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Why are Hyperlinks so Important Within Custom Content?

We are often provided with detailed directions when driving from point A to point B. These might include places of interest, rest areas and other relevant information intended to heighten the overall experience. In fact, some of these suggestions may be essential if we hope to arrive at the intended destination. Hyperlinks will often appear as “milestones” embedded within an article, but what purpose do they really serve? Are they merely methods to spice up existing content? You might be surprised to learn that these humble links can have a massive impact on the success of any online campaign.

Stellar Search Engine Rankings

Those who add hyperlinks within a text are creating what are known as backlinks. Backlinks can be viewed as SEO-friendly markers which further enhance the reputation of the content. Experts agree that Google will increase the rankings of a specific page if it contains links to other relevant websites. So, one of the primary purposes of any hyperlink is to generate online exposure.

Internal Implications

Hyperlinks do not necessarily have to be associated with outbound actions. In fact, some of the most useful will simply direct a visitor to another page within an existing website. There are two benefits associated with this action. Internal hyperlinks generate what SEO experts refer to as “link juice”. Link juice helps to increase the trust factor associated with a particular product or service. Secondly, internal linking encourages visitors to remain on a site longer. Google notices this interest and as a result, the portal will be ranked higher within a search engine results page.

The Credibility Factor

The digital domain is constantly bombarded by a wealth of content and naturally, not all of this material will prove to be useful or trustworthy. Hyperlinking to authoritative websites helps to improve the integrity of the content being presented; providing the user with a powerful impetus to continue reading. This is particularly relevant in regards to high-quality news sites, service providers and governmental agencies.

A Bit of HTML Can Make a Big Difference

Thankfully, inserting hyperlinks within content requires only the click of a button. The results are nonetheless very real. The importance of these HTML bundles is likely to increase as search engines become more demanding in terms of quality. Check out hyperlinks in our Expert Center Glossary to learn more.

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