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Gearing Your Content Towards the Millennial Generation

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Creating quality content has always involved catering to the requirements of the customer. A growing percentage of this demographic is now represented by the millennial generation. This is the first generation which has been able to access a nearly limitless amount of information within seconds. They are the most educated demographic, they are able to leverage the power of technology and as one survey has found, they are not enticed by flashy content and the “wow” factor. As writers, how can we create content that appeals towards this understandably fickle consumer base? Your success may very well revolve around the answers to this important question.

Relevant and Authentic Content

Thanks to the rise of Google and other search engines, authors should automatically assume that their material will be checked for accuracy. The millennial generation tends to be rather sceptical and they are much more likely to perform due diligence as opposed to taking a claim or quote at face value. This is the very same reason why authoritative and well-known hyperlinks should be included whenever possible.

Empathy and Identification

Research has suggested that more than 70 percent of millennials will identify with a brand which supports their belief system. This goes far beyond writing with a first-person perspective and highlighting facts that are already known. You need to establish a firm rapport with the reader and this will often entail a certain amount of research. Millennials know exactly what they are looking for. In order for your content to create a memorable spark, it must empathise with the recipient.

More Than Traditional SEO

Recent studies by Forbes have found that the millennial generation is spending more than £144 billion pounds on an annual basis. This gives them the right to be highly demanding in terms of content. Although SEO and readability are obviously important, the style of writing needs to exhibit a fresh and captivating flavour. It should “pop” and above all, the material needs to be presented in an easily digestible form. The average millennial is looking for a few key takeaway points as opposed to a lengthy and ill-defined text.

The millennial generation is continuing to evolve. Therefore, more targeted recommendations will likely be made in the future. Success within the content writing industry relies heavily upon this demographic and there is no better time than the present to develop a well-balanced rapport with such an audience.

In order to enjoy flourishing relationships with authors, they need to get the feeling that you know what you are doing. Be sure to check our expert centre for additional client-friendly advice in the future.

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