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Why Taking on Content Lower Than Your Level Could be a Great Decision

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While authors are creative and resourceful by their very nature, they can also suffer from the burden of pride from time to time. Most of us have fallen victim to this emotion and unfortunately, it can often cause more harm than good. One shining example which is completely relevant to this discussion is the presence of levels within the Textbroker Open Order category. Authors rated at Level 5 may not be willing to take on Level 4 articles and Level 4 writers could be hesitant to write a piece rated at a Level 3. However, the fact of the matter is that such pride is often misplaced. Let’s take a closer look.

The Myth of Lowering Our Standards

High-quality writers who produce prolific content should rightfully be proud of their hard work. However, this sense of accomplishment can sometimes transform into a feeling that we are “lowering ourselves” if forced to generate pieces which do not reflect our grammatical aptitude. This can quickly lead to authors suffering from a lack of work if there are no orders at their present status. The fact of the matter is that accepting a lower level content assignment is not only a great way to hone our skills, but it also enables us to broaden our horizons with topics that may not otherwise be available. Still, there are even more important considerations to keep in mind.

Building Relationships from the Ground Up

Many successful Textbroker authors will attest to the fact that at least a portion of their clients were initially obtained through orders at a lower level. The reasons behind this observation are simple:

  • Customers who order work at a certain level are pleasantly surprised with the content submitted by an upper-tier author.
  • These individuals are much more likely to request the services of this author via a Direct Order in the future.

This second point is extremely important, for it is much better to rely upon direct Orders as opposed to following the sometimes fickle nature of the Open Order environment. In other words, accepting low-level content could very well be the key to your long-term success.

Pragmatism Versus Idealism

Of course, some would still argue that they earn less with lower level content. We should never forget that writing is just as much about building long-term relationships as it involves income alone.

For more information on Direct Orders, see the information here.

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