitors and search engines

To achieve a good search engine ranking, your visitors need to stay on your niche marketing website for a trackable period of time. If you have optimised your website for the wrong keywords, however, visitors will jump off too quickly. They found a connection via a specific keyword but found no suitable content when they clicked on the link, so they left at speed; the search engines will, therefore, assume that your website is not relevant and will no longer display it as high up in the search results.

Using the right search terms

There will be a detrimental knock-on effect on the number of future visitors because the majority of internet users come to your website via a Google query.

For your content to be successful, it is therefore important to use the right keywords. And this also applies to the terms you use. For example, most people usually use the term “xyz” to search for your niche topic, but you work with the synonym “abc”. This means that your niche marketing will be less likely to be found, impacting your ranking and from there the success of your niche marketing website. So start with a thorough keyword search, define your main keywords and other keywords, then integrate them into your content in a natural and easy-to-read way.

What should you do to create niche website content?

As an affiliate, you want to attract as many visitors as possible to your website. They should stay there at least until they find the merchant’s advertisement. Therefore it is very important that you publish new articles regularly. These can be well-written content, which you can supplement with attention-grabbing photos, but you can also work with videos and infographics. The important thing is that the contributions are useful, interesting and relevant to your visitors.

Niche content

Make sure that your content is well-structured so that visitors are encouraged to read on. Don’t bombard your users with a wall of dense text, but loosen up the article with crisp subheadings and appealing images. Ensure that your content is entertaining and double-check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. If it fits the topic, use lists and tables to provide more clarity. Ultimately, the structure of your website is key to the success of a niche site content strategy.

Writing content for niche sites

Now you know what it takes to create a niche marketing website and are well prepared for the affiliate business. You’ll find, however, that it’s not easy to produce high-quality, search engine optimised and relevant content on a regular basis. Rather than struggle, enjoy the advantages of niche marketing by using Textbroker for your niche content needs. We offer fresh, unique, tailor-made content which can be easily ordered via our platform. Register with us today. Registration is free, and you can access thousands of freelance authors directly, all at fair prices. Now you know how to find profitable niche keywords, you can add these to your briefing and dictate how frequently you want them used. If you commission Textbroker to provide regular content, you can reap the rewards of a niche marketing strategy and enjoy long-term, passive revenue. Now all you have to do is find your niche!

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