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Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

What does content marketing in 2022 have in store? While this question has been asked by countless professionals, the answers are sometimes less than apparent. Still, the world of digital PR waits for no one. This is why the team at Textbroker has summarised the changes that we can expect to take place in the coming year.

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

– Mr. Craig Davis, Chief Creative Officer at J. Walter Thompson

Unless you have been living beneath a rock, it would be redundant to observe that 2021 represented a challenging year in countless ways. Not only did the global pandemic monopolise online news stories, but countless businesses were forced to adapt to a solely digital presence. Therefore, the notion of content marketing took centre stage.

2022 has now dawned, and although there is some sense of normalcy, the same cannot be said in regard to the latest trends in content marketing.

To be absolutely clear, the primary intentions of content marketing have not changed. This article highlights the three core tenets:

  • To imbue a product or service with a superior sense of value.
  • To reach a new target audience.
  • To ensure brand loyalty over time.

However, what has changed involves the ways in which these goals will be achieved. Let’s cut through the fluff and take a closer look at what we can expect from content marketing in 2022 and beyond.

You Are What You EAT

Of course, we are referring to the famous Google EAT algorithm in this sense. EAT is an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. These are three of the most crucial factors which decide how a website will be ranked.

The only issue is that EAT cannot be measured with standard tools such as Google Analytics. This is why marketing experts will have to place an even greater emphasis upon creating quality content and appreciating end-user feedback. We are not simply referring to well-written articles in this sense. Infographics, video presentations and similar interactive elements should all come into play.

The Role of User Intent

In terms of digital marketing trends in 2022 that may be game-changers, user intent is slated to enjoy the lion’s share of importance. What is the actual purpose of an online search? How can this intent be leveraged in order to better connect with potential customers? Not only is it important to appreciate what people are looking for, but understanding why is just as pivotal.

Unfortunately, some marketing professionals are still overly focused upon more traditional SEO techniques such as keyword saturation alone. Although this may help to improve SERP rankings, it will hardly clarify the intent of the search itself. Current trends in content marketing will therefore centre around real-time search insights, competitive research and the customer journey.

Be Prepared to Spend More to Earn More

The recent global health crisis has highlighted an undeniable fact: more consumers are turning to the online community than ever before. If and when the pandemic subsides, the fact of the matter is that this habit will remain firmly in place. Businesses will have to invest even more time and money if they hope to adopt sound marketing strategies.

A study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute found that an impressive 66 per cent of all marketing executives expect their budgets to increase throughout 2022. Core areas of investment include media, real-time customer interactions and the increasing role of artificial intelligence (AI). This brings us to yet another important point in terms of content marketing in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing

Perhaps one of the more interesting trends in content marketing involves the presence of artificial intelligence. To be clear, we are not referring to “bots” taking over the world and replacing genuinely organic experiences. Instead, AI will be used to augment how customers are targeted and the means by which products are presented. Here are some benefits of this approach:

  • Chatbots can be employed to interact with users.
  • Big data can be analysed in a fraction of the time that would have otherwise been required.
  • Newsfeeds can be customised in accordance with marketing algorithms.

These approaches will ultimately result in a more streamlined end-user experience. As artificial intelligence applications become commonplace, AI should become one of the most dominant digital marketing trends of 2022.

The Evolution of Long-Form Content

It has often been said that brevity is the soul of wit within the world of online marketing. However, this is not always true. Consumers have begun to value a piece of content in relation to its length (and, therefore, to the amount of information being presented).

This involves much more than the end-user experience alone. Did you know that written content between 3,000 and 10,000 words may be able to generate up to five domain referrals per article? This is crucial in terms of link building, and quality outbound links will ensure even more online exposure.

The Synergy of Storytelling and Modernised Content Creation

Yet another digital marketing trend in 2022 is not entirely new. We have known for some time that the ability to captivate an audience is one of the keys to long-term success. This is why (once again) storytelling is slated to take centre stage in the coming months. Still, a caveat needs to be highlighted.

As mentioned previously, the role of AI is becoming more prevalent in terms of content creation. Some feel that this will ultimately sacrifice the personalised nature of well-written material. Such an observation is not entirely untrue. This is why it is a good idea to hire professional writers who can work in conjunction with modern tech as opposed to being afraid of its influence.

