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Why Smart AI Requires Even Smarter Content in 2019

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) has become an inextricable part of our daily lives. From audible GPS navigation systems to Amazon Alexa and our personal smartphones, AI is transforming the ways in which we interact with the world around us. However, not many individuals are fully aware of just how far this technology has come. It is now heavily employed within the world of online marketing and this presence is set to massively increase during 2019 and beyond. What does this signify for content creators and how can we remain ahead of this digital wave? In order to appreciate the answers to this question, we first need to see how artificial intelligence is set to impact advertising in the coming months.

The Rise of Machine Learning

At one time, concepts such as the HAL 9000 computer or Skynet were seen as nothing more than the works of brilliant screenwriters. However, we are now entering into an age that is partially defined by similar presences. Often referred to “machine learning” within marketing circles, the basic intention of these AI programs is to streamline the end-user experience while increasing productivity. Forbes has predicted several trends which may soon come to pass including:

  • The increased presence of “smart” chatbots.
  • More intuitive and personalised automated email campaigns.
  • A better understanding of big data.
  • A greater amount of targeted and fresh content.

While each of these observations has already taken place in one form or another, we will focus upon content creation for the purpose of this article. Let’s now take a look at some changes expected to solely impact content marketing and the written word.

Smart, Intelligent and (Sometimes) Preferable

Believe it or not, the role of artificial intelligence in relation to content creation has actually existed for the better part of ten years. This was mostly in the form of automatically generated material that would be presented to writers to “flesh out” and add a decidedly human touch. The main advancement is now that these thinking algorithms are beginning to become authors in their own right; potentially leading to the point when entire articles are birthed from the ether of the digital AI cloud. Does this sound a bit scary? To put these events into perspective, we should take a look at some of the sectors which are expected to be affected the most. The specialists at Curatahave highlighted several areas:

  • Customised news feed algorithms.
  • Predictive intelligence.
  • The ability to curate content much quicker.
  • A more rewarding customer experience.

The main takeaway point here is that all of these sectors are related to the creation of written content as opposed to encompassing the content itself. In other words, we should expect to experience a knock-on effect as AI becomes more prevalent within marketing campaigns during 2019.

We need to appreciate the fact that while AI is certainly here to stay, it cannot conceivably replicate the organic flavour that only humans can provide. In other words, us carbon-based life forms will not be out of a job in the foreseeable future. However, we still need to change our tactics if we hope to meet the increasing demands of an audience that expects nothing less than the most targeted and relevant material. So, where do we begin?

Realising the Limitations of AI-Based Content

Let’s do away with the Frankenstein-like appearance of AI for a moment to appreciate what it truly is: human-controlled algorithms that do what they are told. The ultimate drawback is that these very same programs lack the empathy required to embrace the nuances associated with the written word. While certain newspapers including The Washington Post have used small forms of AI such as Heliograf to create snippets of text, the fact of the matter is that artificial intelligence simply lacks the emotional intelligence to bridge the gap between machine and human. To put this another way, the role of AI is to complement human efforts as opposed to replace them.

Rising Above the AI-Based Curve

The first step is to remember that you are less threatened by artificial intelligence when compared to the creation of bland content. This is when the concept of a “content mill” is a slight misnomer. Our job is not to churn out texts in a similar manner to an assembly line at a Ford Motors plant. Smart material will always ascend head and shoulders above generic blocks of text.

This is the very same reason why Direct Order clients are extremely loyal to their respective authors. They appreciate the fact that such material cannot simply be spun. They require nothing less than a personal touch and this is exactly what they receive. Such a desire would hardly be realistic even when working with the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. If you strive to write high-quality content, AI poses little threat to your profession.

Never be Content with Your Content

One of the pitfalls of a seasoned writer is that he or she may come to the point where it appears as if there is nothing more to learn. For lack of a better phrase, they have become “content with their content”. Not only can this lead to results of a lower calibre, but it is a rather boring way to earn a living. It is important to embrace what is known as “learning agility“. Those who are flexible with their writing styles are more likely to venture into new areas and as a result, there is no task too unfamiliar or complicated that they cannot handle. This is another facet of “smart” content creation; the ability to step outside of the box and evolve as a writer.

Looking Ahead: Content-Related Tips for 2019

The good news is that you will not be forced to reinvent the content creation wheel if you hope to remain at the top of your game in 2019 and beyond. As is often the case, the most elegant solutions are also the simplest. If you have already experienced a significant amount of success in the past year, the chances are high that few adjustments will need to be made. Still, always keep in mind these timeless tips:

  • Always seek to improve your vocabulary.
  • Try to understand the discrete needs of each client.
  • If you have a question, do not hesitate to ask.
  • Never take on a workload that you cannot feasibly complete without sacrificing quality.
  • Remain humble in the fact that there is always something new to learn.

Never forget that the hub of any content writing task is the relationship between two humans: the client and the author.

Will we ever witness the day when artificial intelligence trumps human intellect and creativity? Might we wake up one morning only to discover that machines have taken over the world? Although fans of science fiction may be slightly disappointed, these circumstances are not yet anywhere close to becoming realities. Rest assured in the knowledge that smart content creation will always keep you one step ahead of the curve.

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