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How To Get the Content You Want With TeamOrders

With Textbroker’s TeamOrder feature, you can create author teams with custom conditions. Set up your very own team of talented writers with specialised knowledge in your chosen area, then work with just those writers for your projects. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a team and place a TeamOrder.

Why You Should Use TeamOrders

Do you frequently require texts on a certain topic? Are you looking for a way to order a large number of texts and conveniently manage text production? If so, then Textbroker’s TeamOrders option is right for you!

The benefit of TeamOrders is that you can hand-select authors for your team. For instance, if you often require texts with news on the latest smartphones, just create a team with authors who have the necessary expertise on this topic. When you place a new order in the team, all authors of the team will be able to access it. For authors, teams are smaller versions of the OpenOrder pool in that each team author can accept and process one TeamOrder at a time. This order is then blocked from the rest of the team.

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TeamOrders in 3 Easy Steps

Here’s how you can find suitable authors and create your own expert author team.

Step 1: Create a team for your orders

To create a new team, go to the “Authors” drop-down menu in your client account and select “Teams”. Doing this will pull up an overview of all your previously created teams. On the top right-hand side, you will find a button marked “Create A New Team”. Selecting this button will open the input mask, which will allow you to enter the criteria for your team.

First, give your team a name, and under “Information About This Team”, enter a description. Please keep in mind that these two elements are key in helping authors decide whether or not the team will be of interest to them.

“Information About This Team” should contain a concise description of what kind of orders you will place in this team. This way, the author can decide at a glance if the team is interesting to them. Example: In this team, we will be producing texts on fashion news. This data should include the following:

  • What is the topic?
  • What type of texts would you like to order?
  • What kind of expertise do authors need to have?

Under “Price per word”, you can enter what you will be paying authors per written word. The price per word must be at least 2.4 cents. Please keep in mind that the better the payment, the more motivated, committed and qualified the authors who want to write for your team will be. Once you have entered all of the required information, select “Next Step”.

The tab “Team Building Settings” allows you to set the privacy level of the team. You can decide to create a “Public Team – Authors Can Apply or a “Private Team by Invitation Only”. A public team will be visible to all Textbroker authors, and all those who are interested can freely apply. A private team will only be visible to those authors who you have invited to join the team.

Step 2: Finding the right authors

Are you looking for authors with a background in marketing or business? Perhaps you need someone familiar with HTML and Javascript or are knowledgeable about games and software. Thanks to the author search function on Textbroker, you can always find the right authors for your team. Simply enter your desired keywords into the search bar, such as “web development” or “travel”. Then, hit enter or click on the magnifying glass icon. Doing this will allow you to pull up all the author results that match your project-specific needs. Ticking the “Recently Active” option will increase your odds of finding an author who is readily available to work on your project. On the other hand, leaving this option unticked will leave you with many more writers to choose from.

Every author on Textbroker has a profile page. Authors are able to enter the following information in their profile, and you can use the respective keywords as a search term.

  • Hobbies and interests
  • Industry experience and expertise
  • Life experience
  • Education, degrees and special qualifications
  • Places the author has travelled to
  • Languages in which the author can read and write

Once you have found the profile of an interesting author, you can send them an invitation using the “Add Author to a Team” option or click on the heart icon to add them to your favourites.

If desired, you can enter the conditions for joining a team. If an author wants to write for your team, he or she must meet and accept these conditions. For instance, a team focused on travelling to UK cities can require that an author must have visited or lived in the said cities.

The last option allows you to decide whether or not you require authors to apply in order to join your team. Your application can test authors on subject knowledge or style and tone. You can choose whether the author must submit a trial text (50-500 words) in order to apply for the team. This way, you can assess the author’s writing skills, style and expertise before you let them join your team. Please keep in mind that authors complete application texts without payment. Finish by selecting “Create” to finalise your team.

Step 3: Placing your TeamOrders

Have you put together your perfect team of authors, and they are now waiting for interesting assignments? Then you should go ahead and place your TeamOrders! Simply select “Create new order” from the “Order Administration” tab in the main menu. Then choose “Place Order” in the TeamOrder option box to get to the order input mask. Here, you can enter your instructions and decide which team you wish to assign the orders to.

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Use Team Messages to Improve Your Team

As soon as you have created your author team and ordered your content, you can conveniently — and anonymously — send messages to the authors on your team. If you are happy with their work, consider sending them a “well done”. This gesture is sure to increase the motivation and dedication of your authors, ensuring you’ll get the best out of your writers. If you have noticed a recurring problem in finished texts, you can send them a message to make them aware of the mistake.

Choose TeamOrder to complete large text projects. You will notice that authors adapt to your requirements very quickly, and a little constructive criticism will ensure that the quality of texts gets better and better. Having an experienced author team on hand will make completing text projects a breeze and alleviate the stress of constantly searching for last-minute writers.

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