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How to Buy a Wikipedia Article

Were you aware that Wikipedia receives more than 255 million visitors each and every day? This site is currently home to over 56 million individual entries, and more are being created on a regular basis. This is due in large part to the open-source nature of Wikipedia. Likewise, users can modify existing content when warranted, providing a unique “hands-on” quality that is hardly possible with more traditional websites.

Of course, this flexible nature has given rise to some rather unique entries. From a detailed history of the congratulatory “high five” to a comprehensive list of animals with fraudulent university diplomas, there are very few topics that Wikipedia does not cover. It, therefore, stands to reason that it is currently ranked as the second-most popular site on the planet in terms of monthly search traffic. How could this relate to your business, and why might it be a great idea to have a Wikipedia entry created sooner as opposed to later?

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Why might businesses choose to buy a Wikipedia article?

We have already begun to appreciate the sheer scope of Wikipedia. Although many of us refer to this portal when well-researched information is needed, it actually represents much more. Wikipedia provides an excellent means to gain additional exposure while simultaneously highlighting the products and/or services that a business has to offer. This is why opting to have a Wikipedia entry written is one of the latest ways to provide additional clout to a budding enterprise. What other advantages can this strategy provide?

1. Wikipedia articles lend credibility to a business

One of the primary benefits of having a Wikipedia article written involves the authoritative nature of the site itself. As entries are presented in an objective format, they serve to reinforce the strengths of a business without being flavoured by sales pitches that will often fall upon deaf ears. Indeed, Wikipedia strictly prohibits any form of passive advertising. This objective approach helps to cement a brand identity while providing a unique sense of transparency.

2. Choosing to buy a Wikipedia entry will augment online exposure

As this previous Textbroker article highlights, one of the main goals of search engine optimisation (SEO) is to ensure a robust return on investment. This is another way of stating that any funds devoted to an advertising campaign should be offset by the amount of profit that is subsequently generated. The only issue here is that traditional forms of digital marketing can place a fair amount of strain on a tight budget.

Thankfully, Wikipedia entry creation costs are extremely low when compared to more complicated campaigns, such as pay-per-click advertising or bespoke website creation. Therefore, outsourcing such articles to professional writers is a great way to ensure that your funds are not being squandered on strategies that fail to garner the desired level of visibility.

3. These articles are powerful B2B marketing tools

The ability to buy a Wikipedia article also makes sense from a B2B point of view. These types of sales campaigns provide a unique form of professional branding that might otherwise be challenging to achieve within other circles, such as social media communities. As authoritative hyperlinks can be embedded within the text itself, Wikipedia entries serve as a means to become associated with other trustworthy pages, such as industry-related articles.

How do you buy a Wikipedia entry without wasting time and money?

Up until this point, it appears as if Wikipedia entries are a dream come true in terms of increasing your exposure and credibility. If this is the case, why have many businesses failed to capitalise upon such potential? One common reason involves the markup coding that is involved (this is sometimes referred to as “Wikitext“). Writers need to possess at least a basic knowledge of this language in order to ensure that the material is presented correctly to the reader. Another issue involves the quality of the writing itself. Wiki editors are rather strict in terms of what is considered acceptable. Here are some common error messages that may be encountered during the creation process:

  • Entries requiring citations
  • Redundant information
  • A conflict of interest
  • Accuracy disputes
  • The frustratingly general “this article needs to be cleaned up” phrase

It is, therefore, much better to have a Wikipedia entry written by an individual or firm that is already familiar with the formatting process. So, what parameters will you need to consider in advance?

1. Understand the content creation guidelines

Current regulations stipulate that Wikipedia writers must have already completed at least ten previous editing tasks before they are considered a reputable source. Furthermore, users will have to register for a free account in order to post a new entry. It is now clear to see why many businesses prefer to have a Wikipedia article created by a professional. Feel free to take a look at their official content policy page to further appreciate submission standards.

