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Your Guide to Textbroker Revision Requests: How, Why and When?

“To err is human. To forgive, divine.”

– Alexander Pope

One of the many reasons why Textbroker has enjoyed so much success over the years involves the nearly unlimited capacity for its writers to tackle even the most challenging of subjects. However, we also need to remember that catering to the personal desires of clients is just as critical in order to produce the intended results. While this is normally not an issue, there can still be times when a text has not turned out exactly as you had hoped. A revision may be required. Our writers are more than happy to address such situations, and the subsequent results will generally be exactly to your liking. After all, it is not always easy to hit a bullseye with the first dart.

The main question, therefore, involves how to go about the revision process. When might a correction be warranted? Are there any times when an overly developed sense of perfection could actually harm a project? How do you assertively ask for a revision without confusing the author? Should you be worried about offending a Textbroker writer? These are all very important questions if you have been hoping to establish a productive long-term relationship with one of our experts. Let’s take a closer look.

How Does a Revision Request Work Within the Textbroker System?

Much like the order process itself, it is quite easy to request a revision. Assuming that you have placed a revision within the system, the author in question will be notified. He or she is then provided with a 24-hour time period to make any corrections that are required. Please note that this window begins as soon as the revision request is processed as opposed to when the author accepts the said request. If the author is unable to complete the revision within the allotted time frame, the order will be sent back to the client or to the pool of Open Orders (depending upon where it was initially placed). During this time, you can always message the author in order to further clarify the instructions. In the same respect, the writer can send across a message in the event that the requirements are not completely clear. This is why most revisions will be completed within an amenable time frame and with little uncertainty.

When Might a Revision be Needed?

There are some situations that can be effectively addressed with a revision. The most obvious include grammatical and phrasing errors such as:

  • Sentence fragments
  • Punctuation issues
  • Text that is too vague
  • The presence of “fluff” within the material
  • The incorrect tone of voice

However, these are quite rare when dealing with Textbroker authors; particularly those who possess a high rating and an impressive amount of experience in regards to a certain topic.

Revisions are much more likely to result from a simple miscommunication between the writer and the client. No one is to blame in this case, as the customer could be new to the system or unsure about how the content should be flavoured in order to achieve the most success. Here are some understandable scenarios that could justify a revision:

  • The addition of authoritative hyperlinks.
  • The presence of HTML tags.
  • A more in-depth description of the product or service in question.
  • The client forgot to mention a specific instruction or parameter.
  • The website or hyperlink contained within the original order instructions was incorrect.

Authors completely understand that the average customer leads quite a busy life (particularly those who are managing a full-time business). In other words, mistakes can and will happen from time to time. Textbroker is more than happy to address these minor content roadblocks.

How to Properly Structure a Revision Request

While you might have an extremely clear mental image of how the article is intended to be written, this is not always obvious to the author. Therefore, an in-depth explanation is much better than ill-defined and altogether vague demands. However, let’s also keep in mind that more is not necessarily desirable in this sense. After all, you might be governed by time constraints (as well as the author in question). This is why brevity tends to be the soul of wit. Here is an example of a lucid and concise revision request:

Please make these changes so that I can accept the text:

  • Could you use a third-person tone of voice?
  • Please modify the anchor text to include our company name.
  • Add HTML to the subheadings.
  • Might it be possible to remove the second paragraph and replace it with a more in-depth product description?

These instructions will provide the writer with a clear road map in order to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, it will help to avoid additional confusion and logistical issues if the article needs to be posted as soon as possible.

Too Much of a Good Thing? When Revisions Become Redundant

There can still be times when revisions will actually harm your ultimate goals. In order to appreciate this observation, it is important to take a step back and empathise with the writer. The average individual will require approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to create a 500-word piece of content (the equivalent of one page). Of course, Textbroker authors will normally require much less time due to their experience. This does not necessarily make the project any easier. Let’s take a look at a fictional example.

Imagine that you originally submitted an order and it was completed well ahead of schedule. However, you forgot to mention that HTML subtitles needed to be included. You, therefore, choose to request a revision. The revision will first be passed on to the writer in question. Envision for a moment that the author has a full workload and the request will not be completed until just before the 24-hour window has expired. Simply stated, you could very well wait another full day until the project is sent back.

