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Leveraging Author Levels to Your Advantage

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As we all know, Textbroker authors are able to enjoy a hierarchical choice of options when it comes to content creation. These levels actually serve many more purposes than rating a writer in regards to his or her skill level. They also provide clients with a number of pricing options; always important for those who are on a limited budget. Author levels will also enable customers to place a number of different orders within each level. In theory, this will lead to a greater variety of content as opposed to allocating all requests into a discrete level (and therefore only dealing with a handful of select writers). How can we leverage the principle of Textbroker levels to our advantage and what will we need to keep in mind along the way?

The Author-Based Psychology Behind Levels

All of us are rated when we first register with Textbroker. Depending upon the quality of our writing and the correct use of grammar, most of us will be placed between Level 2 and Level 4. We are also aware that our writing is reviewed from time to time. Not only will this provide us with invaluable feedback from professional editors, but we may be able to rise to a higher level. Conversely, we might also be downgraded if our work is substandard. This is where a bit of psychology comes into play.

We must never view Textbroker levels from a static perspective. As ratings occur on a regular basis, there are always opportunities to improve in the event that we want to ascend to a higher pay grade. In the same respect, authors who become too comfortable may inadvertently let their work slide; resulting in a poor review. Comfort can lead to apathy and unfortunately, this could be the downfall of an excellent writer. It is much easier to remain on the top rung of a ladder as opposed to climbing back down and being forced to ascend once again.

The Influence of Self-Motivation in Relation to Textbroker Levels

There are many reasons why authors choose to write for Textbroker. Perhaps they were tired of the economical slavery often associated with an office job. They may need spare money. Or, they could simply enjoy the creative process. Regardless of personal reasons, one of the most challenging aspects of any such role is the fact that we need to motivate ourselves if we wish to excel. Let’s look at how an author rated at a lower level may try to gain a bit of personal impetus through self-affirming statements:

  • “I would like to earn more money.”
  • “I would like to be challenged with interesting topics.”
  • “I would like to work with high-level clients.”

All of these are perfectly reasonable statements. However, why do some authors remain at lower pay grades while others rise to the top? The answer to this question lies within the phrases above. What word do all three have in common?

The word “like” is not the same as the word “want”. As an article from Psychology Today highlights, “like” is somewhat of a passive statement while “want” is a more active desire. In other words, a proactive writing stance will help authors break through any self-imposed barriers that may be preventing them from realising their vision.

The Door Swings Both Ways

Thus far, we have discussed how utilising a more ardent mindset can help authors progress to higher levels. However, what about those writers who are already comfortable with their current rating? Should they “lower themselves” to take on work that is well below their level? There are two schools of thought here and each one has its own merits.

Some authors prefer to remain within the confines of their own level. They might not enjoy the pay associated with lower grades or they could feel that such work is a “waste of their time”. Of course, this is a matter of perspective more than anything else. If they have the privilege to pick and choose orders, then so be it.

However, let’s look at this from another perspective. Full-time writers (at least in the beginning) tend to rely primarily upon Open Orders. As a result, even those rated highly may still take on lower levels in order to increase their weekly salary. Although one could argue that five Level 3 orders pay as much as three Level 4 pieces, this serves little purpose if no Level 4 orders are currently available. As a result, they will choose to tackle what is present. How can this be an advantage from a long-term frame of reference?

Laying the Cornerstones for Future Success

Humility goes a long way within the realm of the content mill. Writers who take on lower-level orders are fertilising the digital landscape for a bountiful future harvest. Let’s imagine that a new client places a series of orders at Level 2. An author at Level 4 decides to handle these requests quickly and with targeted grammatical precision. There are two outcomes associated with this scenario:

  • The client may continue to place orders at Level 2; assuming that this same quality will be reproduced every time.
  • He or she chooses to segment future orders at Level 4 after viewing the profile of the author.

While there are times when the first situation might occur, the chances are high that orders will be placed at a higher level in the future. Therefore, you can expect to enjoy more work. Let’s also keep in mind that the customer could opt for Direct Orders; an obvious benefit to the writer in question. Do not hesitate to take an order at a lower level if nothing is available at your ranking. 100 per cent of something is better than zero per cent of nothing.

What About Level 5?

We have yet to mention how Level 5 fits into this framework. In truth, there are not many orders placed at this level. One could therefore argue that ascending to Level 5 is simply not worth the time. However, this is not entirely the truth. Clients who are looking for spectacular content will obviously gravitate towards the best that Textbroker has to offer. If you feel that you have the acumen and the skill set, why not shoot for Level 5? After all, a mountain only appears insurmountable when it is viewed from its base.

Onward and Upward

The psychological significance of the levels at Textbroker is in the eye of the beholder. However, the fiscal importance is very real in terms of weekly earnings. Those who wish to leverage all that this website has to offer should therefore always strive to improve the quality and quantity of their output. Levels should never come to represent self-limiting boundaries. Instead, they need to be viewed as stepping stones to bigger and better things.

About our author

Ron first arrived in Barcelona, Spain in 2007.  Although initially pursuing a career in wealth management and finance, he learned that the content writing community provided the highest level of personal satisfaction while still being able to personally help clients.  He has been a full-time professional writer since 2011.  Some of his other interests include martial arts and bodybuilding.

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