2. Consider the length and scope of the article

How long an article should be and what type of information is presented are additional metrics to consider. Similar to existing marketing principles, an overly verbose entry may fail to engage with the reader, while extremely terse material might not sufficiently describe what your business has to offer. Be sure to address these parameters well in advance.

3. Identify the type of audience you wish to address

Remember that Wikipedia articles primarily serve as a source of information. Your ultimate goal should be to target as large of an audience as possible while adhering to current guidelines. Quality content is not the only concern in this case. On the contrary, the article will require an appreciable number of credible links to guarantee that it generates interest. For instance, a firm specialising in commercial solar panel installations may choose to reference the rise in energy costs and the impacts of climate change by citing scholarly sources. The bottom line is that authoritative entries result in higher clickthrough rates.

These are some of the main points to analyse before you choose to buy a Wikipedia article. Providing such details to the writer will vastly streamline the entire process. This leads us to the next main question. Where can you encounter the most targeted services?

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Where can you find quality Wikipedia writers?

We can now see that a business listing on Wikipedia involves a bit more than simply entering text into a template. Instead, it requires a fair amount of preparation and an appreciation of their publication guidelines. Choosing to have Wikipedia articles created with the help of a professional is, therefore, a wise alternative. So, where can these vaunted authors be found?

1. Online writing forums

This is certainly an avenue to explore when we consider the sheer number of available writers. As well as meeting different content creators, forums are also great ways to better understand the state of the marketplace. However, it is always wise to ask for previously vetted examples of the work that they have produced. There can be times when the finished product is far from what was originally promised. In other scenarios, the author could simply ask for an up-front payment before disappearing into the digital mist. Forums are worthwhile tools, but take caution when committing yourself to any type of informal arrangement.

2. Dedicated freelancers

Some freelancers specialise in the creation of Wikipedia entries. One advantage here is that they are already familiar with the markup language and the technical guidelines. Freelancers can also charge amenable rates if you are keeping a close eye on your budget. The only potential issue is that these writers might not boast the knowledge base required when presenting more technical subjects to the reader. Even if you choose the buy a Wikipedia article, the content could miss the mark entirely.

3. Professional content creation firms

There are many grounds for purchasing quality blog content from third-party firms. These are not just relevant when discussing Wikipedia entries. Examples include (but are not limited to) the ability to work in tandem with trained professionals, transparent contractual arrangements and if you happen to have a question along the way, robust customer support solutions.

Furthermore, it is possible to choose from a wide range of trustworthy content creation specialists. This type of latitude will enable you to encounter the most targeted solutions for your unique needs.

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Why use Textbroker for outsourcing Wikipedia articles?

What are some of the reasons why countless businesses have chosen to buy Wikipedia articles with the help of the Textbroker platform? One common factor involves the second-to-none level of experience that our authors possess. In fact, some are entirely dedicated to the production of these unique texts. Here are additional benefits to consider:

  • Expect predictable turnaround times in accordance with your schedule.
  • Get access to writers who possess in-depth knowledge of discrete subjects.
  • Enjoy bulk ordering possibilities when creating multiple Wikipedia pages.
  • The cost per article is determined by the number of words as opposed to a flat rate.
  • The ability to curate Wikipedia pages in three dozen languages.
  • All articles will be scrutinised by a trained team of editors before they are released to the client.

If you wish to have a Wikipedia article written without the hassle, it is clear that Textbroker will rise to the occasion.

Buy Wikipedia article FAQ

Why Wikipedia?

According to recent search engine statistics provided by Ahrefs, Wikipedia is the second-most visited website domain in the world. Therefore, businesses that hope to augment their online exposure while reinforcing their brand identity should include this portal as a portion of a larger digital marketing strategy.

Who reviews Wikipedia articles?

Wikipedia is known as a “moderated meritocracy”. In other words, those with ongoing editing experience are free to review new and existing articles. Wikipedia supplements these peer reviews with algorithms that help to determine whether any markup changes may be warranted.

Who can write Wikipedia articles?

The good news is that anyone can create Wikipedia articles. However, we should remember that publishing a piece from scratch will first require that the individual has already demonstrated their editing capabilities.

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