The Shift Towards Account-Based Marketing

Most experts will forgive you if this term seems unfamiliar, as it is rather new. Account-based marketing (or ABM) is another way of describing a seamless collaboration between sales and marketing teams. In other words, the buyer journey should not be interrupted due to a lack of in-house communication. Let’s use an example to highlight this point.

Imagine that you have read an article describing a new type of protein supplement. You decide to contact the supplier for more details. When speaking with a real-world representative, the information provided does not match the material found within the article. If your goal is to lose a sale, you are definitely on the right track.

Account-based marketing ensures that the written content and the subsequent buyer journey are fully integrated so that no stone is left unturned. Sales and advertising professionals must therefore develop clear and transparent relationships. This ensures that the content is on par with what buyers expect from your company.

The All-Present Eye of Social Media

Social media marketing has been an extremely potent tool to connect with your target audience. This is an undeniable fact, and naturally, content marketing in 2022 will rely heavily upon platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Perhaps the most well-known benefit of this approach involves your ability to organically connect with individual users.

However, we also need to remember the real-time nature of social media outlets. You will be able to appreciate how a specific piece of content resonates with the end-user. You can also determine the impacts of an ongoing campaign with foresight as opposed to hindsight. Once again, statistics don’t lie. Research performed by GlobalWebIndex found that 54 per cent of all social media users employ these platforms to research products before finalising a purchase.

Keeping One Step Ahead of the Latest Trends in Content Marketing

We have now taken a look at a handful of digital marketing trends in 2022. So, what actions can be taken to guarantee that you are on the right side of the proverbial fence? It pays to take a quick look at some sure-fire tips.

1. Develop a “dream” customer identity

What type of consumer represents the ideal personality profile? What are their interests, what type of material resonates with their desires, and how can you build a mutual rapport? Answering these questions will require insight and (most likely) the use of tools such as Google Analytics. You can then begin to curate content that reverberates with their tastes.

2. Follow the entire customer journey

It is rare that a single piece of well-written content will generate interest to the point of an actual sale. This is why the art of content creation involves the entire customer lifecycle. How long do visitors interact with certain pages? What products seem to be the most popular? Has a single post gained a massive amount of attention?

These and similar questions will provide you with the insight required to generate quality content that fosters higher levels of engagement. You can likewise identify any opportunities to create an even more memorable end-user experience.

3. Take advantage of blogging platforms

Some companies have shied away from blogging due to the misconception that it is not as “professional” as information found within a website. On the contrary, blogging is one of the best ways to connect with an audience in a more organic and laid-back scenario. You can still provide all of the most important information in order to generate interest and further engagement.

Having said this, the platform chosen will depend upon your niche market and the type of materials being presented. This is why LinkedIn is often selected when catering to the professional community and why portals such as Facebook may be preferred for more personalised forms of communication.

4. Grab the attention of the visitor from the beginning

If a picture speaks 1,000 words, then a title sums up these words with a single phrase. Creating an eye-catching title can often dictate ultimate success or failure. Here are the so-called “four U’s” of a catchy headline:

  • Usefulness
  • Uniqueness
  • Ultra-personalised (how it addresses the customer)
  • Urgency (the type of action it promotes)

Content marketing in 2022 will partially revolve around these principles, so be sure to take them into account when creating a memorable headline.

5. Take a closer look at your competitors

Believe it or not, it is possible to find a great deal of inspiration by examining what your competitors are up to. You will be able to appreciate which strategies have been successful as well as any past failures. This can often be used as a litmus test before devoting time, effort and money to a new content marketing campaign.

Take a moment or two to analyse the businesses within your niche sector. How do they rank in relation to your website? What keywords do they employ? What have they done well, and is there any room for improvement? These and similar questions can be addressed by using powerful competitor analysis tools such as SEMrush, SpyFu, WooRank, and Quick Search.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2022: Crushing Your Previous Goals

We can see that content marketing in 2022 is not without its fair share of challenges. However, there are also plenty of ways in which to take success to the next level. As this field is now heavily focusing upon the end-user experience while still taking advantage of the latest technology, finding a healthy balance between both represents the key to success. The good news is that (as always) the team at Textbroker has remained well ahead of the latest trends in content marketing. Let’s hope that 2022 proves to be a brighter and more productive year for everyone involved!

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