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The 9 Most Common Client Questions at Textbroker

We want our clients to be happy with our service from registration to the finished text, and this is why we have consulted with our service-team to find our what questions are most commonly posed by clients. In the following, we answer the top 9 most frequently asked questions to offer you some guidance and more transparency.

We want our clients to be happy with our service from registration to the finished text, and this is why we have consulted with our service-team to find what questions are most commonly posed by clients. In the following, we answer the top 9 most frequently asked questions to offer you some guidance and more transparency.

Question 1: How does Textbroker work?

Textbroker acts as a broker for texts and mediates between authors and clients. Our country platforms are home to several thousand registered authors, who write texts for Textbroker clients.

If you only require individual texts and you want to deal with the author briefing and quality control of the texts yourself, then Self-Service is right for you.

This is how Self-Service works: First, you deposit money into your Textbroker account conveniently either via PayPal or debit. You then create a project for your orders. Doing so allows you to easily manage your various texts. Lastly, you choose the order type best suited to your order.

OpenOrder: You release your order into our OpenOrder pool where it can be accessed by all authors who have the required star quality or higher. Two stars represent the lowest and 5 stars the highest quality.

TeamOrder: You create your own team of authors who are experts on your topic. Only select authors can work on your TeamOrders. You have the option of creating casting-call teams or private teams. Casting-call teams can be seen and applied to by all authors, whereas private teams are invisible to authors until they have been invited.

DirectOrders: With a DirectOrder, you specifically select an author for the order. This type of order is perfect for when you have already had a positive experience with an author on this topic. Alternatively, you can use the author search function to look for copywriters with expertise in the topic of your text.

If you wish to completely outsource large projects to Textbroker, our managed service may be for you: You simply discuss your topics and text requirements with Textbroker, and Textbroker will take care of the rest, including project management. We don’t just check texts for proper spelling and grammar, but we also check for plausibility and compliance with the briefing.

To find out more, please contact: [email protected]


Question 2: Why are my deposits not being deposited in my account?

Normally, deposits via PayPal are issued to your Textbroker account with very little delay, and any delays that do occur are usually caused by the provider rather than Textbroker. Please note that domestic bank transfers usually take 3 to 5 days to complete, and international transfers may take up to 3 to 10 business days. Please also note that, unfortunately, we have no influence on these times.

If the money has not yet been deposited into your account after the period specified above, we first need some information from you.

For bank transfers:

  • When was the bank transfer issued and by whom? Ideally, you can send us a copy of the transfer.
  • Please always include your client number with payments, as this helps us assign payments to your account and helps avoid delays

For PayPal payments:

  • We require the PayPal transaction number, as only with this number can we locate your payment.
  • E-mail address of the account holder


Question 3: Why is the money in my account less than I deposited?

When you deposit money, the value added tax is deducted automatically. The net balance is available to you.


Question 4: How can I withdraw my funds?

Textbroker is happy to pay out your deposit at any time. Simply contact us at [email protected].


Question 5: I don’t like an article. Can I reject it?

Before you can reject a text, you have to give the author a chance to revise the article. Should the revised text still not meet your the requirements as stated in the order instructions, you may reject the text. If you reject a text you have to give a detailed reason. Textbroker then reviews your reason for rejection. Your rejection can only be accepted, if the author has failed to meet or incorrectly executed your original instructions.


Question 6: I require texts in other languages. Can I order these at Textbroker?

Textbroker offers texts in 10 different languages. Besides texts in English (US & UK), we offer content in German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (BR&PT) and Polish. With just one account, you can access the following language portals: Textbroker DeutschlandTextbroker UKTextbroker FranceTextbroker NederlandTextbroker EspañaTextbroker ItaliaTextbroker Portugal. You only have to register separately for Textbroker PolskaTextbroker Brasil and Textbroker US.


Question 7: I placed and order several days ago, but it isn’t being processed. Why is this, and what can I do to make sure my article can be processed faster?

There can be several reasons why authors aren’t choosing to write your order. Watch our VIDEO TUTORIAL in which we show you the most common reasons why authors may be having a hard time with certain orders.

  • The briefing contains too little information: Perhaps the briefing does not contain all the details necessary for the author to write a good article

Please make sure that you describe your requirements as precicely as possible:

Who is the target audience? Should the text be formal or more conversational? Which aspects need to be highlighted?

  • The briefing it too long, too complicated or too difficult to understand: Please formulate all relevant information your order instructions clearly and concisely.

A clear briefing structure is also helpful.

  • The topic is too specific: Some Orders require in-depth expertise or require extensive research. You have the option of looking for authors with the necessary expertise via the internal author search function and sending them DirectOrders. You can also put together your own team of experts. Or you can place your texts in the 5-Star category to address excellent authors willing to take on the additional amount of research.
  • The Order is placed in the wrong category: Very often, we find orders that have been placed in the wrong category. For example, even when the text is to appear online, a description for a new car should be placed in the “Car” category, rather than in the “Internet” category. Think carefully about in which category you will find the authors best-suited to write your text.

Please check your briefing according to the above-mentioned points.


Question 8: I want to order a large amount of text in a short amount of time. Do I have to enter every order by hand or is there also an automated function?

Textbroker offers various options for placing orders. When entering individual orders, you use “SingleInput.” Here, you enter a briefing for each order individually.

If you want to enter several order titles with individual keywords and an identical briefing, then “BulkOrder” is the right option. You simply enter all titles into the field “Order Title(s)”. The briefing will apply to each individual order and should be entered into the neighbouring “Order description” field. With this code [PLH] (PLH stands for placeholder) you tie the order title with the briefing (ex. write a text on [PLH]. You can find further information on order titles and keywords in our CSV file, which can be found under “Downloads” in the Expert Center.


Question 9: How can I change Orders?

You can change and delete orders as long as long as their status is showing “available to authors”. If the order has been picked up by and author or is being processed by Textbroker, changes to the order are limited.

If you wish to change your order, you can do so in your account under “Assignments/Administration. Click on the orange number under the Open Orders/Direct Orders/Team Orders column to access the order.

Check the box next to the order, and click the grey “Change” button. You can now change the order type (OpenOrders, DirectOrders or TeamOrders), the quality level, word count, and keywords etc.

If the order is already being processed, you can still change the word count and the working time.


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