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Will Big Data Rise to Content Marketing Challenges in 2018?

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Big data represented one of the major buzzwords of 2017 and this trend is undeniably set to continue throughout 2018. While most of us are aware of the importance of this metric, many questions have begun to arise within the content marketing community. How will big data influence subject material? What approaches will businesses have to adopt? Perhaps most importantly, what does big data represent in terms of end-user engagement? The answers to these questions are surprisingly pertinent to the online writing community.

The Birth of “Edge Analytics”

It is predicted that the number of wirelessly connected devices will reach 30 billion by 2020. However, it is not yet possible to analyse a sizeable portion of this information. Edge Analytics is set to bridge this gap. By collating and interpreting data where it is initially generated, it is much easier to understand. Companies can thereafter utilise this data in order to better understand how they are performing. These details will then be able to influence what types of posts are created.

Not Using Big Data Solutions is no Longer an Option

Big data solutions were considered to be somewhat of a luxury only a handful of years ago; an approach that was “convenient to take”. Whether stakeholders like it or not, adoption is no longer a choice. It is a necessity. Any organisation which hopes to stay ahead of the competitive curve will need to know how to address their audience. This is where the power of quality content marketing comes into play.

Steering Away from the Viral Post

Too many companies are focused upon the “it” factor of their content; how many shares, views or “likes” it is receiving within social contexts. Unfortunately, this normally only addresses a discrete subset of a larger audience. Analytics derived from big data need to be employed so that the content resonates with an entire demographic. So, attention now needs to focus on:

  • Who the audience represents.
  • What types of content are the most popular.
  • If any content is generating new customers.

If these metrics are analysed through the use of big data, it is infinitely easier for a content marketing specialist to create bespoke and targeted texts to address the desires of the end user. Big data is here to stay and ignoring the elephant in the room is no longer an option.

Also, read our blog titled “What’s All of the Excitement About Big Data?“. This blog-post explains what Big Data actually is.

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