This is a situation when it could be much more logical to simply add in the HTML yourself as opposed to dealing with the aforementioned revision logistics. Of course, be sure to use your own judgement in order to determine whether or not it makes more sense to perform any self-styled corrections. Please note that our authors will always try to complete your request as soon as possible regardless; particularly if you have developed a transparent working relationship over time.

Effective Communication Methods

How realistic is it to expect a doctor to diagnose an illness if you are unable to describe the symptoms? Would you ever take your vehicle to the mechanic if your instructions were nothing more than to have a look beneath the bonnet? In the same respect, you need to be quite clear with any revision requests in order for the author to provide a targeted solution. As an example, let’s take a quick look at these two requests which I have encountered in the past:

  • Please change the text. I don’t like the tone of the article.
  • Could you add a more personal tone and describe the product for the layman as opposed to the expert?

Which of these queries will produce the desired results? The first is nebulous at best and could be interpreted in a number of different ways. The second is much more elaborate, clear and to the point. Thus, lucid communications are key when changes need to be made within a short period of time.

Take a step back and ask yourself whether you would be able to understand the revision request. While our authors often appear as if they can pull off the impossible, the fact of the matter is that professional intuition can only go so far. Anything else is nothing more than speculation.

Assertive as Opposed to Aggressive

Kindness is a rare commodity in this day and age; particularly when referring to the online community. However, it is critical to embrace an assertive stance when speaking to a writer about a revision. Being overly curt or even brusque will normally result in nothing more than a breakdown in communications. Writers are not infallible, and if you order a significant volume of work on a regular basis, statistics dictate that a revision will be required sooner or later. This is when attitude can make all of the difference in the world.

Many authors (particularly those who have been involved with Textbroker for a number of years) lead extremely busy schedules. There are also times when their workloads can become quite challenging. Therefore, a few kind sentences will go a long way if you have an issue with a recent project. Not only can this help to ensure a timely completion, but the writer is also much more likely to ask for advice without being concerned about how you might respond.

When Might it be Better to Switch Authors?

Certain subjects are obviously more challenging than others. While topics such as online marketing and product promotions are quite general, some are notoriously complicated. A handful of examples can include technical content, scientific articles, material involving a subjective tonality, translations, and niche businesses. Try to remember that even the best Textbroker writer is associated with his or her own discrete set of talents.

This is why there may come a time when you require an author who possesses a very unique compendium of skills. For instance, it is better to work with a native Spanish speaker if you require a text for the Latin American marketplace. It only makes sense to work in synergy with an author who has a background in coding if you need a block of text describing the intricacies of the Python programming language. While the Textbroker staff is perfectly willing to take on challenges, the fact of the matter is that discrete topics will often require a level of expertise associated with a specific writer.

If your revision request is above the knowledge base of a certain writer, he or she will frequently make this patently clear. In this situation, it is wise to speak with Textbroker customer support. You will then be placed in contact with an individual who boasts a superior level of expertise in your area. Not only will this help to avoid further revisions, but the project might even exceed your initial expectations.

Never be Afraid to Ask

There can also be times when you feel that a revision request is a bit outlandish or trite. However, even slight changes can have a pronounced impact upon how the article resonates with the intended audience. This is why you should never be hesitant to ask the author. If you wish to add a bit more detail or to clarify a handful of metrics, it is always possible to send a short message. This helps to foster communication on a deeper level, and the author will be even more capable of meeting your requirements.

The bottom line is that efficient revisions are one of the many reasons why Textbroker has risen to the forefront of the content creation community. It is still important that the client-author relationship represents a two-way street. Those who are able to structure the request in a clear, polite and amicable manner can expect targeted results in no time at all. If you have further questions or should the topic at hand be extremely complicated, always feel free to reach out to us directly. We will be more than happy to help.

About our author

Ron first arrived in Barcelona, Spain in 2007. Although initially pursuing a career in wealth management and finance, he learned that the content writing community provided the highest level of personal satisfaction while still being able to personally help clients. He has been a full-time professional writer since 2011. Some of his other interests include martial arts and bodybuilding.

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