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Obtain Direct Order Clients: Three Sure-Fire Steps

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Any author who has been writing for a significant amount of time can recall when they first received an email stating “Congratulations! You have impressed client 12345…”. Most of us experienced a mixture of enthusiasm and trepidation in regards to what came next. In truth, this was perfectly natural and such sentiments highlight that we care about how our work (and Textbroker itself) is perceived by the general public. Those of us who are full-time authors tend to rely upon Direct Orders as a significant portion of our workload. However, even part-time writers should be able to obtain these sought-after requests. The trick is knowing how to initially obtain a Direct Order and perhaps more importantly, how to achieve the loyalty of such a client from a long-term perspective. Let us look at three successful methods which can be employed by authors of all levels.

Step One: A Question of Volume

Statistics have shown that websites involved with media or publishing are associated with conversion rates of approximately ten per cent. From the perspective of Textbroker, this essentially signifies that one out of every ten visitors will request our services. How does this impact the writer?

First and foremost, we must appreciate that clients are becoming more demanding (and rightfully so) than ever before. The fact that they chose Textbroker for their requirements signifies that they are obviously concerned with content and turnaround time. This needs to translate directly to the author in question. We are speaking about much more than the quality of the text written. In this respect, we are referring to quantity. Let’s assume for a moment that one out of ten visitors leverages the talents within Textbroker for their needs. The fact of the matter is that the majority of these clients might not need a repeat text. Their order could simply represent a one-off request; leading to a single interaction. This is when the power of numbers comes into play.

Even the most skilled dart players will not score a bullseye every time. Now, imagine that a competitor was provided with 20 darts as opposed to three. His or her chances would obviously rise. This concept should be adopted by every author who wishes to secure more direct orders. It is a question of volume as opposed to quality alone. Those who are able to produce a greater number of texts per week are at a statistical advantage, as the chances are higher that one or more of those clients will request a follow-up text in the form of a Direct Order. Volume could very well equate to victory.

Step Two: Following Up After a One-Off Order

Were you ever impressed and even slightly taken aback by a service provider who went out of his or her way to personally thank you for your patronage? This is perfectly reasonable, as we live in a world increasingly defined by rather anonymous services. After all, how often are you thanked after you download a new smartphone application? Have you even been sent a grateful message immediately following a payment to a utility provider? It is an unfortunate fact that the content mill community can sometimes fail to take into account the power of communication. This is where a bit of personality comes into play.

Those who have been satisfied with Textbroker are more likely to refer to the aptitude of an individual author as opposed to the branding or the loading speed of the website. We are all aware that we are required to remain anonymous when dealing with clients (barring the information contained within our author profiles). However, by no means should this signify that we cannot adopt a cordial and accommodating approach with new customers.

If you are rated highly on a specific article, always make it a point to thank the client (particularly if you have not dealt with them previously). Should you be rated poorly, send them a courteous message thanking them for their candour and stating that you will be more than happy to work with them in the future if they can provide further suggestions. The only instances when this might not be the case are outlined in this previous blog post.

A final unorthodox tactic is to make it a point to write to your most prolific clients before major holidays such as Easter and (particularly) before the end of the year. Thank them for providing you with the opportunity to work with them and send warm wishes. Not only will this serve to separate you from the masses, but even the shortest of messages could very well lead to a Direct Order in the near future. Why not spend ten seconds writing a quick message if it might secure you steady work? A bit of effort can go a long way.

Step Three: The Early Bird Gets the (Content) Worm

There are several factors which serve to separate a stellar writer from one who will remain in the doldrums of relative obscurity. Most who are asked to identify such traits would highlight metrics including:

  • Quality writing and grammar.
  • The ability to handle numerous disparate subjects.
  • A working knowledge of HTML.
  • The capability to adapt tonality and syntax depending upon the context of the article.

However, there is another factor to address here. Let’s imagine that two authors produce quality content that adheres to all of the factors mentioned above. One required four days (the time allotted by the client) to complete the piece while the other was able to produce a turnaround time of less than 24 hours. Which author is more likely to be chosen for future projects?

Clients love authors who are able to offer up a text well before its due date. This is particularly the case with larger customers who may require a great deal of content to be written within a stringent time frame. One Open Order could quickly lead to a plethora of Direct Orders within a short period of time; quite advantageous if you are hoping to leverage the power of Textbroker towards a full-time position.

A word of caution still needs to be mentioned here. Quality should never be sacrificed for the sake of speed. Simply because a writer can claim that he or she is “prolific” does not necessarily signify that texts warranting distinction are being produced. Achieving this balance takes time, patience and a willingness to commit to a project for as long as it may take.

A Dynasty of Direct Orders?

You might be surprised to learn that many full-time Textbroker authors primarily rely upon a combination of Direct Orders and Team Orders. However, these suggestions are all great ways to avoid the fickle nature of Open Orders. Direct Orders rarely fall out of the digital sky and developing a reliable repository of these gems will take time. The end result will be the enviable ability to develop long-standing relationships with loyal clients; a benefit to yourself as well as to Textbroker as a whole. If you would like to learn more author-centred tips and tricks, be sure to check back regularly at our Expert Centre.


About our author

Ron first arrived in Barcelona, Spain in 2007. Although initially pursuing a career in wealth management and finance, he learned that the content writing community provided the highest level of personal satisfaction while still being able to personally help clients. He has been a full-time professional writer since 2011. Some of his other interests include martial arts and bodybuilding.


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