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How to Constructively Express Your Revision Requests

While Textbroker authors may appear as if they are able to perform content-related miracles from time to time, the fact of the matter is that they are just as human as you and I. Mistakes will occasionally be made and revision requests could ultimately be required on occasion. How should you construct these requests in order to get your point across and what mistakes should you avoid so that you will soon receive spot-on content? Let’s take a closer look at how this approach should be taken.

Clearly State What You Would Like Changed

Some clients are not entirely certain what they wish to be changed. Instead, they offer broad advice such as “please change the tone” or “I don’t like the structure of the piece”. Unfortunately, this provides the author with very little guidance. It is as if he or she is being asked to sail to a distant city without the use of a compass. Try to be as specific as possible and if necessary, copy and paste certain portions of the text into the revision request. This will give the writer an excellent reference point to begin the process.

Keeping Emotions Out of the Equation

There can be times when clients unwittingly place personal criticism into their revision requests. Let’s consider these two statements:

  • “Could you please include a bit more research within your conclusion?”
  • “I don’t like the conclusion at all. It is clear that you did not follow the instructions and that you are not up to the task. Please change this section or I will reject the article.”

While both of these are conveying the same request, the second one has taken on an assumptive and accusatory tone. As opposed to rectifying the article as per your desires, there are chances that the author will cancel the order entirely. Thus, the process will take much longer to complete.

Establishing Firm Relationships

Quality Textbroker authors always wish to establish long-lasting relationships with their clients. Surprisingly, this process can sometimes begin with a well-worded revision request. When the writer develops an ability to know what it is that you are looking for, much of the guesswork will be taken out of future projects. The end result is a quick turnaround that will satisfy even the most discriminating of requirements.

More information on good communication practices for clients can be gained in one of our earlier blog-posts titled 5 Ways to Get The Best Out of Your Writer.

About our author

Ron first arrived in Barcelona, Spain in 2007.  Although initially pursuing a career in wealth management and finance, he learned that the content writing community provided the highest level of personal satisfaction while still being able to personally help clients.  He has been a full-time professional writer since 2011.  Some of his other interests include martial arts and bodybuilding.

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