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How to Buy E-Book Content

What strategies immediately come to mind when discussing online marketing? Common techniques such as search engine optimisation (SEO), website management, the creation of high-quality written content, and the use of proper HTML tags are all reasonable responses. Still, there are plenty of other techniques which can yield powerful results if approached in the correct manner. Here, we take a look at the effectiveness and sheer versatility of e-books in order to highlight yet another tool at your disposal.

Although e-books are often associated with the digital age, you might be surprised to learn that the first manuscript was published as far back as 1971. Consisting of an abridged version of the United States Declaration of Independence, this project was more of an experiment than a practical resource for the average individual. It would take another (roughly) 30 years for e-books to enter our everyday lexicon.

In order to wrap our heads around why e-books are great ways to market your unique product or service, we’ll need to take a look at a handful of concepts. What is the main purpose of an e-book? How do e-books differ from other content formats? How can you create an e-book from scratch with little experience? Perhaps most importantly, why is Textbroker your go-to source when nothing but the best will suffice?

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Reasons to consider an e-book

First of all, what exactly is an e-book? Encyclopedia Britannica defines an e-book (or electronic book) as a file containing a body of text and/or images that can be accessed by digital devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones.

So, what differentiates an e-book from any other type of content, such as a product summary or a white paper? Most experts will cite that e-books are generally longer and discuss topics in much greater detail. In other words, a promotion can be equated to a handheld pamphlet, while an e-book would instead be associated with a novel or a comprehensive resource intended to diagnose a mechanical issue with your car.

Now that we have quickly examined the fundamentals and intentions of an e-book, here are the main reasons why this type of media has become so popular…

1. All about practicality

This article delves into e-books as a form of digital media content, touching on the notion of convenience. Arguably one of the most important qualities of an electronic book, megabytes of material be downloaded in a matter of seconds, and the content itself may be accessed by any number of portable devices. This is much more convenient than lugging around a 10-pound training manual while riding the London Underground.

2. The ability to explain in-depth content

There are many times when complicated material cannot be adequately explained through the use of standard marketing text or even a white paper. This is often the case when discussing subjects such as self-help, physical fitness, psychology, and even natural remedies; brevity may not always be the soul of wit.

E-books represent excellent ways to bridge the gap between what you are trying to say and the ability to resonate with your audience. Furthermore, this type of content shows that you have put a great deal of thought into its overall presentation, making it a surefire way to enhance brand perception.

3. A subtle form of marketing

This type of media can likewise represent a clever way to promote what it is that you have to offer. Online consumers have become slightly jaded with over-the-top marketing techniques and blatantly generic advertising campaigns. An e-book represents the “softer side” of advertising. After establishing your knowledge within a specific area, readers can be guided towards the solutions that your business provides. For example, an e-book discussing customer relationship management can contain several calls to action which encourage the end user to contact a representative or download a software bundle.

4. Budget-friendly options

In terms of sheer pragmatism, e-books are also considered beneficial for those governed by tight budgets. One-off production costs are minimal compared to other options, such as a website overhaul or a social media marketing campaign. Furthermore, creating and publishing an e-book is a rather straightforward process, and many businesses will not require the help of an expert to make them available. This enables you to produce high-quality content within an amenable time frame with a firm eye on ROI.

5. Pre-qualified leads

A final advantage of e-books involves how they can essentially “pre-qualify” an existing lead. Those who choose to download this type of media are likely to have already become interested in what you are offering. In the best-case scenario, the reader will then take some type of subsequent action (such as enquiring about the price of your services). In the worst-case scenario, you can still re-engage with your e-book readers later date in order to keep them informed of your latest offers. This is not always possible with other forms of advertising, such as automated emails and posts on social media.

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Top FAQs about e-books

1. Why use e-books to promote your products and services?

E-books imbue an additional level of credibility while targeting a specific demographic. They are relatively inexpensive to produce and distribute, simplifying the marketing process. E-books are often employed to present the author as an industry expert, helping to increase online exposure and cement future sales.

2. How long will it take to write an e-book?

The length of time required to complete an e-book will depend on several factors. Two critical variables are the length and the topic. Of course, those who need additional services, such as sourcing images or graphics, will need to consider these too.

3. What are the most popular e-book topics?

According to WriterWiki, hot contemporary topics include health and fitness, sustainability, how-to guides, self-help, and fiction. That said, there is always a market for unique ideas.

How to find professional e-book writers

So, now you know you want an e-book to help to take your business to the next level. But what if you don’t have the time or capacity to create this type of digital media? Are there any resources to leverage, and what advantages can each offer?

1. Outsource your e-book directly to a freelancer

As you might have imagined, the concept of the “starving artist” is still very much alive and well in this day and age. The only major difference is that these creative individuals now happen to be located within the digital domain. So, there is little doubt that you will be able to come across a writer who has experience with e-books.

One of the main advantages when working with a dedicated freelancer is that you can cultivate a one-on-one relationship. They will therefore be able to appreciate your main goals as well as factors such as tone of voice. In many cases, the freelancer and the client will spend a significant amount of time speaking with one another so that there are no misunderstandings during the actual creation process. This provides an additional “hands-on” feel for the project itself.

There are some potential drawbacks. A freelancer might not possess the time to take on a larger project, and experience could come into play when dealing with niche subject matter. Some freelancers will also charge per page, and these rates can become quite high when dealing with a large volume of material. Additionally, it may be difficult to find vetted reviews from previous clients, leading to less-than-satisfying levels of professional transparency.

2. Work in tandem with an e-book writing platform

When outsourcing your content creation, you could choose to partner with a dedicated e-book platform. These tend to seem more flexible as you can be paired with an e-book author who boasts expertise in a specific field. Also, platforms will often provide more amenable pricing packages – a nice touch if you happen to be a starving artist yourself!

Still, not all platforms have been created equally. Communication could be limited if you have an urgent question, and the interactivity could be anonymous, with no key person available either via email or on the phone – research into their process is key.

3. Professional content creation agencies

A third possibility involves the use of a dedicated content creation agency. The main difference between an agency and an anonymous online platform is that agencies normally seek to establish a working rapport with their clients through concrete communication channels and a personalised approach to the task at hand. This is particularly relevant when discussing e-books, as the process itself may take weeks or even months to complete. While content creation agencies may charge more than freelancers and generic platforms, always remember that this is a small price to pay if you wish to realise your long-term dreams.

The benefits of working with the team at Textbroker

Originally founded in 2005, Textbroker has come to redefine the art and science of content creation. While our international agency is capable of completing more than 100,000 standalone articles per month, we also specialise in e-books. As part of the process, clients and authors can contact one another directly via a built-in messaging service, eliminating the middlemen that might otherwise impact turnaround times. Here are some additional reasons why Textbroker could represent the ideal solution when tackling an e-book from start to finish:

  • We can translate content into no fewer than 36 languages (and counting).
  • Customers can gain access to thousands of authors.
  • Completion times are based on your schedule.
  • We utilise the latest HTML and SEO techniques to ensure that your hard work obtains the exposure it deserves.
  • All material is vetted by a team of in-house experts to make sure the content and delivery are of the highest quality.
  • Choice of Self-Service or Managed Service, depending on your budget, each with its own communications channel.

In terms of creativity, pragmatism, and a personal touch, e-books deserve nothing but the best.

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