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New Service Offerings to better fit your Content budget and needs!

Dear Customer, we are aware that you have many challenges to overcome when planning your content. That’s why we at Textbroker have created a new service palette to make sure that we meet your every need.

Dear Customer, we are aware that you have many challenges to overcome when planning your Content. That’s why we at Textbroker have broadened our service palette to make sure that we meet your every budget and need.

As always, we offer our flexible Self-Service solution that caters to even the tightest budgets.

In addition, we offer a Proofreading Service which you can use for an additional 0.5 eurocents per word to make sure that your texts have been checked for spelling and grammar by our qualified authors. See the screenshot below to learn how to activate this feature:

With the new Self-Service Plus, we offer you tremendous added value with the following additional services: a kick-off call with one of our qualified project managers so we can understand straight from you what you are trying to achieve with your Content; assistance in creating your briefing document, so that the authors will understand your requirements clearly; and a one-time author team creation, giving you access to our knowledge of our authors. All this for a one-time set-up fee of €50 to €100 (depending on size and scope of project). This service level is great for the do-it-yourselfers who just need that little extra support from us to get started on their own.

With the new Self-Service Premium, in addition to everything you get with Self-Service Plus, we offer you 2 pilot runs of 3-5 texts so we can assist you in fine-tuning your briefings in order to work out all the kinks and get you exactly what you need. This way, you can have your optimised briefing document ready to go for hundreds of articles without having to deal with it again. After we show you how to do it optimally, you can repeat the process with all your future projects on your own. This service level is ideal for those who have large and important projects riding on the author briefings.

Our Basic Service Level Overview:

But additionally, time is money. Therefore, if you are also working on a tight time budget, Textbroker can take over some or all of your project management tasks while still maintaining our great prices.

With our Basic Managed-Service, you can rely on our experienced and dedicated staff to make sure that everything is done for you in a friendly, timely and expert manner. We will create your briefing based on your input; create and manage all author teams; run a compliancy check to make sure that the briefing has been adhered to with regards to structure, number of keywords and KW distribution; adhere to deadlines; and we also offer basic HTML formatting. This level of service is for demanding customers who do not have the time or the expertise to manage their projects themselves.

In addition, we also offer Translations as well as Advanced, Premium and Expert Managed-Services. As projects get larger, more complex and more sophisticated, you will perhaps need the level of attention that your project requires to rise accordingly, and we are more than happy to comply.

We are certain that we have the right offer to match all of your budgetary and qualitative Content needs! For more information on any of these services or to obtain a personalised proposal, please send us your enquiry here, or contact your Textbroker Representative at +44 1214 685 191.


Your Textbroker Team


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