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How to Buy Specialist Texts

Specialisation is a rather overused term in this day and age. For example, you have likely heard phrases related to a “customer support specialist”, a “sales relations specialist”, or even a “specialised nail technician”. The problem here is that the concept itself has become watered down to the point where we aren’t exactly certain what it involves. This is just as relevant when addressing specialised content creation for online marketing purposes.

So, why is specialisation critical? Part of the issue involves the sheer amount of generic content that we are inundated with on a daily basis. Believe it or not, the psychological term for this condition is known as “habituation“. When repeatedly exposed to a stimulus (such as a certain advertising slogan), our minds will adapt to the point when the effort is less noticeable over time. This is obviously an issue for those who wish to tout the benefits of a product or service that they happen to be offering. Simply stated, generic no longer cuts the proverbial mustard.

Specialised texts are meant to stand out from the crowd. They have been created to grab the attention of the reader and to elicit a certain response (such as asking for additional information or confirming a purchase). Still, we are only scratching the surface in terms of why this targeted approach can work wonders for your online presence. Let’s delve a bit deeper…

What are specialised texts?

In order to appreciate the impact that this type of written material can have upon the reader, it’s only logical to define specialised texts in relation to the parameters of content creation. We will begin by pulling two tangible examples from the Expert Centre at Textbroker.

Many of our blog posts are meant to guide clients through veritable labyrinths of content creation. A sizeable portion of these revolves around general concepts such as the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) and how branding will impact the perception of a company. However, others are much more targeted and technical.

One example can be seen in a recent article that referenced how the Google EEAT algorithm should be used to gain additional online exposure and increase your SERP rankings. In other words, this post assumes that the reader possesses at least a basic level of experience and is not averse to more engrossing material.

We can reinforce the observations above by using a fictional real-world example. Imagine for a moment that you are a budding artist and wish to replicate the Mona Lisa as accurately as possible. In most cases, you will begin with the “broad” strokes (such as the outline of her figure and general background elements). You can then move on to the finer points, including how certain areas are shaded, the discrete use of colour and her decidedly enigmatic expression.

Even if you seem to have perfected the overall imagery, failing to address the minute characteristics of our Mona will not capture the image itself. You would instead be left with a “Moira Lisa” or a “Ramona Lisa”. This very same scenario can be applied to the curation of specialist texts. The level of detail that is required far surpasses run-of-the-mill content.

As should be expected, some businesses and industries are naturally more specialised than others. The following sectors tend to require material that is highly descriptive:

  • Finance
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Website development

Until this point, the subject of content specialisation seems rather straightforward. There is nonetheless much more than might initially meet the eye, and unfortunately, some businesses have yet to appreciate why this approach is resoundingly effective.

Reasons to create specialised texts for your products and services

Anyone who owns a vehicle will normally be able to address everyday problems such as low fuel, the need to add extra oil or a flat tyre. However, what if the dreaded “check engine” light is activated? A specialist mechanic will be required to diagnose the issue and to implement the proper solution (hopefully not costing you a proverbial arm and a leg). Content marketing is no different.

There are many reasons why it makes perfect sense to purchase a specialised text as opposed to creating it in-house. Some of these include:

  • A lack of technical expertise.
  • The need to focus on other core competencies of your business.
  • Content that must be produced on a frequent basis.
  • Internal resources that are unable to cope with regular, volume creation.

Now, some business owners might respond by claiming that their inherent knowledge base supersedes anything that a third-party agency can produce. A pivotal question always remains: is the time and effort required to create such specialised texts worth the end result in terms of return on investment (ROI)? A growing number of stakeholders feel otherwise, and for this reason alone, outsourcing represents an economically viable alternative.

Where to get quality specialised texts

Technical writing about any niche subject presents its own set of challenges. Some of the innumerable stumbling blocks include:

  • How to convey a complicated subject in a relatively simple fashion.
  • Knowing which demographic to target.
  • Utilising industry-relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Formatting the post in a visually appealing manner.
  • Where, when and how to include calls to action (CTAs).

As if all of these pitfalls are not daunting in and of themselves, what about the reader? How can you keep them engaged when trudging through what might otherwise appear to be a complex and even boring subject? Outside help will often address these issues, and you have a few options to consider.

1. Online agencies

We wouldn’t blame you for choosing a large-scale online writing agency when tackling a technically oriented text. There are indeed a number of benefits to appreciate. Content mills can often deal with larger projects or orders that may need to be repeated in the future. Some of the most reputable also work in synergy with dedicated marketing teams. This is an obvious advantage for those who are not entirely sure which demographic to target or how to promote their product. Finally, online agencies may be able to provide ancillary services such as graphic design and unique typography, enabling your specialised material to “pop” off of the page.

There are still some possible drawbacks to highlight. Larger online agencies are not particularly known for their ability to offer a personal touch due to the sheer number of clients. Some might instead focus solely on generic and popular topics as opposed to niche subject matter that requires the “kid gloves” possessed by an expert. Other options, such as choosing your own author or contacting them directly in the event of a problem, may not be available.

2. Freelancers

Another logical option is to take a dip into the world of freelance content creators. There are literally hundreds of thousands of writers to choose from, so the chances are high that you can find what you are looking for. Additionally, many freelancers boast unique technical skill sets and familiarity with the complicated subject matter. This is good news in terms of your specialised text. However, it once again pays to look at both sides of the coin.

A sizeable portion of freelancers do not provide their clients with any type of contract and still ask for an up-front payment before work commences. This can be rather awkward when dealing with a writer for the first time, and there’s no guarantee of delivery. Now, we are not saying that all freelancers should be avoided, as there are plenty of talented (and trustworthy) individuals out there. The term “buyer beware” is perhaps a more appropriate stance to take.

3. Content creation platforms

In terms of versatility, reliability and industry experience, content creation platforms could represent the most practical solution for specialist texts. As noted by the team at Global Banking & Finance Review, some unique advantages of this approach include:

  • One-on-one contact with the writer in question.
  • Flexible budgets.
  • Examples of previous work to demonstrate their acumen within a specific field.
  • The ability to access reviews of prior clients to build transparency and trust.

Finally, we should point out that content creation platforms generally wish to establish long-term relationships with customers, which ultimately leads to a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Why use Textbroker when outsourcing your specialised texts?

Creating a specialist text is often easier said than done. This is why working with the best in the business is the only realistic solution. You will therefore require a platform that goes above and beyond what is expected from other generic content mills. Experience, authoritativeness, targeted writing services, personalised communications, and superior levels of transparency are all paramount for success. In this sense, Textbroker rises to the occasion.

Founded in 2005, we are one of the oldest and largest content creation platforms in existence. We service tens of thousands of clients on a monthly basis, and an international pool of authors enables us to produce material in more than three dozen languages. In terms of the ability to generate specialist texts, here are some additional relevant points:

  • We can pair clients with writers who possess discrete knowledge about a specific subject or industry.
  • We embrace industry-recognised SEO techniques so that others will see your hard work.
  • Our writers employ the latest and most advanced HTML coding.
  • We can handle extremely large projects as well as smaller one-off tasks.
  • Customers are provided with firm turnaround times.
  • A team of highly trained editors will scrutinise all specialist texts before delivery to the client.
  • We never produce duplicate material, eliminating any copyright concerns that you may have.

Above all, our writers share a passion for the written word. Whether tasked with creating material intended to describe a new medical discovery or a white paper related to the latest KPIs in content marketing, technical proficiency is never taken for granted. Of course, the only real way to find out how we can help is to get in touch. Leave generic content at the door and realise the results of your efforts!

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