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Online Marketing

Interview with Neil Adams – Graphic Designer

The world of online marketing has changed the way we think about content and design. Especially when it comes to business marketing, it’s the online campaigns, PPC ads and SEO which have become the driving force behind getting a company’s name out there. Indeed, running a successful company without even having a website is pretty much unthinkable … today.

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How to Create a Content Customer

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a good moan. It’s when the satisfaction levels begin to drop, though, that people start moaning about you and your company. And that’s not good, because with four times as many customers prepared to write about their negative experiences than their positive ones, it’s vital to your company’s image and profitability that you deal with these complaints effectively. Today, it’s all about maintaining that customer content .

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Up to date with your Content Calendar

It’s not important how you do it. It’s not even too important when you do it. Making sure you have an up-to-date editorial calendar is, however, one of the most fundamental requirements in ensuring your content strategy delivers more traffic, leads, conversions and sales.

Not sure where to get started? Then just read on …

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Interactive Content – 3 Ways It Can Help You

If you've not thought about interactive content yet, then now is the right time to start. Interactive content won't just increase the time readers spend on your website; it also comes with a number of positive side effects that will help your bottom line. The number of formats with interactive components is now so immense that even if you've got limited resources, you'll still find something to work with. Although implementing interactive content takes a bit more effort, it'll pay off.

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The Call to Action – Beyond the Imperative

The call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most important elements of any commercial website. Generally coming in the form of a button, you might be forgiven for thinking this is the single, non-optimisable aspect of your site. Which is why we’re welcoming you to this CTA-anatomy crash course.

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Managed Service

Textbroker offers an extended level of service with the Managed Service option. Managed Service gives you additional support and a personal account manager when you want us to manage your projects for you. Find out more here.

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