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Why Outsource Your Website Copywriting?

Website copywriting is the process of creating written content for the World Wide Web. More specifically, it involves creating web content for the purposes of marketing or advertising. This content could be designed to persuade visitors to register for an account or make a purchase. It could also form part of a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy or even be used to build brand awareness by providing visitors with relevant information.

Regardless of the precise purpose behind copywriting, it is important to understand that content creation does not need to be handled in-house, as plenty of professional web copywriting services are available. In this article, we will explain why you should consider outsourcing your website copywriting and acquiring the services of a professional writer.

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What is website copywriting?

First, it is worth taking the time to understand precisely what website copywriting is and what a professional website copywriting service may be able to offer you. Copywriting is the process of writing text known as ‘copy’ for the purpose of marketing or advertising, while website copywriting involves creating this copy for the World Wide Web.

Therefore, a website copywriter is someone who specialises in the creation of written content intended for use on websites. This type of content is often created to expand brand awareness or persuade website visitors to perform specific actions, such as signing up for a newsletter, registering for an account or making a purchase.

Website copy can also serve a number of secondary purposes, such as providing information and educating or entertaining website visitors. Quality copywriting can attract an audience that will reliably return to the website again in the future. Copy can be used for creating landing pages, product pages, business information pages, account sign-up pages and even blog posts.

Reasons to outsource website copywriting

There are many reasons why it may be sensible to outsource copywriting responsibilities to a professional website content writer or a team of copywriters. In the sections below, we will explore some of the most significant reasons.

1. Time-savings

From a practical perspective, outsourcing copywriting will save you a significant amount of time, which you can then spend on other tasks. Manually creating all website copy yourself is an extremely time-consuming process. Thus, it is far from being the most efficient strategy, especially when you have the option to outsource content creation to multiple writers at once.

With this approach, you can provide copywriters with deadlines or a schedule to stick to. Then you can receive new content as and when you need it. This method will work regardless of whether you have short-term needs — like landing pages for sales funnels — or long-term needs, such as monthly newsletters or regular SEO-optimised blog posts.

2. Copywriting expertise

Website copywriting professionals specialise in the discipline of website text writing, which can differ from the ways that other written content is typically created. For instance, they will know how to structure the content and write an engaging call to action. They can also help make promotional content seem more trustworthy and utilise SEO techniques to boost exposure.

Knowledge of SEO and marketing techniques like link building can be especially valuable at a time when more than half of all website traffic originates from organic search. By contrast, according to statistics compiled by Search Engine Journal, just 15 per cent of trackable web traffic originates from paid search engine advertising.

3. Cost-effectiveness

It should also be noted that outsourcing your website copywriting can be a far more cost-effective approach than trying to handle all of the content creation in-house. After all, internal employees require training, an hourly wage, employee benefits and more. On the other hand, when you outsource the work, you are only paying third-party content creators for the work itself.

Professional copywriters may charge for their work in different ways. For instance, some may charge based on the number of hours they work on a project, whereas the service offered by Textbroker allows clients to pay by the word. Either way, the eventual costs will likely be far less than paying in-house employees to handle your copywriting tasks.

4. Fresh content

‘Content is King’ has been a popular motto for marketing professionals and website owners since Bill Gates used the phrase in a 1996 essay. Creating fresh content is the main way that websites can keep visitors coming back, and it can also be integral to any worthwhile search engine marketing strategy.

Outsourcing copywriting can help ensure you have a steady stream of new, high-quality content to add to your website or blog. This content can include strategically chosen keywords and phrases. It can also be used as part of a link-building strategy to help your website or online blog be seen as a high-authority source.

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Where can you buy website copywriting services?

For those seeking to buy website copywriting services, there are four main approaches to explore:

1. Freelance copywriters

The first option available to website owners and marketers looking to pay for professional website copywriting services is to work directly with freelance writers. The main benefit of this approach is the fact that it is a direct exchange, with the freelancer charging for the services they provide and the client paying for those services.

As there are no commission fees being taken by agencies and no need to deal with anyone other than the writer, freelance copywriters are often able to charge lower prices than the alternatives. With that being said, there are also limitations, such as a lack of guarantees about the quality of the writers. Moreover, individual writers are likely to have a limited capacity to create content, which may not be suitable when a large amount of content is needed quickly.

2. Copywriting agencies

Copywriting agencies will typically have a number of professional copywriters on their books and can work with clients to link the right writer to the right job. Once this relationship has been established, many of the benefits of working with freelance writers will still apply, and there are additional guarantees regarding quality.

For example, agencies will only utilise competent writers with proven track records, and they are also able to settle any disputes that may arise between clients and content creators. With that said, there is often a need to deal with other agency staff during the early stages, and the agency itself will likely charge a commission fee.

3. Content creation platforms

A great alternative to the aforementioned options is to turn to a dedicated platform for content creation, like Textbroker. These specialised platforms bring freelance writers and clients together by allowing clients to post jobs and letting freelance writers apply and accept those job offers. Payment is typically handled on a per-word basis, and the freelance writers using the platform are required to apply, pass tests, and maintain quality standards within their work.

Clients will have access to a large pool of writers with different areas of expertise, and this can be particularly advantageous when regular content is needed, such as social media or blog posts. Writing services are scalable, time limits on content creation can be imposed, and there will usually be an option to communicate with the writers.

4. In-house copywriting

Finally, those with website copywriting needs also have the option of handling content creation in-house. This method will likely be the most expensive option, as it will require the establishment of a relevant department, investment in the technology required, and the employment of professional writers and editors.

There are some advantages to this approach, however. Firstly, there is a direct line of communication, and writers can be held fully accountable for the quality of work they produce. All writers can also be taught to follow an in-house style guide, meaning there is likely to be greater consistency in the work that is produced.

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Why use Textbroker for website copywriting?

Textbroker is a content platform that brings clients and high-quality writers together so that you can acquire the kind of dependable, professional website copywriting service you need. All authors using the Textbroker platform are required to pass an initial writing test, and their performance is continually monitored. This allows clients to set a minimum standard for open orders, while it is also possible to send direct orders to specific writers.

Additionally, the Textbroker platform provides the following benefits for those seeking copywriting services:

  • No fixed costs, as orders are paid for by the word.
  • Options to filter writers by skill, knowledge and expertise.
  • Support for 36 languages with unique orders and all languages for translation projects.
  • Automatic duplicate content and plagiarism detection.
  • Scalability, allowing small and large projects to be handled easily.

More than 80,000 customers worldwide utilise Textbroker for their content creation needs, and many of these customers use the platform to source high-quality website copy from professional writers — all at an affordable price. Why not sign up today and see how Textbroker can deliver for you and your website?

Website Copywriting FAQ

What makes good website content?

As well as being clear and concise, good website content needs to serve a clear purpose. Visitors should be able to find the information that they need quickly, and the web copy should convince them to perform some type an action. The very best web content is always optimised for search engine marketing and accessible to mobile users.

Do copywriters design websites?

Copywriters do not design website layouts, but many designers will plan the layout of a website around its written content. Copywriters create the written words that appear on web pages. The text then needs to be positioned on a page so that it is easy to read and understand. In this sense, copywriting and web design go hand-in-hand.

Is SEO the same as copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of creating promotional content for a website, whereas SEO refers to a specific discipline designed to maximise the organic visibility of a website in SERPs. While SEO techniques can play a key part in website copywriting, the two concepts are distinct from one another.

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